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  1. bakayoyo

    P3D Install Question for the Experts

    You could clone your W7 drive to an SSD and then upgrade W7 to W10, that should keep your registry intact.
  2. bakayoyo

    Big sale @ the org store!

    It's a pretty big sale in my opinion, and very timely too in combination with the XPlane 11 steam sale discount.
  3. bakayoyo

    FTX Central 3.2 Available

    No that's not what I meant. I meant you shouldn't copy a v3 orbx directory into a v4 installation manually. What you describe above will work correctly.
  4. bakayoyo

    FTX Central 3.2 Available

    You shouldn't reuse your V3 Orbx directory in V4. There are some differences, besides copying the files, some small updates are also downloaded for each region. If you reuse a V3 directory there is no way to know which files should be updated, it is recommended by OrbX not to do this.
  5. bakayoyo

    FTX Central 3.2 Available

    Note that you only need to reinstall Install_Client.msi for FTX Central to see v3 again. It's only a small download from the Prepar3d website.
  6. bakayoyo

    FTX Central 3.2 Available

    Very impressed with the sideloading from v3, the regions are installing at breakneck speed. Overall I am amazed at the rapid availability of products for v4, a lot of people have been working on this for months already to make this possible. Dovetail should really take notice how to foster relations with 3rd parties. This is how you make a product a success.
  7. bakayoyo

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    I have found a way to make FS2Crew2010 to work with v3.0. Apparently you are not allowed to call gauges like FS2CrewNGXButton.gau anymore outside of the gauges directory, but if you copy them to the gauges directory and adjust the references in panel.cfg they will still work.
  8. bakayoyo

    V3 Developer updated software thread I wrote a small tutorial, it does require to have a 2.5 installation as well, but it can be bare bones as it's not really used. Don't expect support from OrbX if it goes wrong, if you want to be totally safe wait for the official installers.
  9. bakayoyo

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    FTX Central 2 has been updated to support Prepar3d v3.0. If you get the installations into 3.0, which isn't too hard, you can now fully manage OrbX products in 3.0.
  10. bakayoyo

    Indepth comparison between P3D V2.5 and V3

    Both 2.5 and 3.0 are fully running on SSD. I'm just making an assumption that because 3.0 loads 600MB less VAS objects, it only seems to load objects when it needs them. Therefore 3.0 loads up scenarios more quickly. On the other hand 2.5 preloads a ton of object that it may or may not use, but when it does need them they have already been preloaded whereas 3.0 will always need to load new objects that it hasn't used yet.
  11. bakayoyo

    Indepth comparison between P3D V2.5 and V3

    That's a great overview of the new P3D v3.0 features. I've done some testing myself yesterday comparing performance and VAS usage between 3.0 and 2.5 with this result: My understanding of the behavior in the video is that P3D v3.0 only loads scenery that it needs therefore the VAS usage is much lower but it also means that it needs to do more scenery loading in-flight. When moving slowly at airports P3D v3.0 has higher FPS, but over extreemly crowded scenery FPS is a bit lower than P3D v2.5.
  12. bakayoyo

    Prepar3D V3 is now available

    No missed that, been out of the loop for a while, going to check on that. edit: that's working now as well, only Active Sky Next doesn't seem to recognize the latest v3 yet.
  13. bakayoyo

    Prepar3D V3 is now available

    Don't forget to backup your Prepar3d_v2 directories in local, roaming and program data before deinstalling v2. Always useful to have after a new install.
  14. Remember that you're not just paying for new features in v3 but also for about 2 years of updates to that version. If you've already spent $2000+ on add-ons and hardware like me than supporting LM a bit more is a no brainer. Alternatively you could also entrust your investments to Dovetail and wait for them to develop the platform further. I'll stick with Prepar3d.
  15. Looks pretty normal to me. My default file looks quite similar. Note that in P3Dv2.5 SimObject entries are now located as a seperate file in progdata.