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  1. If scenery is an important criterion , a quick look in the files section of the .org provides perspective on what is available as freeware. Some of it is exceptional . In the region in which I fly , Australia, there are magnificent examples of scenery like Sydney Airport by ISDG , And ortho4xp means you can go quasi photorealistic anywhere in the world ( provided you fly at a certain altitude). Youtube is the best resource for viewing sceneries created by ortho4xp
  2. Alan_A I prefer directness over apologies , and brevity over circumlocution. Here is my sample reply:- The Hotstart TBM, from its inception, is an aircraft designed for realism. So a "ready to fly feature" falls outside this brief. It intentionally avoids arcade/ gaming /shortcut features. However ,there are remedies. Videos , active forums ,tutorials and incomparable support from the developers will get you airborne in no time at all .
  3. The challenge of ground handling the TBM covers a broad spectrum from crash frequently to smooth as silk. How can this be explained by an idiosyncracy in the software algorithms ? Is it fair to say that once the algorithms run , they run the same for everybody ? On the odd occasion I used to play first person shooters it didn't occur to me to attribute my all too frequent losses to a fault in the game software. I rarely scored goals in FIFA 2008 and I considered myself lucky to go past 15 seconds in a kickboxing game. And Kobe Bryant always wiped the floor with me in NBA 2K17. I believed I had , and have not , developed the skills necessary to overcome my opponents and the vagaries of the games. Likewise in XP , I can't land the space shuttle on the runway .I've tried but I can't do it. But I know others nail it. My shuttle flying skills will never meet NASA standards. I don't think it has anything to do with Laminar or the way they modelled the spacecraft.
  4. Cinema Verite introduces a small amount of movement rather than having a rock steady view of panel and scenery. My joystick, rudder, throttle quadrant are CH Products . No problem being recognised , calibrated , functioning in game. If you can get access to the potentiometer of the slider a small amount of WD40 spray in the general direction of the contact surfaces might get you out of trouble.
  5. Navigraph allows you to check online if their database covers the airport one is interested in. This can be done prepurchase. . I couldn't find a similar way of checking the Aerosoft coverage. It appears you have to ask in the forums or by email to confirm if an airport is part of the database.
  6. Cinema Verite setting , top left menu settings under view , check if on or off
  7. Cactus, its good to see your thoughtful , systematic , troubleshooting reports . Sometimes when posters report problems there is little in the way of follow up information and its unclear if the problem is fixed or remains .
  8. You can copy and paste the log.txt file here so we can read it to see if there is a problem within. to make it easier copy and paste the file rather than selecting the text within the file . Makes for a much shorter post if that makes sense.
  9. XP troubleshooting starts with a reading of the log.txt file.
  10. Having just gone through the 2 projector each 1080p , 180 degree view using a 2 computer networked system , I feel a bit underwhelmed. Your computer setup as described will be plenty powerful enough. I find on my system , the picture is very big , it "surrounds" far more than my previous three monitors. Monitors being 3 40" 4k LED monitors. But what is gained in size is lost in granularity of the image. Whilst you cant see individual pixels on a projected image it is an image that is not as sharp as those produced by the monitors . In other words there is a trade off that one can describe, but has to be seen for an accurate personal assessment. The Warping software works really well but it takes time to setup a good projected image. But this is only a partial answer to your questions . My experience is in a networked Xplane system . Unfortunately the information you seek re P3D is scattered. Mycockpit dot org and cockpitbuilders dot com are sites where projection systems are described and discussed and P3D and its precursor FSX are popular sims.
  11. The work of producing an image and whether a system can produce it without bringing itself to a standstill is largely done by the GPU. Of course the whole system plays a part but the heavy lifting is by the GPU I can only speak for xplane at this point because I have no experience running P3D in a network. If I was to run 3 4k oleds it would mean having to render 3X 3840 x 2160 pixels. Each screen being 3840 x 2160 pixels. With a GTX 980Ti (my card at the moment) , it is capable of rendering 3840 x 2160 using Xplane 11 even in complex heavily populated sceneries using aircraft that come with the sim. ( see my earlier post ) But its running at its limits. I dont have the rendering details set to maximum for example. Stress this system just a little more and fps would drop , marring the visual experience. So if I was planning for 3 UHD oleds , running Xplane I would be planning for 3 networked computers , all with cpus running high frequency single cores and 3 high end GTX cards. And a fair bit of time and patience to set it up if you are doing it all yourself . Xplane doesn't have provision for SLI so there is little point in placing two GPUs in one computer. And still there will be imponderables. Such as should each computer and GPU be identical , which OS to use , and most importantly will it meet your expectations. I've found internet advice to be a reasonable guide but in the end there is no substitute for direct , personal experience, especially as it applies to the visual experience of flight simulation. Unfortunately there is nowhere you can go where you can road test these setups side by side. If I do a thought experiment , and take a tally of the last ten years experiences and assume today's technology had been available for the whole of that time I would: by pass projectors, gaming monitors , hd tvs and lay my money down on oleds , spend as much as I could on the most recent GPUs and network good computers to run xplane. But that's just me and I haven't always made the wisest of choices e.g the projector experience. SO I cannot emphasise enough the aphorism that says Your Mileage May Vary. Its worth spending a little time on you tube to watch Michael Brown. He has a commercial interest in selling desktop flight sim systems but he has presented several ways to experience the visuals of a flight sim. And he has used VR and gives a measured opinion of its virtues.
  12. Brian , I 've just dipped my toe into the low end projector & simpit screen bath. As you say, the projector is the weak link in the chain unless many thousands of dollars are spent on them and my reading of the tea leaves says this isn't going to change any time soon. Recently I spent an hour in a commercial sim open to the public . Its a beautiful ,faithful 737 replica cockpit but the visuals were appalling. Dark, lacking in detail & slow . The operator on the day couldn't say what projectors were in use but they were definitely nowhere near 4k. At a guess they may have been 1080p PJs with the bulbs running in eco mode or coming to the end of their useful life. My 2 projectors are two BenQ W1080 short throws . Adequate, often recommended , but again, nowhere near exceptional by today's standards. These projectors must be considered oldish technology now . On the Simpit Avenger screen, the image is big, but you can see the pixels and for all its virtues the system doesn't offer the kinds of experiences being described by users of Virtual Reality technology. The screen is well conceived, designed and constructed but its the projectors that let the system down. At 1920x1080 for each projector a single GTX980Ti has no trouble running them both to display a vanilla XPlane 11 , Cessna 172 , on the ground at ChrisK's Sydney Kingsford Smith airport installation. The average FPS with this setup is above 60 FPS. Prior to this system I was running three flat screen 40" 4k Philips BDM4065. Great monitors , no probs with input lag and beautiful detail but impossible to run on a single GTX980Ti at a reasonable FPS . So I have to use a network of Computers to make this work with GTX980Ti cards. This would be true of three 4K projectors too given the GPU is being asked to render the same number of pixels. Though the pictures are magnificent even 3 , 40 inch 4K screens can't match the projector screen for sheer size and the absence of bezels. In other words what I gain with one system is lost in the other . And I've reached my spending limit to explore what are most likely incremental changes for both of these systems. Even if forced, its hard to choose between these two systems as described. The next step is Virtual Reality for me, but given that interaction with the buttons , controls etc in the cockpit is not ideal and the instruments are difficult to read, I'll wait until this gets sorted out before investing.
  13. Superb review. Its the first time I've read the kind of information you provided. For example: the differences between the weather engines within x-plane and then compared to P3D . First time I've seen it described in a succint way like this , without bias.
  14. +1. Try YSSY from the same design team. Just as superb, if not better . i enjoy flying around them just after sunset, Airports are lit up , but natural light still around. Great airports for looking at details from a helo.
  15. Flyice, Re : Add- on aircraft : All the aircraft made by STMA need only one copy In the next few days I'll try some of the Carenado I have like the B58 and let you know . I also have the Airfoillab 172. Is there an aeroplane in particular you want me to try in the multicomputer setup? I don't have any airliners/ jets . Mainly helis (Dreamfoil only needs one copy) and GA planes. Hasp keys date back to at least V9 of Xplane , but I stand corrected on this . It would be nice to see the tradition continue for XP11, roughly halves the cost of a license.
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