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  1. FS2crew for 737 NGXu out with discount https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/categories/Special-PMDG-737-NGX%2dU--Area/
  2. After the latest windows 10 update to 1909, I could not install p3d addon-on software executable files from my internal H-drive ( antivirus off). So I transferred files to my external drive and installed add-on without problem.
  3. every time I use chaseplane, or any old prop products I get P3d CTD. Removed/ reinstalled immersion manager, chaseplane, same problem. when I use P3d without the above, P3d load without problem.
  4. Hi I updated to latest version. When I load P3d , I get the following message " download corrupt" then I get P3d CTD. I uninstalled chaseplane and reinstalled it but same result.
  5. Hi Gerard I did a windows update to 1909 and sode update to 1.65. I started having the same issue with red crosses. and no sode in P3dv4.5 menu Tried reinstalling sode 1.65, etc.. still problem. now back to 1.63 and looks ok, sode in p3d menu and jetways working. Any feedback regarding SODE 1.65. thanks
  6. Better check in fslab forum, they will be able to help you.
  7. Hi I went from fsx to P3d, bought updates and new addons. Enjoyed every minutes of it.
  8. sorry did not finish the message, If you have facebook, You can find it on cartayna page, link is in FSDT site
  9. Hi If you have facebook, You can find it on
  10. Hi Gerad Can we use your setting for the new PTA update 2.67 ? thanks for your work
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