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  1. I was not talking about slow/unreliable connections but the fact that there are still connections that have data caps (a limit of how many Gb of data you can download before either your connection speed is throttled or you're paying extra money for it), to my knowledge there has been no such restriction in France for a long time. Meaning that even if your connection speed is bad you can still download as many Gb of data as you want 🙂 Edit: I'm too slow 😅
  2. It really boggles my mind that data caps are still a thing in many countries these days...🤔 I wonder what's the main reason? In most of Europe I guess -at least in France for sure- it's been gone a looong time ago.
  3. Does anyone know where all the VoxPop voices (and base) went? I just installed the beta and wanted to download the voices but all links are dead (when looking at http://www.voxatc.net/7/ we can see the files don't exist)...
  4. Sounds like FSiPanel is what you're looking for: http://www.fsipanel.com/
  5. Well considering this thread on their forum it appears a patch may be needed to fix the water textures issue and possibly others (see this other thread here) so right now I would not use REX at all.
  6. It didn't work for you because you made the 3.1 install over your existing 3.0 install which was obviously asking for trouble... whereas he said he did a full uninstall before installing the 3.1 version so he'll be just fine.
  7. Yes all 3 monitors on a 970 GTX 4Gb, Surround mode is not even needed in this case, just a simple 3 screens configuration under Windows display settings. I can't check in details as I'm at work right now but I'm pretty sure "Black-out Desktop" unticked is all that is needed to achieve this.
  8. Is the windowed mode for a reason in particular? I just run fullscreen with the option "Black-out Desktop" unticked in the Graphics settings and I can use my lateral monitors just fine for ASN, Pro ATC, etc...
  9. That's wrong actually, it's just that P3D is missing some kind of "render each screen separately" option that for example many racing simulations have (iRacing comes to mind) in which case if well configured you don't have any distortion at all.
  10. Unless you have monitors with thin and equally large bezels all around such as this one for example :wink:
  11. When configuring the Surround mode in the Nvidia Control panel, it allows you to enter a sort of "offset" value to take into account your monitor's bezels. It will add a custom resolution (i.e. 5920 x 1080) that you will be able to select in P3D.
  12. He said he saw this on Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows 10 while you both have Windows 7, so that may be a hint there.
  13. The best way to handle multiple monitors, well at least in the case of a typical 3-screens setup, would be the way iRacing does it: Look at the Display section: providing your monitor info, viewing distance and monitor angles, bezel correction is taken into account and the ideal FOV is calculated for you. Never in another sim of any kind I've seen something so straightforward and efficient.
  14. Just check the Learning Center for a complete reference of what you can do :wink: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv2/LearningCenter/getting_started/performance/tuning_guide.html
  15. Ah, when OP said "If I uninstall and reinstall on same system", I understood "same system" as in "same hardware" but apparently I was wrong... I just ordered PrecipitFX, since I also plan to format soon in order to start 2015 on a fresh computer does it means that if I install PrecipitFX now to try it, then format my computer in a couple of weeks and then reinstall PrecipitFX, I will have used both of my available activations?
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