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  1. Agree with all of you, it's coming to a point where I think I'll just close the AVSIM and official MSFS forums tabs in my browser for now as reading so much negativity/whining/entitled comments is actually depressing me lol, don't need that in the current real life context.
  2. Did you already launch the game at least once? Loos like to me you just installed the launcher/core files, when you launch the game the first time it will ask you to download/install the content files (90+GB) wherever you want, that should give you a "Community" and "Official" folders.
  3. There are obviously plenty of these glitches, as far as AI is advanced these days it still needs to learn and be trained a lot before producing the best results 🙂 Improvements will come with the future world updates.
  4. I still don't understand where this is coming from, you can definitely choose the drive where the launcher/core files will be installed (sure, you will find a "Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe" folder in "C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Packages" but all it contains are symbolic links to the actual drive you chose), and then on first game launch you have the choice once again to select any drive you want for the content files so... 🤷‍♂️
  5. There's a "Sensitivity" button which leads you to a section where you can set your curves and dead zone for any axis, see here @ 9'52:
  6. Well in my case got a cheap first month Xbox Game Pass offer, downloaded and installed without any particular issue, did some flights with smooth fps and beautiful graphcis, 10/10 will do it again in the coming days 🙂 If you're mainly about GA aircrafts you'll be plenty happy, if you're more about the airliners and one of the "serious/hardcore" simmer then yeah you'll probably have some mixed feelings about some stuff but it will improve over time.
  7. Make sure you assigned all your essentials controls (elevation/aileron/pitch/rudder etc.) to an axis input and not a button input, the controls UI is confusing on this particular point and it's very easy to be mistaken, when mapped to a button input it's overly sensitive as it acts as an on/off input rather than a progressive one.
  8. I'm amazed at all the people willing to mess with their settings and potentially facing future issues because they can't wait a few more hours 😂
  9. TBH I think you can put all his tutorial videos (4 so far, probably more to come) in the Tips and Tricks subforum, all of them are definitely helpful 🙂
  10. Quoting Chewwy94 in today's live stream on Twitch while speaking of the flight sim community about all the recent negativity: Honestly that couldn't be more true, seeing all the "purists" moaning about everything is getting way too old... Just let people enjoy themselves the way they want and carry on with your life, how hard can it be really? At the end of the day all is still well in the world (well kinda, it's 2020 after all 😅)
  11. This thread in a nutshell: Seriously though this is getting cringy/ridiculous, just take a break, go outside and breathe some fresh air, enjoy life while waiting a few more days for the big day instead of wasting energy arguing endlessly 🙃
  12. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MSFSofficial Discord: https://discord.com/invite/msfs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIcrosoftFlightSimulatorOfficial/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/MSFSofficial YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/microsoftflightsimulator
  13. A great example of the real in-game perf you can get when recording/capturing doesn't get in the way 🙂 He actually talks about it in details in the video:
  14. It's not coming from the plane, it's a sound you'd normally hear when doing some actions in the sim UI such as hovering/clicking on a menu item, for some reason it's being triggered on some user inputs when in cockpit view. I'm not going into details because NDA and stuff but there's currently a workaround to prevent this, and I'm sure the devs will eventually properly fix it.
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