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  1. Morning Spencer, I too had this problem and found the following settings on envshade worked for me: https://prnt.sc/w6zmwn I just cleared the cache and am a lot happier now, all the best, Mike
  2. This will only show VRAM on V5 not V4
  3. Hi Stefano, go through the FMS -> Menu -> FS Actions -> Ground Connections, all the best, Mike
  4. Hi, I have to say I am having the same problem with 4.5, I can see that the lights indicate things are intermittently being used but I cannot see anything happening. I cant even get the contrails to preview for some reason.. thanks, Mike
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47231504 Probably inevitable but sad to see never the less,
  6. Had a similar issues, not too sure if it would help you, I turned off shadows and it stopped this frame rate drop for me..
  7. Exactly the same issue here, gates and jetways 40` up...
  8. Hi avi8tir, I have been having the same FPS issues, only in my case, I had major FPS loss on changing views. I run a SLI setup with two 970`s, as soon as I disabled SLI my FPS are now normal without any FPS drop on change of view. For some reason I only ever had this problem with P3d V4.. I also run REX and Active Sky together as well and do not appear to have this problem anymore, I dont know whether this will help or not, if you have SLI might be worth a try... Mike
  9. Seriously..coffee ? You wont find better customer support and if that is all that matters to you are you sure your using this product in the manner that it deserves ?
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