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  1. Updated! https://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/news/what-s-prepar3d-v4-compatible
  2. Thanks fellas!
  3. Thank you Brian
  4. I noticed today that I am unable to link my Foreflight on the iPad with the sim through FSX Flight...my guess, the new iOS update? Thoughts?
  5. Catchy title..glad everyone is okay.
  6. Kid is a genius!
  7. We sure did. Here is the USC Gamecock Stadium about a half mile west of the field. Right base 13 CUB
  8. A fun afternoon of flying! For as much general aviation flying as I have done, VFR at 17,500 is an entirely different experience! If I could explain what this bird is like in one word...elegant! To say the least, Austin's piloting skills are on POINT!
  9. The traffic literally has to be within 10-15 miles. It's essentially within the general limits of your a/c's TCAS. It won't show you an aircraft 40 miles away.
  10. p3dv4

    Haha not today, flew KSFO - EGLL. Woooo what a trip!
  11. P3DV4

    Haha yes! I enjoyed the MAX autobrake lol!