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  1. avgeek1

    Midway Weather

    Thanks guys!
  2. avgeek1

    My pal Austin

    XP 15 LOL!
  3. avgeek1

    New P3D v4 User

    Updated! https://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/news/what-s-prepar3d-v4-compatible
  4. This scenery is great!
  5. avgeek1

    An Alaska Run!

    Thanks fellas!
  6. avgeek1

    Foreflight in V4?

    Thank you Brian
  7. avgeek1

    Foreflight in V4?

    I noticed today that I am unable to link my Foreflight on the iPad with the sim through FSX Flight...my guess, the new iOS update? Thoughts?
  8. avgeek1

    used 737 NG flight deck for sale

    Catchy title..glad everyone is okay.
  9. avgeek1

    You're never too young...

    Kid is a genius!
  10. avgeek1

    My pal Austin

    We sure did. Here is the USC Gamecock Stadium about a half mile west of the field. Right base 13 CUB
  11. A fun afternoon of flying! For as much general aviation flying as I have done, VFR at 17,500 is an entirely different experience! If I could explain what this bird is like in one word...elegant! To say the least, Austin's piloting skills are on POINT!
  12. avgeek1

    Foreflight in V4?

    The traffic literally has to be within 10-15 miles. It's essentially within the general limits of your a/c's TCAS. It won't show you an aircraft 40 miles away.