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  1. Daedalus

    Exciting times?

    That's true. This time though they added the phrase ''We are planning a big meal for the weekend". In my opinion it would be a too much to not mean a meal for us and thus a release. The only alternative I see is meaning the catering service truck seen in the screenshot but I wouldn't bet on that. Let's hope I prove right.
  2. Daedalus

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    That's really great Guillaume! That's amazing ! Thank you very much for letting me know. I will certainly register and check out the schedules at FTG. It really helps if they are all in one place. I'm also very interested in adding more routes to the database based on printed available timetables on the net. I will PM you in case I have any more questions. Also, your screens look beautiful ! I'm looking forward to recreating MD-82 historic flights like these 🙂
  3. Daedalus

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    Thank you very much all for your replies! I'd certainly consider all your suggestions. I think the HAG and Flying Tigers would cover most of my needs as I would like to replicate European flights too, where there were many MD-82 operators. However many operators and routes are missing in either of them. I still think though that a new virtual airline opearting MD-82s would be a great idea. It would be amazing to have all past MD-82 operators in one place. If someone has experience on setting up a VA I think it would get big interest.
  4. Daedalus

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    Hi all, The Maddog is without question one of the top add-on aircraft in Prepar3D. The Rotate MD88 for X-Plane is also a nice aircraft to fly. However the fact that real world operators have mostly retired the type (especially MD82s), and though searching historical data to find destinations, timetables and callsigns is a possibility, I would really like the idea of a system of virtual airlines (like flyuk.aero), where the MD80s fleet would re-live again in our virtual skies. Does anyone knows any well organized Virtual Airline that uses MD82s? It doesn't have to be necessarily a real world operator VA, it could be also an imaginary one.
  5. Daedalus

    3D grass problem

    Disregard..i Just uninstall everything. Took the guaranteed way..
  6. Daedalus

    3D grass problem

    Thanks for the reply..The speedtrees are turned off. Deleted generated folders. I think nothing is fixing this.
  7. Daedalus

    3D grass problem

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately its not HDR and its not a shadow problem. Even if I disable or enable all shadows, same appearance... Here is all shadow off : Here is all shadow on: In FlyTapma Copenhagen, here is with cloud shadows enabled and Simulation Objects receive shadows: And here is with cloud shadows disabled and Simulations Objects receive shadows. I also get this annoying fence grass issue: Something is certainly very wrong in my installation. Re-installed v4.3 Client, but same problem..I guess a full re-install seems the only way.
  8. Daedalus

    3D grass problem

    Hi all, Noticed this weird grass problem on a number of my airports. For example here is a screenshort from ORBX KVUO. I get the same odd-bright grass on other add-on sceneries, like for example FlyTampa Copenhagen. Does anyone has any idea of what's the culprit behind it? Default shaders are used.
  9. Daedalus

    A2A Accu-Sim Mustangs for P3Dv4 now out!

    What !..:)) Is this the P-51 day? I just bought the one from SkunkCrafts for XP11...However who can resist on buying A2A simulation art..Congrats to the team!
  10. Daedalus

    How I fixed my Stutters... A theory

    Intuitively, I agree with your observations. In my case I even noticed that running at 4.8 Ghz instead of 5 Ghz (7700K) yield more smooth performance. My explanation was that the higher temperature needed to maintain 5 Ghz (1.36v) compared to 4.8 Ghz (1.3v) played a role. Regarding your RAM observation, it makes sense. The big question is what is the correct CPU/RAM overclock ratio to get the best performance..we would need a computer expert for that. I'd be very interested if such a 'formula' exists.
  11. Daedalus

    My morning ritual and AirDailyX

    Its true, after D'Andre departure, ADX is not updated as fast to be my choice. I have been following FSElite since, which makes sure to not lose any new product or update. However the fastest way to learn the news, is as others mentioned, to follow your favorite developers on Facebook. I first see the news on Facebook and after some time they would appear on FSElite. However FSElite offers a good way to catch up if you have been missing for sometime. So they are certainly the safe way to go.
  12. Daedalus

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    The obvious advantage of tomato shade over PTA is that it enables dynamic PBR-like reflections. The drawback for me is that the performance hit was too big. However because I see many people use it for their flights, there should be a set of parameters in tomato shade that could relieve the performance hit. However, I haven't seen so far any guide of how to tune tomato shade. This would be very welcome to have from someone expert on the app.
  13. Thank you Matt. Your comment was reassuring for PTA future, thanks 🙂
  14. Daedalus

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    5.9 Ghz ?? On what CPU?
  15. Allow me to please follow up on this question Adam. As far as I understand from Matt's reply, the reassurance is that PTA will continue to be updated to work for the new versions of Prepar3D. However, what about real development on the application? Are new features being worked on? Sorry but the general impression like Adam pointed at point 3, is that PTA is not evolving since Matt purchased it. I guess its a valid question to ask Matt, if he plans or already works on new PTA features.