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  1. Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Thank you again very much Steve. I'll try that out :)
  2. Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Steve, I'm sure you have answered this again but can't find it now. Should we also move add-ons autostarted by Prepar3D out of the sim cores? In my case, I'm talking for SODE, Navigraph Simlink, couatl, Utlilve..In such case I'd have to remove their xml entries I guess and add them to the .bat file.
  3. Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Good work goes all to you ! :) I urge everyone to try your advice. It works!
  4. Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Thank you Steve! I followed your advice and now I start all my add-ons through a .bat file on cores 5 and 7, while I start P3Dv4 with an affinity mask of 85 on my 7700K, and everything runs super smootly now. I deleted Process Lasso completely. No blurries, smooth performance. A huge thank you!
  5. Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Ok, I gave it a shot. I was too curious to wait :) I'm certainly not experienced in the DC-8 but with a first look in the cockpit it seems a detailed simulation certainly worth investing time learning.
  6. Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Great! I'm intrigued to buy however looking for system description the product page just says "In-depth simulation of more than 10 aircraft systems". If anyone who bought it could say an opinion about how deep is the system simulation it would be really appreciated.
  7. What you mean by freezing? I also get a problem with chaseplane. Every time it autolaunces the mouse panning is not working and I have to manually restart CP. I still wait for an answer from Kevin on that...Do you describe the same?
  8. Help I've got blue nav lights

    Thank you again very much Simbol for taking your time to help : ) I will do that. Do you think if I do a content repair I can experience any kind of other problems with my add-ons?
  9. Help I've got blue nav lights

    Thank you very much Simbol for your kind reply. I have both Envtex and Rex Sky Force. You suggest they could have changed my default aircraft taxi/tail nav lights? However looking now at their settings I see that they don't change the lights. The only app that I am aware could change lights is the ORBX lights configurator, but this should change only the scenery lights (?).
  10. Help I've got blue nav lights

    I have the same problem with the taxi lights and tail nav light. It happens to any the aircraft that I fly. These lights are blue. Any idea if its wrong or default P3D setting?
  11. Great! Finally an increased resolution HMD. Now the question is if we should buy this or wait for the new Rift.
  12. Thank you guys, I see that you don't agree to any of my options. Certainly the PFC is out of my reach as it requires also the main consol which doubles its price. If I would decide to go to the 700 EUR range I would either go with option 3 or 4, and probably 4 (TQ-6). I checked FSthrottles too, as per David suggestion. I sent an email to the developer to investigate prices and availability, though I'm not that impressed. However, I think my best option is the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, as it combines everything one needs. What's annoying is that there is no prediction of its availability..
  13. Hi and thanks for the replies. @Jovabra, I think if I would go to this price point I would consider the TQ-6 instead as it has also prop capabilities and I prefer desk mounting. @richjb2 thanks for the suggestion too. I guess the price of the Jetmax should be even more than 700 EUR ? Also, on the link they mention that it its not sold anymore as a separate product..
  14. Hi all ! I am on the search for a new throttle quadrant and I would be so glad to hear your experience or suggestions! My old saitek quadrant has started spiking a lot and have also broken one of its levers by accident some years ago, so I consider buying a new system. I have to say, that I am not flying one type of aircraft. Rather I fly nearly all kinds of quality airplanes released for P3D/XP11. After searching a lot, my options seems to be the following: Options in the 200 EUR price range: 1) Wait for the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant (http://flyhoneycomb.com/bravo-throttle-quadrant-2/). This system is the best solution for me as you can configure it to fly all type of aircraft I could think of. It is what I would buy right now if it was available. However it is not and I would like to ask: Does any of you know when we should expect it? As far as I had understood their yoke system should come first and we are already on the last month of Q4 without any news. So, I am seriously worried that the Bravo Throttle Quadrant is not gonna see the markets anytime soon. Even if it was to be released this summer, I would surely wait. But I haven't seen any news from the company regarding the predicted release time-frame. Please correct me if I have missed something. 2) A new Saitek quadrant along with the 737 mod kit from Sergey Fedorchukov (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1612757192349700/photos/). This kit uses the Saitek quadrant but retrofits it with 737 style throttle/flap/spoiler handles along with working A/T disconnect and reverser handles (work as a switch). While it looks nice, I'm not so happy buying again a Saitek quadrant with its low quality pots. Even if they work better than my old Saitek, its not a future proof solution. Options in the 700 EUR price range: 3) 737 Throttle Quadrant v2.3 from FlightSimPM (http://www.flightsimpm.com/products#!/737-Throttle-Quadrant-v2-3/p/33600129/category=8661205). Not currently in stock, so I'll have to wait. Plus I have to ask you what you think about that and what is the quality if its pots. 4) Virtual Fly TQ-6 (https://www.virtual-fly.com/shop/controls/tq6-hands-on-for-real). This one seems to have the best quality of construction and reliability. Surely the smoothness of movement is second to none judging from the video reviews I've seen. I guess for jets I can assign flaps/spoiler axis to one of the non-throttle levers. Its only limitation is that it doesn't provide any button to assign an A/T switch. Obviously the last two options are on a 3X pricepoint than the first two, and while I understand the higher quality, I am still on the fence of whether it is worth to put this amount of money on a throttle quadrant. The win-win solution for me is the Honeycomb system, though with an uncertain release horizon (?). If anyone has experience and can provide some guidance I would be more than glad to hear it. Of course if he/she has any suggestion for any other system that I am missing I would also like to know. Thank you for the attention : ) EDIT: At the same time I wrote this post Honeycomb posted some news regarding a delay in the production. Also, it seems that I answered my own question by searching on Honecomb's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FlyHoneycomb/). There, the developer has replied on a picture comment, one day ago, regarding the throttle release the following: "We're aiming for a same time release. The sensors will be quality potentiometers. Would love to put hall sensors in, but it's cost prohibited." . So, I guess we are aiming for a release in the summer?
  15. A shot from my latest repaint and without question the hardest I have undertaken so far, for the wonderful ToLiss A319 Hope you like it : ) You can find the livery on Xplane.org