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  1. Impressive animation and superb implementation!

    Just picked Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Kasterlorizo. Top quality. They work fine in P3DV4.
  3. Vector is global, OpenLC is continental, I don't get how they can be merged. More info is needed.
  4. Kyle, I would not take seriously someone who blame PMDG for moving a date. For me, the best strategy is to give estimates and move them as many times as you feel like. Its always better than no info at all. Its the intentions in such a strategy that I appreciate as a customer.
  5. I just got it a few minutes ago. It was a server delay as Kyle suggested.
  6. For the history, I now got the update on the Operations Center. It seems to have been a server delay. :)
  7. Okay thank you Kyle..that could explain it. I will wait some hours more before I investigate further or submit a support ticket.
  8. Thank you for trying to help Anders..I hope I will find out why I can't get the update. But my AV is not blocking anything.
  9. Kyle, you are right. "They must have" would be closer to what I meant. Meaning "I can't explain this otherwise". By the way, I would appreciate if you could help me solve this..now that as PMDG you denied my assumption. Why my Operations Center can't see the update?
  10. That was the only logical explanation to me, given that my AV was turned off and my Windows firewall or AV have never stopped the Operations center of getting an update. Any suggestions Kyle?
  11. Same here. They should have rolled back the update..
  12. Thanks for the reply. But I have been downloading all updates from the operations center so far without any problem. I believe they have rolled-back the update. I can't explain why I don't get it. Except someone can confirm that he got the update since 1630z and up.
  13. How can I miss it? I hit update but there is no update. Maybe they removed it?
  14. Sorry guys, my PMDG operations center has not updated for ngx v4: And just because they updated the operations center, does not mean it will be out today. Also, it does not mean that if you see it there it will be available for download. It will be available when they announce with a proper announcement in the forums. It has been mentioned many times.
  15. The thread that disappeared was giving an estimate of 06 - 15 July. So, I don't know why all people suddenly wait for today. It would be welcome, but its not a big difference if its now or Friday. Some patience is needed. I am happy that PMDG cares to give estimates, even if none of them was met. I prefer that rather than no estimate at all like other companies. It shows some respect to customers. So, lets appreciate that and not complain when the release is a matter of days.