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  1. Unfortunately I cannot edit my first post. I post a few more: Spanair As of 1995 << MAD-BCN MAD-PMI MAD-LPA MAD-TFS MAD-SCQ BCN-MAD BCN-PMI BCN-LPA BCN-TFS BCN-SCQ LPA-MAD LPA-BCN LPA-TFS TFS-MAD TFS-BCN TFS-LPA PMI-MAD PMI-BCN SCL-MAD SCL-BCN >> As of 2002 It is not specified which flights were done from the MD-80s. At that time there were ten A320/A321 (according to planepotters.net), but most of the planes performing thse flights, should have been MD-81s, MD-82s and MD-83s: << LEJ-AGP LEJ-VLC LIS-ALC LIS-OVD LIS-BCN LIS-BIO LIS-CGN LIS-CPH LIS-FRA LIS-MAD LIS-MAH LIS-PMI LIS-CDG LIS-STR LIS-VLC LIS-VIE MAD-ALC MAD-OVD MAD-BCN MAD-BGO MAD-TXL MAD-BIO MAD-BRE MAD-CGN MAD-CPH MAD-DRS MAD-DUS MAD-FRA MAD-FUE MAD-GRZ MAD-HAM MAD-HAJ MAD-HEL MAD-IBZ MAD-XRY MAD-ACE MAD-LPA MAD-LEJ MAD-LIS MAD-MAH MAD-AGP MAD-MUC MAD-NUE MAD-OSL MAD-PMI MAD-CDG MAD-SVQ MAD-SVG MAD-ARN MAD-STR MAD-TNG MAD-TCI MAD-VLC MAD-VIE MAD-VGO MAH-ALC MAH-OVD MAH-BCN MAH-BIO MAH-DUS MAH-IBZ MAH-XRY MAH-LPA >> Source: https://airline-memorabilia.blogspot.dk/search/label/Spanair << Austrian As of 2003-2004 << VIE-AMS [OS371, 0720] VIE-ATH [OS801, 1035] VIE-MUC [OS117, 1935] VIE-FCO [OS505, 0730, OS503, 1730] >> Source: https://airline-memorabilia.blogspot.dk/search/label/Austrian%20Airlines The following website is gold: https://airline-memorabilia.blogspot.dk/p/indice-index_7.html You can find scans of the original timetables for a huge number of airlines. You can have not only destinations but also flight numbers, times of departure, days of flights and in many cases aircraft type.
  2. I make a new thread to share some results I have found so far regarding MD80 routes from former and few current European Operators, so its easier for people to come and find some destinations to fly in Europe. I In USA there is fortunately still Delta and American, with multiple current routes, so I think we should fill the gap for Europe to find destinations for the amazing MDX for us to fly. For me it is important to fly realistic routes to fully enjoy the simulation of the amazing MaddogX. I will be updating this post for routes that I find. Anyone who knows or have data for more routes is welcome to pm me or write here and I will update the post. SAS The last routes for SAS, as of 2013 : << CPH-AAL CPH-AMS CPH-OTP CPH-BUD CPH-DUS CPH-FRA CPH-GOT CPH-LHR CPH-MAN CPH-MXP CPH-SVO CPH-MUC CPH-NCE CPH-OSL CPH-CDG CPH-SVG CPH-ARN CPH-VNO CPH-ZRH >> Source: https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/217189/sas-schedules-final-md80-series-operation-in-late-october-2013/ Alitalia At airliners.net I found a forum post, credit goes to user named "viasa" stating the last flights for Alitalia's last nine MD82s as of 2012 to be: << FCO-AHO FCO-BRI FCO-BLQ FCO-BDS FCO-CAG FCO-CTA FCO-GOA FCO-SUF FCO-MXP FCO-NAP FCO-PMO FCO-VCE FCO-VRN FCO-TIP >> Source: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=544073 Meridiana At airliners.net, I found a forum post, credit goes to user named "BasilFawlty", stating the flights of Meridiana MD80s as of 2014 to be: << CAG-BLQ CAG-MXP CAG-NAP CAG-TRS CAG-TRN CAG-VRN OLB-BRI OLB-BLQ OLB-GOA OLB-BGY OLB-LIN OLB-MXP OLB-FCO OLB-TRS OLB-TRN OLB-VRN LIN-CTA TRN-CTA >> Source: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=580437&p=8804461&hilit=Meridiana+MD80+routes#p8804461 DAT Information through flightradar24, Danish Air Transport has one MD83 with the following flights as of Feb 2018: << AAL-GNB BLL-GNB BLL-TRN BLL-FUE BLL-AAL CPH-BLL FAO-BLL FUE-FAO GNB-BLL >> I believe this schedule is flexible and so monitoring through flightradar24 can provide new seasonal routes. Swissair This flight schedule should reflect only the last MD80s of Swissair fleet, as of summer of 1994: << GVA-ALG GVA-CMN GVA-TUN >> Source: https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/257523/1994-swissair-inter-continental-network/
  3. EDIT: I made a new thread to share organized results for European operators that I have found so far. I will keep it updated so its easy to refer to. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/531795-md80-routes-europe/
  4. I just completed my first cockpit inspection and walkaround. I know some may find what I will say a bit too much. But this is my honest opinion: This is the BEST texturing and modeling I have seen in the platform ever.
  5. Exciting times! Many thanks to the Leonardo team for bringing this to us :D
  6. Thank you very much @ACR ! Very much appreciated. I'll search these pages for MD80 routes.
  7. That's a valid question actually, as this plane deserves a lot of flights to enjoy it and for sure I won't be only doing Delta and American flights. I would like to find some historical flight schedules of European operators like SAS, Meridiana or Spanair for example. If anyone has a know how to find such flight schedules I'd be glad to know.
  8. Hi all, I thought it would be good to write my impression of the ACE 737 Desktop Yoke, as I feel it has not been given the necessary attention given its great potential. I waited for some time before I write this review, as I wanted to be sure that I give enough time before I come to any conclusions. Order & delivery I ordered the yoke this August and unlike some reports of huge waiting times, in my case it took around 1.5 months to get it, which is pretty acceptable for a small production team. The package was sent via UPS and arrived in a few days. It was nicely packed to protect the equipment, fully padded and gave the impression that ACE took the time to properly protect the product from drops and shocks during shipment. Assembly & Installation The assembly and installation of the yoke is straightforward. You mount the yoke to the shaft, tight the screws, attach the clamp to your desk, plug the USB and you are ready to fly. I also took the time to perform a Windows Controller Calibration to make sure the potensiometers are properly calibrated after shipping, though I believe it was not necessary. External look One of the most striking gain points of this yoke, is its looks. The yoke itself is full metal, 100% replica of the real 737 yoke. This means you get the exact same touch feel of the 737 jet yoke. Now, of course this is not much different than any other jet yoke in terms of size and shape. All the buttons are working and these are: Elevator Trim Up/Down, Autopilot Disengage, and the push to talk switch (PTT). The feel of using them when flying your jet is tremendous as it adds to the realism of the pilot flying. I am not a real pilot, but I can assure you that you will appreciate the functionality of these switches when operating your jet simulator. Closing on the external parts, I want to emphasize that the look of this yoke was one of the reasons I was attracted to ACE compared to the competition. I thought, why to pay double amount of money for a yoke when I can get a replica 737 yoke for less? That's for me a great deal. Of course, the next and most important question is if it delivers internally. Flying experience The short answer is yes. The controls are very precise. Also very important is that there is no dead zone and no center detent on this yoke. Of course there is a central zone where the controls will relax, but this is not a strict click point. This is something very important to me as I hate the unrealistic effect of yoke controls that stick to the neutral position. While the yoke centers always, this is not done with a big force and there is not any center detent thatn you can feel. This means that in some cases the relaxation point is not your actual elevator/aileron center position, but this can be fixed by defining a small dead zone on your calibration software (I use default P3D controls for assignment). As we know in real aircraft, the center position is not defined by yoke springs, but defined by the elevator/ailerons aerodynamic and gravity forces. I believe that ACE's approach gives the best compromise of not flying a real plane, by not having a central detent, as when doing small adjustments, it forces you to 'feel' how the aircraft flies. In real life this is done by force feedback. In the simulator this can be done by your instruments and general flying feedback. One point that I need to mention. There is a time frame where you need to spend using your yoke to allow the shaft to fully smooth out. This can lead to questions in the beginning, but after talking to ACE it is a normal effect that needs some time of usage. I also used some extra grease on the shaft to help the procedure. Problems that I faced After receiving my yoke, I had some complains about some of the controls response. I mentioned my problem to ACE and I can say that they did not let me wait or unanswered. They responded fast and after describing the issue in detail they informed me that they will replace my yoke with a new one, which they did, paying both transport and customs of the replacement yoke, something that I really appreciated. In conclusion, I think that the ACE 737 Dekstop Yoke is a necessary companion for the flight simmer, and certainly worth it coming from years of joystick flying. The full metal construction both inside and out gives a solid look that will last. I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a good desktop yoke that will not break the bank.
  9. It is not released. Can @charlie130 tell us where he saw that?
  10. It is not out yet https://secure.simmarket.com/leonardo-software-fly-the-maddog-x-64-bit-p3d4.phtml
  11. Ah okay..thank you! So we'll need to purchase Aerosoft's navdatapro...They should make it compatible with Navigraph as we can't afford to subscribe to two providers. I'll buy just one month for now.
  12. Does anyone know if we need to buy Aerosoft's navadata or the plane includes the current cycle?
  13. I'm currently downloading. Should I cancel?
  14. For your information, I did a clean Prepar3D v4.2 install but the problem persists. So the update method should not play a role on the problem.