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  1. Daedalus

    My morning ritual and AirDailyX

    Its true, after D'Andre departure, ADX is not updated as fast to be my choice. I have been following FSElite since, which makes sure to not lose any new product or update. However the fastest way to learn the news, is as others mentioned, to follow your favorite developers on Facebook. I first see the news on Facebook and after some time they would appear on FSElite. However FSElite offers a good way to catch up if you have been missing for sometime. So they are certainly the safe way to go.
  2. Daedalus

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    The obvious advantage of tomato shade over PTA is that it enables dynamic PBR-like reflections. The drawback for me is that the performance hit was too big. However because I see many people use it for their flights, there should be a set of parameters in tomato shade that could relieve the performance hit. However, I haven't seen so far any guide of how to tune tomato shade. This would be very welcome to have from someone expert on the app.
  3. Thank you Matt. Your comment was reassuring for PTA future, thanks 🙂
  4. Daedalus

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    5.9 Ghz ?? On what CPU?
  5. Allow me to please follow up on this question Adam. As far as I understand from Matt's reply, the reassurance is that PTA will continue to be updated to work for the new versions of Prepar3D. However, what about real development on the application? Are new features being worked on? Sorry but the general impression like Adam pointed at point 3, is that PTA is not evolving since Matt purchased it. I guess its a valid question to ask Matt, if he plans or already works on new PTA features.
  6. By the way, I wonder if we'll see also get any content updates for PTA, meaning new features. It seems to be only getting compatibly updates since its release. The original developer of PTA seemed to be updating its core often. At least this is what I remember, correct me if wrong.
  7. Very happy with FSDG latest developments too 🙂 In case FSDG read this, I hope they give the best treatment on these sceneries (I especially hope for Rhodes and Cape Town). The reason is that I have seen some degradation in apron details and ground textures realism on their latest releases. Having many of their sceneries I have noticed that sceneries like Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Nuuk, Graz, Kastelorizo and Reunion had extreme level or realism and detail. However after Reunion, starting with Mauritius and until their latest Dakar(I know this was LITE), I have noticed that apron objects and apron ground textures/polygons are very simplistic and thus have been a bit disappointing. Even if I am very happy with their release timescales, and really hope to get these as soon as possible, I hope that they will keep the bar as high as in their first releases, cause they have proved how capable they are in producing stunning sceneries. My comment is intended and should received as a constructive feedback 🙂
  8. Daedalus

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    Which of the two is your current view? CTDs were present from P3Dv1 to P3Dv4. Do you bet that when P3Dv5 is out the ctd forum will be...no more? I doubt it. I didn't said P3D v4 is perfect, that's why service packs are coming every couple of months. That's normal. I don't want to start referring posts, I have seen a dozen the last weeks. Why you think I would lie on that? The fact that you haven't seen them only means that you haven't read all the posts. But because they appear here and there, they create an impression and I wanted to point out two things: a) P3Dv5 its not imminent and b)we should not dismiss the current version as its certainly not old. Its new and shiny. Certainly my personal view, shared by many others. We don't have to all agree of course. But we can agree that v5 is not coming anytime soon.
  9. Daedalus

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    Hi Alan, My problem is not that I don't want v5 to come, of course I want! I had always updated to the latest version of Prepar3D on day one. My problem is that many people assume v5 is just around the corner and thus they tackle the discussion for v4 as outdated. Some people are always unsatisfied and I bet that 6 months after v5 there will be talking about what v6 will bring. Dreaming and thinking ahead is always healthy, but not when you dismiss what has been already been possible. Its only a year ago that the new era came to P3D being for the first time of the code's history, 64 bit. Developers are still exploring the new features v4 made possible (look at GSX v2). I enjoy this endeavor, I look forward for v4.3 and to me the sim looks beautiful. Yes there are of course rendering areas that can be improved, I could name a handful. However, as long as 2018 is still the year of P3Dv4, lets enjoy it and stop dismissing its evolution because at some point there will be another version. That's all what I'm saying.
  10. Daedalus

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    I am referring to some comments of the type "I'm not buying this add-on, v5 is coming soon I'd rather wait" or similar. An attitude from some that v5 is just around the corner that I find confusing when we are still waiting for v4.3. I thought maybe I miss something. Yes, v4.2 is very stable for most people and any update is more than welcome (including v5). However, the truth is rather that v5 is not around the corner, so I find all discussion about it distracting. Lets focus on what we have and what is coming soon and enjoy that. Of course we want PBR and of course we want a new rendering engine. The question is why to bother talking for something that is not coming for another year? I see that quite often lately and I wanted to try to ask and put these rumors to the right perspective.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering, I see many posts of people mentioning that P3D v5 is coming soon. Where this information is coming from? I'm unaware. The latest version of v4 is coming hopefully this month and in my view v4 is still new and amazing. I don't get why some think v5 is coming the next months. I would assume that v4 needs to mature more before a new version. Personally I would expect v5 at least after Q2 2019. I enjoy immensely v4 still some add-ons (mostly scenery) are not yet converted. If I miss something I'd be glad to let me know.
  12. Daedalus

    TFDi PACX (Passenger and Crew Experience)

    One suggestion I have is that the word 'number' on 'Flight number' could be omitted. I think its sounds better "Welcome to Flight XXX" instead of "Welcome to Flight number XXX" .
  13. Daedalus

    pmdg748 News

    I'm with you Timm, meaning I agree that what you say sounds logical, however on another thread, Dan Downs was very straightforward that it is not yet in beta. I guess he has maybe some access to PMDG: The question is how much time approximately PMDG's beta testing takes. I would guess 2-3 months but that's an assumption. I would also assume that PMDG has the expertise to provide to beta testers a build that carries years of expertise. I'm try to say or hope that it would be more bug-free than before. But I'm only guessing.
  14. Daedalus

    744 rain effect

    Sorry, I assumed that based on PMDG's CEO announcement at the FlightSimExpo.
  15. Daedalus

    744 rain effect

    Don't wanna start a release prediction debate, but what makes you think it will take so long? It has started already beta testing probably. I would bet for this summer.