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  1. From Justsim, I would suggest Brussels, Rhodes, Dresden, Luxemburg, Larnaca, Nice, Klagenfurt . Are among the good ones in my opinion.
  2. Thank you very much @StAgre @Chock and @Flysimware. The plane looks nicely modeled, cetainly a buy from me 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, Can someone maybe upload some close ups of the VC? Judging from the 1 screen of the VC it's not looking bad to me. Seems better than the L35. I would love to see a higher resolution close up as I am tempted to buy.
  4. Oh thanks..That was something I never thought as a possibility. I will certainly try the stability in such case. I'm thinking (and wishing) that maybe instability in my case is not a factor of Vcore only but also high RAM frequency. Thank you very much for this!
  5. Thank you very much @FunknNasty : ) Yes, this is what I try to achieve. Right now I added a 2 factor AVX and reduced the Vcore at 1.35v trying to see how stable it will be. I think I will stick to the XMP profile for the RAM and try not to change it.
  6. Thanks again very much for your inputs guys. @Dougal I know it says Adaptive on the XTU, however on the BIOS this is how I set the Vcore. It seems manual to me, correct me if wrong: @martin-w agreed that RAM overclock will bring instabiliy, so do you think that I will gain the max performance by leaving it on the XMP profile or further tweaking can yield more performance? @FunknNasty, agreed. That 10% is what can bring me over 30fps which as you say makes all the difference (I fly at 30Hz). However I'm thinking if reaching 80C creates underlying problems on the performance that I won't have at stock settings.
  7. Hi Phil, thank you for the reply. I also run a manual vcore, I found at 1.37V I have guaranteed stability. my XMP is set at 3600Mhz.
  8. Hi all, I want to share with you some findings and concerns that I have recently. I have a 7700K and my primary goal was to have it run at around 5.00 Ghz, or at maximum frequency/stability. I have delidded my CPU and have seen the temperature benefits. My setup has run like that for around 1.5 years. Last week, I ordered Aerosoft's EDDK and experienced an amazing stuttering situtation when fully loaded at the gate. At first I thought the developer was to blame for not optimizing the scenery, but soon after I realized that a BIOS settings modification solved my problems and the performance was smooth and nice. What was it? I reset my BIOS settings to stock, enabling only the RAM XMP profile. Since then I have been flying at stock BIOS settings and I haven't seen any slow performance or anything that I would think of. In fact it seems more stable and the scenery is loading faster and is crisper most of the times. Of course add-ons like the FSL Airbus or heavy city scenarios bring my FPS to low 20s which is annoying. I tried to increase my RAM speed to 4000Mhz and 1.36v but I saw no difference in performance. Today, I decided to run some tests using XTU which you can see below. The first test is while the CPU is set to 5.00 Ghz while the second at stock settings (Turbo frequency at 4.50 Ghz). What was also worth telling is that I also tried to set my RAM speed again to 4000 Mhz at 1.36v and the CPU at 5.00 GHz and then the XTU results was less! It was around 580 points. So, deciding between overclocking my CPU or not, the gain of 55 points for a temperature increase of 20C, I feel that it is not worth it. For some reason the simulation seems to run more smooth for me at 4.5 Ghz. What is your expertise on that? Could it be a sign of my CPU aging or does this makes sense to you?
  9. Wow, the difference in FPS is huge. I'm impressed with an 9900K and still the FSL eats so many frames. What it needs really to run smoothly at Heathrow? I have an 7700K and have similar experience.
  10. Daedalus

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    Same here..can't wait to replace the default UTL models with the FLAI ones..
  11. Daedalus

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Hi all, On September 30 there was an announcement here on Avsim "Product Announcements & Press Releases" for the new amazing looking Vertx DA62 aircraft, expected to be released the ''next few weeks''. However as there is not any dedicated forum or website of Vertx, I would like to ask here. As we are now over a month of the announcement does anyone know where we can seek for more news about the latest developments? Maybe beta testers can share anything if allowed? Really looking forward for this.
  12. Daedalus

    RXP for Just Flight Archer III

    Dear Jean-Luc and Frank, Thank you very much for your kind and so helpful replies, I really appreciate it. And my apologies for being a bit too desperate for an answer. Jean-Luc, I will certainly try the non-bezel option, or check what I have set for my RXP integration and I hope this fixes the click spots issue. I will be on my computer again tomorrow, so I will update of how it went. Frank, thank you also so much for taking all this time to find these very useful links for me. I will look at them one by one and also the manual and see if I can integrate a second RXP as you suggested. Regarding Just Flight integrating their planes to the RXP panels in flight sim, I can't agree more that I don't understand their hesitation to already do it. I have already submited a ticket regarding some issues on the Archer and also mentioned and asked to integrate the RXP panels. I also wrote it on their forums, but besides their previously positive intentions I don't know what ''sufficient demand" means for them. Do they need a poll? Jean-Luc I will refer to your post above and make another ticket so to make sure that they are aware of how easy it would be for them to integrate your panels. It's not only a benefit for the customer its a benefit for them as many unlike me are not willing to buy a plane if RXP is not supported and for sure an integration will bring them more sales.
  13. Daedalus

    RXP for Just Flight Archer III

    This being the support forum, can I get an answer please? Otherwise what is the official way to get support for my RXP purchases?
  14. Daedalus

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    Wow^2 ! Thank you so much for developing this. You literally saved UT live for me. I recently uninstalled it cause I couldn't bare anymore the outdated liveries.
  15. Daedalus

    RXP for Just Flight Archer III

    Any help?