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  1. Oh that's great. I suppose the same is true for the turbine duke. : )
  2. Is there is a new version coming from Real Air ?
  3. I'm happy to report that I have now managed to make Chaseplane run smooth on my system. I re-installed today and it seems to work perfect. I don't know if it was intermediate updates that improved performance or the fact that I uninstalled Corsair Link. I found that Corsair Link uses around 2-4% of CPU and decided to remove it from my system. I also don't have an antivirus anymore. I found that Bitdefender even on Game mode, uses a a lot of CPU. Finally I'm able to enjoy again cinematic view and the new replay mode. Thank you Keven!

    I bought now the Oban airport, but when I downloaded, I realized that the shop hasn't updated their installers for P3Dv4, while sim720 has provided these updates some months ago. I have sent an email, awaiting reply.
  5. Hi all, I got excited today for the new update, especially for the 2-4x performance improvement claim. I also see many people reporting how happy they are, and this is great. However, to my system (signature), I don't have a stutter free mouse panning experience. I know its not my sim problem because with EZdok I have completely smooth panning and transitions. Not a single stutter 99% of the times. I can see in the Task Manager that the CPU usage has been reduced, though there are still spikes to 1.5 - 1.8%. I get microstutters not only when panning around but also in the aircraft's movement that to my eyes, ruin the fluidity. Maybe I'm too picky with stutters, I don't know..but I can see a clear effect from Chaseplane. Please don't take this as a motivated criticism. As a customer I want Chase plane to become better and I know it will improve as it is still beta. I want to use the Cinematic mode and replay mode so badly. However, I can't stand these stutters. For me the number 1 feature is minimal impact on the simulator. So the reason of this post is to ask you people, if you get a stutter free mouse panning in VC when at the gate and if you get any stutter when taxing or flying that you won't get if you disable Chaseplane. PS. For my tests I used the FSL A320 as I believe is the most performance hungry aircraft.
  6. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I will certainly try the new update. I will really be very happy if the performance impact is now significantly reduced. : )
  7. I like ENVSHADE. I use this currently. I would say its more natural looking, while the one I mentioned for PTA is more cinematic maybe..It's difficult to say which is best as everyone's eyes and taste are not the same. I prefer the more natural look of ENVSHADE.
  8. For example, 1:52 - 2:11 (ngx landing) , 2:58 - 3:03 (ga landing) or 3:37 - 3:44 (passing car). The cinematic mode is always very smooth as it uses the external model.
  9. Forgive me for being a little on the skeptic side. While I agree that Chaseplane is moving absolutely the right way in the features side, I am lately very worried about its performance footprint. I have currently chosen EZdok 2, because Chaseplane consumes 1-4% of my CPU and also uses GPU (according to Task Manager), while EZdok consumes around or less than 0.05%. It's not just a number, I can see and feel the performance superiority of EZdok in my flights, especially when panning with the mouse and switching views but also the overall fluidity (for example looking how more stutter free the taxi-line is moving below my dashboard while taxing). Shaking and head movement effects also seem spot on and much more realistic to me. Besides you can use camera presets mimicking camera installations on your aircraft with 2 clicks, something not yet on Chaseplane. Of course, Cinematic mode and the Replay mode are huge steps forward and I will have a hard time not get tempted to reinstall Chaseplane to test them out. However, the guys at Chaseplane, need to improve the performance, and this in my opinion should have been on the new features. Hopefully it will be. Personally I don't care about the UI appearance, if this consumes my simulator's resources. The Replay mode should have 0 fps impact (and I believe it will have), as it will need to work on heavy sceneries and heavy add-ons. If performance gets steadily below 0.5% I'll move, otherwise I feel I can't afford 1-2% of my CPU being used for the camera program when my scenery demands are high and I need a steady 30 fps, especially on takeoff and landing. EDIT: Though I saw a lot of stutters, hearing the video's audio, the reviewer said "the CPU usage is 2-4 times lower than the previous version". Looking forward to testing that.
  10. My recipe for success in P3D v4.1 is : 4 core - HT Off (lower temps, less stutters) Overclock at 5.0 Ghz Locked FPS in P3D at 31 30Hz refresh rate monitor FFTF=0.01 tweak in .cfg My specs are on my signature.
  11. Good question. I run DXT at a resolution of 512x512
  12. Hi all, To run my P3D without shimmering, I am using Nvidia Inspector the 'Enhance' mode of 4xSGSS along with 2xMSAA in P3D. The combination gives me very good frames, however there are occasions where some specific cloud types will drop the performance a lot, maxing out my GPU utilization. I feel that my system can run this setting in all other occasions. I am using ASP4 and ASCA for clouds. To my understanding, there seems to be a specific type of cloud textures that forces the SGSS algorithm to use so many GPU resources and so I was wondering if anyone is aware of a cloudset that does not include this texture type. I suppose and hope that then I (and we) will not have this performance issue.. Even if it does not exist, I think its a good investigation from experts on this field, to find out why only in some cloud types the SGSS has this effect and then try to eliminate them.
  13. Currently, I am currently using ENVSHADE. However for PTA I liked the preset from this site: http://www.aviationlads.com/download/
  14. Thank you for the reply. You are right! I disabled a couple and the problem went away. I hope LM will fix it at some point.
  15. This is my working fleet in P3D. I put it in alphabetical order as it's difficult to find a favorite. A2A C172 Skyhawk, C182 Skylane , PA-28 Cherokee, PA-24 Comanche, T-6 Texan, L049 Constellation Aerosoft CRJ 700/900, DHC-6 Twin Otter FSL A320 Justflight PA-28 Warrior II, PA-28R Arrow II Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro Milviz DHC-2 Beaver PMDG NGX 736-9, QOTS II 747, 777L/W , DC-6 RealAir B60 Turbine Duke TFDI 717