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  1. I also considered the Asus and Evga variants, but at least where I live these were 100 and 300 euros move expensive. Given that the msi Trio has already a good stock overclock I think its the 'best' value/price ratio. And I put 'best' in brackets, cause its already a very expensive upgrade, however elevating the cost even more for little if any benefit is not a good deal to me. That's why I decided to go with the msi Trio.
  2. Thank you all very much for your very helpful inputs. I am very happy to hear that you have a so positive impression for the 2080 Ti and it seems that my decision will be rewarded. My 7700K should do the job for the time being. I understand that there can still be intensive scenarios especially at night where some compromises will still be needed, but I am sure as you agreed it will be much less than my previous 1070 would require and this is why I decided to upgrade. Again, thank you everyone for your help to validate my decision.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply Bob. I appreciate very much your time to explain further your experience. I went for the msi Trio variant of the 2080 Ti and I only have to wait some time for my vendor to have it in stock. According to benchmarks the jump from my 1070 should be close to 100% increase, so I'm very curious to see the improved image quality. I agree with you, waiting for a better faster model will always have you waiting instead of flying. So, I am happy with my decision. Its a pricey move but I anticipate it will pay off with a good number of years of not being limited my GPU. Thanks again, and I will also post my reviews when I have the card in hands. Again thank you for your very useful input.
  4. Hi all, The problem I have taken the decision that it is time for me to upgrade my GPU. I had been using the GTX 1070 since 2016 and for months now following the transition to P3D v4, I have become tired of the many visual compromises I had to make. More specifically, I have to always use 4x MSAA and I'm not even using a 4K display but an ultra wide 3440x1440. So, in short I have to live with shimmering and low res shadows. On top of that this GPU could not handle a combination of intensive add-ons with dense weather. Also, many times I had to turn down shadow quality or sim object shadows to get barely above the smooth 30 fps limit. Not to mention buildings and tree casting shadows which really make an immersion for me especially on dusk and dawn approaches and GA flights. Furthermore, being a DCS and X-Plane user, visually satisfying anti aliasing would always bring the fps down too. Before I decided that I need to upgrade, I made sure the GPU was been utilized 99% using gpu monitor software. It was obvious that the visual quality had to be compromised if I wanted to fly smoothly. My solution I had put some money aside for the purpose of upgrading and I have now sold my 1070. I plan to upgrade to the Gigabyte 2080 Ti Gaming OC or the msi RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X TRIO. I know that many would advise for a 1080 Ti based on its lower price though I have two problems with that option. I can't find new ones and to me buying a used card for 700-800 EUR does not sound a good deal. It's already a good amount of money to place. The RTX 2080 Ti is sure a very expensive card. I've never bought something that pricey. I know that being solely a flight simmer I won't probably utilize the new ray tracing and DLSS technologies, but I can't overlook the fact that the 2080 Ti is around ~30% faster than the 1080 Ti and this is significant. Yes the price is close to 50% plus but I'm thinking at least I probably wont get GPU bottlenecked for a good amount of years. Some second thoughts Yesterday, I came across some reddit comments mentioning that Nvidia "will be releasing 7nm GPUs in 2019". Others said 2020. Others speculated that gaming 7nm GPUs will come even later. I read all these as speculations but with an open mind. I also understand that the gamer community is mostly composed of young people usually on a budget who have invested good money on GPUs and want to justify their decision to not enter the 20 series. I'm not a fan of paying if there is not a good reason either, however right now I want to enjoy flight simulator at its best and the 1070 seems not longer an option for the best visuals to me. Some maybe unanswerable questions So some inevitable second thoughts was raised: Will Nvidia release 7nm GPUs this year when they have announced a new gaming flagship just some months ago? Even 2020. Isn't that too early to expect their 20 series customers to spend more money in 1-2 years? Also, is really a need for better performance for flight simulation? I've seen reports that Ray tracing drop the frames significantly for >60Hz users however we happy 30Hz simmers, should we enter this hype for even more performance? It is certainly ugly to pay gold for a 2080Ti and in a year see a 30% more performance GPU released for the same amount of money or less. On the other hand, maybe I won't need more than a 2080 Ti for a good number of years. I tend to believe the latter should be the case, though you can always get surprised by how fast computer graphics evolve. Purpose of this thread So why I wrote all this. I know that the avsim community has a wide gamut of users and taking this as a fact I'd like to ask what is your opinion about this situation. Do you think buying the flagship gaming RTX is not the best solution? Or do you think I'll need anything more than that the next 4-5 years? Also anyone with any insider or expert view on the 7nm speculations, I'd be happy to hear his opinion.
  5. Thanks for the input. I apologize my friends, I didn't know this limitation of the voting system. I guess it would be better if it was built in to not require all questions answered. Unfortunately I can't even edit the thread now, there is a time limit 😕 Pity. If the moderators could do something about it, like make questions 2 and 3 non-required and reset the poll it would be nice. Otherwise we can only count question 1 as valid.
  6. Yes I know that, but my poll is focused on Nvidia users. I don't think there is a problem with that.
  7. Could someone verify that one can only reply to 2 out of the 3 questions? If the poll requires all questions to be answered, I'd rather remove questions 2 and 3 as it won't make sense. I ask because I see that people reply to all questions so I guess that could be a reason?
  8. Just a note, because I see that people with 2080s reply on the second question. The second question is only for 900/10 series users as indicated, as obviously if you have a 20 series card you don't plan to upgrade anytime soon I guess.
  9. Hi all, Looking all these new RTX cards mentioned often, I was curious about what is the current Avsim statistic on Nvidia GPUs. I myself have a GTX 1070 and thinking to upgrade in the near future so I'd be really interested to have an image of what the members of our community currently use for their GPU as well as what is the trend for the future. I guess many would also be interested in this distribution.
  10. Daedalus

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    Not to be offensive but I'm impressed by your comment. To me it is really a black and white comparison. Especially if you put their respective prices and what you get side by side. But everyone can have his opinion of course.
  11. Daedalus

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    This plane is amazing. Not only the modeling is top of the top, sounds are amazing and most importantly the FDE is extraordinary. I love it ! Besides, Sean made a great aircraft selection. The design of the DA62 is beautiful, so sleek and aerodynamic. As for the flight simulator world, its the best choice. We had many high fidelity general aviation aircraft with gauges but we did not had any GA with modern glass cockpit done on this level of perfection. The only things that I may miss (because I'm spoiled) is some ground equipment (chocks, tie downs, covers) and rain effects. Especially if the A2A rain effects could be implemented it would be amazing. But even without these, this plane takes an eleven out of ten. I'm sure Sean will keep putting more finishing touches to this jewel. Everyone who loves this hobby should support this work. He deserves it by all means.
  12. Daedalus

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Yes, I also have that. I would like to know if its a bug. There is also a sound tied to it.
  13. Downloading! Thank you SO much Sean ! This is a whole new level ! PS: Fantastic price ! Thank you one more time !
  14. Hahahahaha! Now, that is THE perfectly worded anticipation ! 😁