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  1. Thank you for the reply! That's sound very confusing indeed. I have already installed the new GTN for P3D v4. I think I'll wait until maybe an alternative solution is found as I'm afraid of breaking anything if I install the previous GTN over the latest.
  2. Hello Aaron. Could you help of how you succeed ? I still only see GPS 500.
  3. I agree, its very difficult to handle the AP, looking at the OBS, move the heading bug and use the Autopilot Turn Knob to coordinate turns. I agree with Mark, more shortcut keys would be the solution. To me, the best would be hardware turning knob to mimic the Autopilot Turn knob operation, but that could be done if we had these shortcuts.
  4. Just bought the Warrior, taking advantage of the discount from my Arrow purchase. Although owning also the A2A PA180, and besides the similarity with the Arrow, I couldn't hesitate. Justflight has done an excellent job with the PA28 series. The modeling is just perfect, couldn't get closer, just beautiful to look at and fly. Their support is top, hearing the customer. I applause their discount policy and determination to quality.
  5. XBOX wireless too is broken
  6. Lovely airplane, beautiful modeling. I'd love to do a walk around in P3D v4 and check the instrumentation. But.. I've been hesitating to buy so far, because I can't think of how and where I'm going to fly it. If we had historic renditions of airports, it could have a meaning. otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to hangar it after a week. How do you guys plan to use the DC6?
  7. Impressive animation and superb implementation!

    Just picked Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Kasterlorizo. Top quality. They work fine in P3DV4.
  9. Vector is global, OpenLC is continental, I don't get how they can be merged. More info is needed.
  10. Kyle, I would not take seriously someone who blame PMDG for moving a date. For me, the best strategy is to give estimates and move them as many times as you feel like. Its always better than no info at all. Its the intentions in such a strategy that I appreciate as a customer.
  11. I just got it a few minutes ago. It was a server delay as Kyle suggested.
  12. For the history, I now got the update on the Operations Center. It seems to have been a server delay. :)
  13. Okay thank you Kyle..that could explain it. I will wait some hours more before I investigate further or submit a support ticket.
  14. Thank you for trying to help Anders..I hope I will find out why I can't get the update. But my AV is not blocking anything.
  15. Kyle, you are right. "They must have" would be closer to what I meant. Meaning "I can't explain this otherwise". By the way, I would appreciate if you could help me solve this..now that as PMDG you denied my assumption. Why my Operations Center can't see the update?