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  1. Hahahahahahaha! This has got to be staged, right? Neither the squirrel nor the airplane could be so lucky ...
  2. My first solo was in 1992. Here's what my instructor told me and what I told my students: 1. Your instructor has confidence in you, so should you. 2. You are never alone. There's a whole world ready to help you on the other side of that radio. 3. Even though there's noone sitting next to you, say things out loud and talk yourself through it. You'll notice if you miss something or if something doesn't sound right. 4. Wear a cheap tie. Have a good flight!
  3. Interesting video about air traffic control while fighting fires. Video is from 2012, but a search on the YouTube key didn't get any hits.
  4. I'm sorry, I don't know about that. All I know is that I had a similar problem, which was solved by rerunning the configuration utility (as it's described in the manual, so it was my own mistake). Sorry I can't help you further. :(
  5. Did you rerun the config utility after you added the new aircraft?
  6. Holy cow, amazing tip! I was close to ordering a new set ...
  7. Hey Al, You're going to run into the same problem with Photobucket. You might want to consider something like imgur.com, which doesn't have a usage limit. Photobucket pics will disappear after a while, too.
  8. Like I said, I normally don't use them since I find using the 12 side buttons on my mouse easier. So, what's the issue? Clicking on a spot does nothing? I can randomly click while in cruise and see what happens if that's what you're looking for. If need be, tell me what system files/logs you need me to send so you can check out my setup.
  9. If you need people to test I'll gladly help, just tell me what to do. I normally don't use clickspots it since I use my Razer Naga's side buttons for my views.
  10. Yup, the B60 and the LEG2 are my favorites now. Luckily, that thing has speedbrakes as it just doesn't want to slow down!
  11. I really can't wait for that. Bought some other aircraft via Flight1 (luckily) and I'm seriously thinking of returning them. They just feel dead. Oh well, I'm a new simmer, so you learn as you go.
  12. Heh, you learn something everyday. I've only flown the C421 regularly (as far as turbocharged pistons go), and it had a combined EGT (L/R) gauge. Thanks!
  13. Actually, I meant there's turbine stuff in the piston checklist (CRUISE 3: Lean to recommended fuel flow if TIT is below 900). If the RealAir checklist is sufficient for you (and I use it too), why upload another? I'm very new to this sim thing so is it for an addon?
  14. Is it different from the checklists included (it includes turbine in one of the lists ).
  15. Yes, the XPNDR was what I was really hoping for. Sent them a message a couple of days ago, but I guess I have the answer now. :s I only have the Duke V2, so I haven't noticed yet. I'm really interested in the turbine version now, but I think I'm going to hold off for V2. I mean, it can't be as nice as the piston is, right? Thanks a lot for the update, much appreciated. I'll start hitting F5 now. OT: Is there a list somewhere that lists the compatibility of the 430/530? The only one I've found so far is this one by Ryan. Maybe you have more information?
  16. How'd you get 2 x 530's in the panel? Have you tried the other RealityXP stuff (GMA340 – GTX327)? That panel looks amazingly beautiful. I've splurged on a 530. Played with the trainer and it seems nicely integrated at first glance. Can't wait 'til you're done!
  17. Brazen

    Your age?

    47. My first flight was in a Connie!
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