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  1. You probably tried to shoot an ils approach to a runway that doesn't have ils in FSX. In the top left section of the PFD you should see the frequency and identifier of the localiser, which I am sure you didn't. The 737 is a pretty nice machine, you can fly a visual approach and still use approach mode, in which case you will get the indications you saw. So FAC for final approach course, which means extended centreline for runway chosen in FMS. and G/P (not to be mixed up with G/S) which means the FMS calculated its own 3 degree glide path to the runway, but this glide path is not based on any type of beacon! So both these modes are purely to assist in a visual approach. You either tuned the wrong freq. or the ils doesn't exist in FSX.
  2. Is you KSEA a pay ware or the standard FSX one? You should layer it generally in this order: Mesh goes on top of standard FSX stuff, then your word wide add ons, like FTX global, then vector, then pay ware airports etc. If its not in that order, and vector is on top of one of your 3rd party airports, it can create issues like the one you describe. Like I said, I dont know if you have a 3rd party add-on for the airport, so the problem might be completely different.
  3. You can start here perhaps. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/a/ntdlldll.htm
  4. There is actually a slightly easier way, which also builds your cfg file a bit cleaner: http://byteforge.com/products/ap_fsx/index.htm I love it and it gives a much better overview and ease of use than the built in scenery editor, and it works!
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