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  1. You probably tried to shoot an ils approach to a runway that doesn't have ils in FSX. In the top left section of the PFD you should see the frequency and identifier of the localiser, which I am sure you didn't. The 737 is a pretty nice machine, you can fly a visual approach and still use approach mode, in which case you will get the indications you saw. So FAC for final approach course, which means extended centreline for runway chosen in FMS. and G/P (not to be mixed up with G/S) which means the FMS calculated its own 3 degree glide path to the runway, but this glide path is not based on any type of beacon! So both these modes are purely to assist in a visual approach. You either tuned the wrong freq. or the ils doesn't exist in FSX.
  2. I'm not sure what you are trying to do as I don't know that code, but 2 things come to mind as a pilot: 1: a great circle is not a constant track or bearing. If you fly a constant heading you are flying a small circle. 2: as the previous poster suggested, did you think about magnetic variation? Great and small circle tracks are calculated in true, so you need to convert to magnetic once you pc want to fly it.
  3. Os and its related software on HDD, FSX and all add ons that install into it on SSD. This will give you the best performance.
  4. Should work fine. Problem must be at your end. Is the flight director commanding the correct heading?
  5. Use the link I provided above, that will answer your question. On my 2600k I turned off Hyper threating in the bios for best results and then use 14.
  6. I would leave it the same. OC is on the BIOS level, so it doesn't matter what OS you boot. It would however be advisable, as per the previous suggestion, to do a stability test once you are done installing WIN7.
  7. A/T on or off, it doesn't matter. It's a critical phaze of flight, which means you should be monitoring your speed very closely. When I am on an autoland approach, do you think I would let the speed bleed of and hope the A/T will fix it? Absolutely not! PF has hand on the throttle and if the speed bleeds off its 2x click and move it forward without any delay. Not letting your speed bleed off on final, and the dangers of letting that happen is something you learn starting the 1st day of your flight training. To me its quite simple, if you're not monitoring your speed, you are not taking flying serious, and you don't belong in a cockpit of ANY airplane. I personally do not blame the crew though. In my opinion things like this, as was the same with the AF accident, are mostly because of bad pilot training.
  8. As far as I know, Intel SRT only works with a Z77, 87 or 97 board, so keep that in mind. If you have one of those boards though, the acceleration option is indeed very nice and cheap!
  9. http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware
  10. No he doesn't. I'm not sure why everyone seems to think that there was no life before the 4770k? I'm still blowing a lot of systems away with my over clocked 2600k. I'm not saying all, I'm just saying that there are more good chips available besides the 4770k. I would buy a 4690K for $270, a Z97 mother board for around $130, a 700W PSU for about $65, 8 GB / 1600MHZ Ram for $85, 500GB HDD for $55 and a cheap but large tower, for about $40. Total would be about $650, plus tax, so I guess you need to save another $100. Start playing FSX using the on board video, and ask for you Bday: GTX 770 or 760, and for Xmass a 3rd party air or liquid cooler for about $90, so you can over clock and get the most out of your cpu. if you want you can add an SSD as a last step in the future. If you also need a screen, mouse and keyboard, it's a whole different ball game with the added expenses, so in that case you should wait until you can afford all of it.
  11. Did you install FSX on its own partition? If you did, you can just change the letter of that partition, then make a partition on your new SSD with the letter you used to have for the FSX partition. Once that is done, just copy paste and you are good to go. I disagree with a reinstall because there is no reason for it. If you installed FSX in the program files folder it is a bit of a more complex process, as you need to change some stuff in the reg. I think there is a good guide around somewhere here for doing this.
  12. I'm not sure what some people here are on about, but your cpu is just fine. I just over clocked one of my friends system with the exact same cpu as you have to 4.3GHz quite simply, even though he only had a $25 cooler master 212 eve air cooler. My point is, you can get the most gain by just buying a cooler, like the earlier suggested H80i, if it fits in your tower, and then over clock. Make sure you take the time and educate your self. If you are afraid of lifespan reduction, go for a moderate clock like 4.3 to 4.5 ghz. and most importantly, educate your self about max and recommended max voltages for the 3570k. From your profile it seems you have an AMD video card? For FSX you will see the best performance when you combine an intel cpu with an Nvidia graphics card, so upgrading for you will be beneficial. If you are planning to ever go P3D or Xplane in the future, I would recommend a GTX 770 4GB, or better, budget permitting. If you want to stick with FSX, the GTX 760 is a very good choice! PS, before buying a cooler, make sure you can over clock on your motherboard. Otherwise it could be a disappointing surprise if you find out after you purchase a cooler.
  13. In that case, you should go with my suggestion. What I suggested was 590, so if you are willing to go up to 800, you can include a GTX 670 or 660 of off eBay and you should be golden! It will turn out to be a high end system that way.
  14. For socket 1155, which is what you have, the 3770K would be the best available for your computer. especially if you buy a nice cooled with it and over clock. As per the previous comment, you also need a dedicated video card, which is most likely your actual bottleneck atm, unless you pc specs are out of date.
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