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  1. Comments say they are stealing almost whole thing from APL....
  2. and this one: https://edi-gla.co.uk/ all historic real airline flight plans and also interacts with simbrief
  3. were you seeing the same taskkill comand window thing when you install AIM in your pc? or you were seeing something different?
  4. I got my new pc and never installed AIM before I can ensure it.... How do I know the AIM is updating itself if in explore there is no one AIM process related?
  5. sadly the cmd window shows ai manager process has been killed and I checked the explore there is no ai manager in it.
  6. yes it's a fresh install, no third party antivirus and security software and I will shut down the windows one and give another try. Thanks.
  7. OS:win10, Downloaded new v1.2 ai manager, run as administrator, when waiting for the update, a cmd window popped up showing taskkill command killed ai manager process. How to deal with this problem? thanks!!
  8. so he stated the previous video showed using standard voice model and this one using premium one, from which can I suppose there will be different subscription prices or version like standard service (version) and premium one(version)?
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