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  1. Addressed in what manner? You make it sound like it's a problem. It might be for you, but maybe not for the masses? Autogen is made super-sized to create a sense of fullness. Shrink the trees and buildings to a smaller size and then people will start to complain about the "sparse nature" of the autogen. Of course the autogen count can be increased, but then people will complain about the "performance impact" of the new autogen. See the slippery slope here? P3D must be coming along OK if size of autogen is one of the "main issues". There is an alternative available to those that want smaller, more dense autogen. Design new models, texture them and then annotate all the texture sheets in the \Scenery\World\texture folder. Congratulations! You have just solved the "autogen size issue".
  2. You are still beta testing the product and beta testers get no cost access, right? Just so all know from where you speak.
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