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  1. -1 When you look into the Scenery.cfg file that is used by P3D you will find the necessary entries there. Hint... it's not the file sitting in the main P3D folder.
  2. Addressed in what manner? You make it sound like it's a problem. It might be for you, but maybe not for the masses? Autogen is made super-sized to create a sense of fullness. Shrink the trees and buildings to a smaller size and then people will start to complain about the "sparse nature" of the autogen. Of course the autogen count can be increased, but then people will complain about the "performance impact" of the new autogen. See the slippery slope here? P3D must be coming along OK if size of autogen is one of the "main issues". There is an alternative available to those that want smaller, more dense autogen. Design new models, texture them and then annotate all the texture sheets in the \Scenery\World\texture folder. Congratulations! You have just solved the "autogen size issue".
  3. If you think you are only seeing TWO MILES in front of you, then you need to go and get your eyes checked! Just how far out onto the horizon do you expect P3D to render buildings and trees? Maybe you can draw a red line to illustrate? Two miles out wouldn't even be in the bottom left corner of the windshield. And you don't list in-sim settings or hardware, so there's no telling what your system is capable of rendering. But it appears a few hundred thousand trees and buildings isn't enough???
  4. Full bladders need emptying, so what better to have then a contest? All I know is what ever # = x, I have gotten my $59.95 from P3D2.x!
  5. Here is an idea! If *YOU* think it is so important to have something sitting in Belfast, why don't *YOU* model it and release it to the Avsim Library? That way, rather than coming off as a never satisfied individual who doesn't even use FSX, you show people that you can do more than criticize. Endlessly criticize...
  6. I don't know about you, but I use a credit card to make purchases. If there was some type of problem that did not get resolved, I would then ask the card issuer to reverse the transaction. What's the problem there? I am curious as to your location (in general, not specific), as your 0700 may not be the same 0700 as the vendor.
  7. I like the term "male proponents"! A comment was made up above, so in response; I haven't sold anything for 4+ years. I'm just a user and a customer. As such, I do not like to "settle" for something, just because it is the only option. Something about, if you are going to do something, then do it right? So all this advertising for Mega Earth States and it's 50cm source, only to see the person doing all the work write how the source is US NAIP which is 1 meter source. Oppsss... Or seeing that there will be efforts to "clean up and improve the water" after the initial releases. Anyone gotten their notices for a cleaned up and water improved release yet? And now the cities are coming out as 50cm source? Wasn't the statewide source suppose to be... OOpppsss! If developers want to see my money, they need to quit playing their games and be honest from the start. Trying to sell me some watered down garbage doesn't make it seem like Happy Hour to me!
  8. Nope, it's you. An old AFCAD, maybe? Some Orbux thrown into P3D?
  9. My, that's a nasty tone to throw at someone. Your experience making photo based scenery is ... what? My experience is that I've made it and sold it in the past. A product that will rise above "adequate quality" does not come out at .50gb per 1K sq. miles. At the generally accepted settings used by developers who want to make a quality product and not a quantity product yield about 1gb per 1K sq. miles. Now if you don't do any quality enhancements to the source imagery, so that it all looks like the washed out uhhhmmm that's sold under the Mega Scenery Earth banner, then it's possible to get smaller file size yields. Those people seem to fall under the "adequate quality" and "perfectly happy" types of users. I hope that there will be developers who expect better and do not pander to those who will accept lesser quality, just because there's no one else making the stuff? And for reference, should I get around to finishing the state of California, U.S. the total file size will be around 145gb. Sourced at 1m, compiled at 1.19m, one season, no night time included. Just high quality photo based work.
  10. Maybe Rex's SimAir is due to be released with the Level-D 757??? :lol: Feigned dismay over the community's lack of patience? There's something I haven't seen since...
  11. I call this site "The Green Book" because I printed it all out and put it in a three-ring notebook! http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/
  12. I realize reading scores have fallen..., but what part of "scenery addon" did you two not understand? :rolleyes: Me? I am looking forward to KMRY from Orbux!
  13. Oh....., these people again?!? Where do these people come from? Asked rhetorically/..
  14. I made a couple of changes in your initial post, hope you don't mind? Rather than lump the entire community into your dissatisfaction, you might try answering the above. Unless you are afraid of the truth? B)
  15. You are still beta testing the product and beta testers get no cost access, right? Just so all know from where you speak.
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