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  1. Indexer must not have run correctly the first time. Reran it this morning and so far it seems to work just fine in 4.4
  2. I’ve tried several times since 4.4 came out and every time it intializes, I get fatal error right after. Waiting on an update for it to work.
  3. For that price, why not just go get your PPL or more flight time. No GPU needed!
  4. Does your event viewer state what is going or have any errors in there? That may be a clue of what is causing the issue. Last night, the blgmaxn64.dll was the issue. Apparently, that file causes problems with every update. What you can do is find your P3D add on folder, should be in your documents folder, and rename that to something else. P3D will generate a new one with no add-ons and then you can install one at a time to figure out what is causing the problem.
  5. Have y'all ran the 'Delete Generated Files' file in your P3D folder? It will remove everything the software generates on initial startup and then rebuild it on next launch. I was having similar issues with it hanging on splash screens, hanging on loading scenery, and even CTD since updating to 4.3. I had to do a complete re-install because some of the files ended up being corrupt. I ran that file above and it helped fix the issue, only after the fact...If that doesn't work, you can delete your entire Lockheed Martin folder in your Program Data folder and it will rebuild that one as well.
  6. If you look in the uninstall program menu, there will be 4 entries for P3D. Academic, Academic client, Content, and Scenery. I’m not really sure what the Academic is because the size is different than all three others combined on mine. When I ran the FSUIPC update this morning, I was getting CTD. I then ran the P3D setup and it updated my Academic entry from 4.1 to 4.3 and fixed my CTD.
  7. Sorry I meant I didn’t just run the P3D installer. I did each one individually and tested each one before doing the next one. The academic version has Academic and Academic Client and I didn’t have to update the Academic last night, but had to this morning.
  8. I had to update the one above the Client in the program install list once I upgraded to 5.13. Not sure why but that was the only thing I changed from last night to this morning. I didn’t do a complete install last night, only client, content, and scenery and everything worked. Then I updated FSUIPC this morning and had to run the P3D installer. It took like 2 minutes and it upgraded the Academic (not client) without having to uninstall anything.
  9. Not sure if anyone else had any issues with FSUIPC, but with the latest update, I had to update the Academic (not client) for it to work. Otherwise, I would get a CTD. Just a heads up out there...
  10. Ah, I gotcha. Well, hopefully you don't have to upgrade for a very long time again...I know it does suck having spent all that money only for a major update to be released.
  11. Lol it had been posted in here for at least a couple weeks now that 4.3 was coming out. I think the interview was back in April about 4.3. Oh well, you are now set for v5 and the years to come. (Glass half full)
  12. So the race is on to see who will be the first to post to complain about an issue or how things didn't get fixed....yay! Downloading my copy now...
  13. Just fantastic. I am loving your cloud sets too. They make the sim way better!
  14. Decided to do a morning flight from Seattle down to LA and captured this beauty. I figured I just had to share it! Just very slight color edit in photoshop. -b757
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