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  1. mdreyer

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    X-Plane 11 has similar issue when engines are running at least. Switching from external to internal or visa versa produces this.
  2. mdreyer

    Quick Question on 4.4

    It would be nice if LM acknowledged popular addon's and worked with the developers a bit more before an update so that the process is a little less clunky. Some developers have access to beta prior to release, meaning they can get their products ready, while others miss out and play catch up (REX is a good example here). It leaves us, the consumer, in the position we find ourselves every update - having to dig around the forums to find out if our addons work or not. I know most addons will eventually be updated, but the process could be streamed lined a little better is my point.
  3. mdreyer

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    I have to admit I haven't actually updated to v4.4 yet, however I was curious how TomatoShade reflections would work with the new PBR shaders. I assume you did have original shaders in before trying to install TomatoShade?
  4. mdreyer

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    TomatoShade has been updated for v4.4. Just hit the 'Check for new version'.
  5. mdreyer

    TomatoShade is Not Working in P3DV4.4

    I'll be interested to see how this works with 4.4's PBR, given TS main point is to replicate that.
  6. mdreyer

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I didn't delete the cfg in advance. I deleted as per the recommendations from LM themselves. Please refer to their guide if you'd like further information on this. I don't drink beer, so a bottle of nice red will suffice. 😉 Thanks David - yes, probably an addon causing issues. I haven't had a chance to re-test. Thank Simbol - I'm trying to avoid a complete reinstall as I've just upgraded my rig and went through that whole process. I'm not overly keen on doing again just yet if I can help it. I have a feeling it may be the GTN 750 causing problems even though it didn't load given it's not yet compatible? You might be able to advise on that. In answer to your question, no - I didn't use default airport or aircraft. Once again, sloppy on my part. I'll wait until everything is compatible, and install the client and content. I'm sure it's my setup thats the problem. Thanks for your suggestions. Cheers, Murray
  7. mdreyer

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I installed client only as a test. I run an 8700k @ 4.6, 1070TI, 16 GB ram, windows 10. I deleted the P3D cfg and shaders. At the same airport as my default saved location in V4.3, and same aircraft and settings as 4.3, I get a 15 fps drop in 4.4. I'm stumped! Back to 4.3 I go..... 😖
  8. mdreyer

    Carenado C208B with P3d V4

    Did you use the P3D v4 installer? I know this happens when you attempt to install the P3D V3 version into V4.
  9. Ha! Yes indeed...... I thought the shine and reflections on the DA 62 was not like anything we have seen before in P3D!
  10. mdreyer

    Huge GoFlight Sale

    It connects via a simple screw tight lock. It will attach to any desk. The TQ6 has 2 throttle, prop and mixture levers already. Have a look on YouTube. There are a few good videos and reviews of it. I love mine.
  11. mdreyer

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I'm looking forward to the next hot fix that address' the CTD due to cloud sync.
  12. I'm glad this topic has been raised. I got my email from Pilots last month, and when I did I thought to myself that it wasn't exactly the great deal Pilots made out. I didn't read / see any reaction from the community about it and ended up thinking I was just being a fiscal prood! Good to see it's not just me who doesn't like this 'deal'.
  13. mdreyer

    REX Wx Radar into Bert's Panel v57

    Thanks Scott, works a treat. Are there any other Carenado aircraft that have been modified to take the Milviz radar? Don't recall seeing others, but I'm too lazy to search through the forum.... 😊
  14. mdreyer

    Australian scenery for P3Dv4

    Hi Jorge, Unfortunately OZx was hacked a while ago and they haven't recovered as yet. You can get their sceneries via PC Aviator Australia on DVD for around $10 AUD I think. They are fantastic - well worth the cost. They all work great in P3DV4.3 too.
  15. Whoa! Some good bargains to be had there - thanks!