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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. Flew successfully a couple of days ago, no problems. Yesterday morning started the sim and throttle and stick not working correctly, mainly Saitek/Logitech throttle module. NO throttle and it conflicts with my Thrustmaster joystick, using the throttle works the ailerons in spasms, mixture and prop don't work correctly or at all. Deleted everything and reinstalled, didn't work, checked what I could in P3D settings, nothing worked, so I need some assistance if possible. Funny thing is it works fine in MSFS. Can't get any help from LM as they say they can't find my details. As I see it, my only option now is to reset to default, except I can't work out how to it, I can't find where the default setting. My system Win10. Any help appreciated. Don
  2. Looks like someone beat me to it - enjoy 😄 Don
  3. I've purchased two Carenado aircraft through MSFS, the M20R Ovation and the recently released PA44 Seminole and I can't find where MS puts the manuals. Can someone point me in the right direction to find them. Thanks Don
  4. I couldn't find where to post this so thought I'd try here. I'm having a problem activating a MS controller in MSFS . According to everything I have read and Youtube vids I have watched, plug it in and away you go. I bought it to use for working the MSFS camera mode, as we all know the default camera setup is pretty hopeless, anyway, plugged it in, nothing worked, and I cant find any helpful info anywhere. Anyone help please. Thanks Don
  5. 'As the early access period continues, more information on features and detail will be added to this document, with a fully detailed manual made available at release.' Yeah well that never happened.
  6. Come on Keven, please throw us a bone, give us a hint as to when //42 might slip Chaseplane into MSFS. Don
  7. I have to say my bit here. MSFS camera system is garbage. Why they didn't approach Chaseplane and incorporate it in the sim from the start is beyond me. The current camera system is too complicated, too many button combinations when you are flying, and to learn. Come on Keven please give us some indication as when we might see Chaseplane available for MSFS. I noticed in the General menu, that Chaseplane is listed, but not workable, is this an indicator that its coming? Don
  8. Great pics mate, not having been there, I'll have to take your word for the "typical Denver Summer Afternoon" 😁 Don
  9. Nice shots, love flying the New Zealand area, snow capped mountains are beautiful. Don
  10. Great pics mate, very familiar with YBCG and Concrete, not easy to find the first time around. Don
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