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  1. sultanofswing

    I can't decide between P3D and X-Plane 11

    Zibo 737 is LIT!
  2. sultanofswing

    P3d Wont start up!!!!

    Remove the Prepar3D generated folders that is generated during the program execution These folders and files will generate again when Prepar3D is launched nextNavigate to your core Prepar3D v4 folder, Scroll down a bit, Double left Click on the file Delete Generated Files, a small black window will appear and then disappear again, this is normal Then launch Prepar3D and test Let us know how you get on
  3. sultanofswing

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    I went from a 7820x@ 4.6ghz to a 8700k@ 5ghz and saw a slight improvement with the 8700k.
  4. sultanofswing

    New Rig P3D V4 Poor Performance

    I have a 7820x system and a 1080ti as well. I had pretty bad performance when I was running mechanical drives. I put p3d on a 1tb SSD and it's running great now.
  5. sultanofswing

    Replacement GSX voice pack for de-icers

    That is it!
  6. sultanofswing

    Replacement GSX voice pack for de-icers

    In the P3d V4 group there is a replacement pack by Nick Kidd that comes with de-ice sounds.
  7. sultanofswing

    4k mouse issues

    I sent a bug to the developers about it but never got a response.
  8. sultanofswing

    4K over 1920*1080 - what is the penalty

    That is why I opened my post with "AA settings and what a person can tolerate are relative to the person looking at the sim". If you don't mind jaggies than you can turn down AA and get the same performance you get at 1080p with a lot of AA. Me personally I cannot deal with jaggies and shimmering as it hurts my eyes.
  9. sultanofswing

    4K over 1920*1080 - what is the penalty

    AA settings and what a person can tolerate are relative to the person looking at the sim, I run a 6850k and a GTX 1070 on a 43" 4k TV. I get excellent performance, but I still run 4x msaa as anything lower still has too many jaggies and scenery shimmer. What you have to keep in mind is the monitor/TV size will have a great impact on how Aliased the graphics are, an example would be a 28" 4k monitor vs a 40" 4k monitor. If you ran the same AA setting on both monitors the 40" monitor would be more aliased as the screen is larger and pixel density is not as tight as it would be on a smaller monitor. Even with me running 4x MSAA the sim is smooth and I have no issues locking FPS to 30 even with the FSLabs A320 at somewhere like Heathrow or Amsterdam.
  10. sultanofswing

    p3d v4.1 cloud issue

    Some of the shaders in certain PTA presets were not up to date for 4.1. Ran into it with a few different presets and restoring the shaders to default in PTA solved the issue.
  11. sultanofswing

    p3d v4.1 cloud issue

    This is a direct issue from a PTA preset, next time restore your shader from within PTA and it will fix it.
  12. sultanofswing

    TFDi 717 Question

    Don't wait, install it and opt into the community beta, this plane is lots of fun to fly.
  13. sultanofswing

    Best virus Checker for P3D

    Don't run anti virus and have not for at least 5 years, I only have a handful of porn sites that I trust so....
  14. sultanofswing

    Problem fslabs a320

    Set your water detail from the highest setting to 1 setting lower and it will load without crashing.
  15. sultanofswing

    TFDi 717 Question

    I don't see the issue here? I'm using it in V4.