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  1. DutchAir

    Prepar3D released

    If you installed the V3.1 Client over the V3 client (which of course you should not have) I would suggest that you uninstall the 3.1 client by clicking on the 3.1 client installer and selecting the unistall option. Once you have done that then reinstall in the V3.0 client. That will probably roll you back to V3.0. I am not certain but if you are corned into a complete reinstall its worth trying first. Once you have reinstalled the V3.0 client, you could then do the upgrade to V3.1 properly by uninstalling the V3.0 client as per the LM instruction and then install just the V3.1 Client instead of doing a complete reinstall, addons and all! I Installed the V3.1 Client as per LM instructions only. I find that the pattern in the ocean water is getting more repetitive with each update.
  2. DutchAir

    Earth Simulations - A Tribute

    I cant even get the downloaded version of Isle of Manit to install into FSXSE and I am using ESI V2.5 which is supposed to be SE compatible.
  3. DutchAir

    737MAX is here!

    5 or 6 years from now :-)
  4. DutchAir

    Isle of Man - Installation?

    you all have them in the wrong order! Here is the correct order for Isle of Man in the scenery library. Straight from the horses mouth: https://earthsims.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/223083-isle-of-man-airports-have-stepped-runways-and-taxi
  5. DutchAir

    Very strange issue with P3D V3

    Is you system heavily overclocked? I have heard of system heavily overclocked acting weird with passage of time. If you are overclocked lead the default clock in your bios and see if the problem still persists.
  6. DutchAir

    Toronto In XP 10

    Yep definitely looks better at night. But its good for free.
  7. DutchAir

    Toronto In XP 10

    It look great would love to see some day time shots. That lighting on the roof of the skydome is a fail though :-\ Edit: The CN Tower is really well done. Do the light change colour? LOve to see some daytime screen shoots
  8. DutchAir

    Dash 8 pro released!

    Yes I got that email too but the problem is, I think I am a rank amateur so I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to fly the pro version or if I could tell the difference. I know how to turn it on. does that count?
  9. DutchAir

    There's no altitude sensation in P3D/FSX

    IMO that shot looks to be about FL350. It looks very realistic to me for a simulator! If that is dense cloud its absolutely fantastic. Otherwise its Antarctic or Arctic and likewise looks fantastic to me. Edit: Looking at your photo again, I find my self wondering are you playing games. I has so much nuance and detail I wonder if its a real photo? Second edit: I'll eat my hat if its not a real photo :-) but I cannot say if its ice or dense cloud :-)
  10. I seems to me that this post by SteveW fully explains the observation made by Rob and others pointing out the low VAS usage and higher FPS with HT=off with no AF compared to HT=on with no affinity Mask. He explains that VAS usage is Higher with more threads running made possible by HT. He also explains that without an affinity mask with HT on the first two P3D threads started will both be running on the same physical processor whereas with HT=off the first two threads started will be on separate physical processor, thus explaining the better performance with HT=off and No AF v's HT=on and No AF So the real question is which delivers better performance on your system? HT=off and no AF or HT=on and AF=x where X is determined by your particular CPU and the other applications you are running at the same time as P3D.
  11. DutchAir

    Do we still have Fsrecorder or not V3

    I have installed 1.331 in Prepar3D V3 I does work but not very well with the NGX. I need to play around with the setting a bit more. Regarding installing it FSRecorder don't waste your time with YouTube. Once you download V1.331 the is a readme in the download. Find the instructions for manual install in the readme. Its simple! Two steps. 1. Make a new folder in Prepar3D/Modules and call it FSRecoder. 2. from the downloaded file copy the .dll into the folder you just created. 3. Copy and paste the dll.xml edit to the dll.xml in the appdata/roaming/lockheed martin/prepar3d V3/dll.xml and correct the path as per your own files and names. There you done in two easy steps!
  12. If you don't use an Affinity Mask with HT=ON then you will likely see better performance with HT=off with no affinity mask! I think! However, I suspect that HT=on, on a quad core processor with an affinity mask=254 will yield better performance than HT=off with No affinity Mask. If I understand DX10 fixer Steve correctly that is :-)
  13. I am ready to install new cloud textures etc. in V3 and I'm in a quandry as to whether to install REX Essentials or REX4 Looking at the REX forum I see that REX Essentials already works fine in V3 and REX4 is in the hands of beta testers. To be honest although I really like the way that REX4 TD works I always found the patterns in the clouds so repetitive that it was painfully obvious and a real immersion killer. Although I am sure that patterns are repeated in clouds with REX Essentials too I never noticed. Just like in the real world :smile: I have wondered are those repetitive patterns the fault of Prepar3D or REX4 If I go with REX Essentials plus OD in Prepar3D will I see those annoying repetitions? Can I get comments from users who have tried both REX products in Prepar3D. Preferably V3 I already own both REX4 with soft clouds and REX Essentials plus OD.
  14. DutchAir

    35% Sale at MV for one week only!

    WHAT? That is music to my ears :smile: Since it only has an FSX installer are we allowed to install in P3DV3?