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  1. My finger keeps hovering over the 'buy' button of the FSL A320. I've still got xmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I'll keep an eye on how the update improves things.
  2. I use Win10. I have orbx, pmdg, captainsim, pro atc x, pilot2atc, pfpx, majestic, gsx, simplecam, pta, fsrealtime (I've probably forgotten something). No problems at all.
  3. This is a great video on how to do it: Start watching at 12 mins.
  4. I've had VNAV issues too. Once it sent me down at 6000 fpm (fun for the passengers!). Another time I disabled it while being vectored on approach. Held at 4000ft, set MCP to 2500ft (as per next FMC waypoint), engaged VNAV and...started to climb! I won't be using VNAV on descent/approach until the next patch comes out. It's probably the biggest flaw right now, but still a nice plane to have.
  5. If FSLabs knew that 4.2 was imminent (and they did know as they delayed releasing their A320 patch) then there's no excuse for other devs.
  6. I can live without DL. Active Sky has an update out. But no SimpleCam is a real PITA.
  7. Did all that. No improvement. No dynamic lighting is double FPS compared to dynamic lighting activated. Disappointing, but I can live with it.
  8. Just loaded up the PMDG 737 at EGCC at dusk. Dynamic lighting performance is no better than 4.1. Also unhappy that PTA, ActiveSky and SimpleCam aren't working with 4.2. Will revert to 4.1 until everyone catches up.
  9. I think you mean m, not cm, for mesh resolution. Bert is correct for Orbx, but I have issues at 5m with some airports (possibly due to FreemeshX). Setting to 10m or 1m overcomes these issues. I don’t notice any performance impact as settings change.
  10. If its only happening with the PMDG 747, you'd be better off posting in their forum where the PMDG team hang out.
  11. I don't think there's been anything official, but from their webpage: "The first member of the family is the 757-2PW BASE PACK" which implies there will be more to come. They did the 300 and freighter for the old 757, so I reckon they'll happen sometime (soon hopefully as I quite like freight ops).
  12. PTA allows you to alter the shaders in P3D. REX is a set of textures (for ground and weather). They are both quite different and can be used together. Neither are needed as such. I use PTA but not REX. Have a look at this PTA vid. And there's a big thread on weather here.
  13. I tried at 1m and it's the same as 10m. Wierd that 5m causes the problem. (And apologies for taking this thread so far off-topic).
  14. So the first time mesh was 5m. I flew the same flight at 10m and things were better, but I did notice the altitude announcement went 50, 30, 20, 10 so it skipped the 40 callout. [edit] I'm using FreeMeshX USA if that's relevant.
  15. And it's just happened again at KBOS 33L in the PMDG 737-800W NGX. Scenery issue perhaps?
  16. Mesh is 5m as per Orbx documentation.
  17. I should have been clearer. On average I get 35 and up in the NGX, so that puts the CS757 at a low of about 25, again on average. That's fine for me. Of course in heavy cloud and near a busy city airport, that goes down, maybe to 20-25 for the NGX (sometimes less), but I'd say that the 757 doesn't go down to 10-15 in a similar situation. It's probably closer to the NGX. It's all rather meaningless and generally I stopped playing the FPS game years ago. It's good for setting up and dialing in settings, but that's all. If its 20 and smooth that's better than 30 and stuttery. I'm not paying all this money to watch some red digits top-left! If I toned down my settings I'd get better frames. Eg, I run 11 cloud layers in ASP, which is way too high really, but my system can handle it and I like the visuals, even if frames are hovering above 20. I just have to accept that somewhere like EGLL will hurt frames (unless I really lower sliders) and I don't even think of flying there at dawn/dusk (which can cripple even a top-end system, from what I've read). So, again, on average, frames are lower with the 757, but not by so much as it's a big deal. I'd say hold off buying for now. See what improvements are made and keep an eye on this thread.
  18. On average, I'd say 8-10 less, but nothing to complain about really. My system is a bit old (3770@4.5, GTX970) and I do like to push sliders to the right, along with Orbx, ASP+ASCA & PTA. I don't mind dropping into the high teens of FPS, but that usually only happens at places like EGLL and with heavy cloud. I don't know if the CS757 needs optimisation, or whether it's just a demanding aircraft. I plan on getting the PMDG 747 or 777 soon. I expect them to be more resource hungry than the NGX. The more I fly the CS757, the more I like it. I don't regret my purchase and it's nice to have a plane I'm familiar with in both P3D and XP11.
  19. Yes! Just like you described. I've never encountered it before, either in the PMDG 737, or the Majestic Dash8 (the only other aircraft I have). I'm on P3D 4.1.
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