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  1. 😂😂 I promise all this and I also promise that I will answer my fiancé’s calls and not ignore her during my time with the sim (biggest lie ever).
  2. Don’t be so grumpy. Life’s too short. Be happy.
  3. Maybe you misunderstood me but I was just trying to lift your spirits😀
  4. Honestly, everything they put out is WOW. This is the simulator we all deserve.
  5. Another negative human, don't quote me on this but i think they did mention everyone will eventually get in.
  6. Let’s all send our positive energy to the flight sim HQ 😂 repeat after me guys “we will all get into the tech alpha” Don’t worry about the negative volts just be positive!
  7. And you keep being negative I’m sure you’ll live a happy person 😂 Everything is what it is, but with that outlook all I see is misery 😁 oh and if we are talking from experience I started a logistics company at the age of 22 and at the age of 28 I’ve managed to build a great company all thanks to my positivity. Oh and I’m speaking from experience. If positivity wasn’t anything most business owners would’ve quit after the first 12 months. It pays to be positive wether it’s real life sh*t or a beta access link. Be happy chap
  8. I agree, I’m a firm believer that the energy you put out into the world is what you will receive in return.
  9. From what i know, the quality of the scenery will depend on the quality of your connection. In saying that, i'm sure some areas will outshine others depending on available data.
  10. I woke up today for work because bills.
  11. Personally I think PMDG and Microsoft/Asobo have an agreement where the NG3 737 for MSFS2020 Is exclusive and Asobo won’t make one for the exclusivity. Just my personal take on it..
  12. But didn’t the consumer choose to buy it for their own satisfaction and enjoyment ?
  13. Ok but that is your opinion, in their opinion they are contributing by expressing their feelings... who is anyone to say its right or wrong. Why is your way the right way? I personally believe anyone can make a statement in their own perspective of what is contributing and what isn't. Also who is anyone to "police" other peoples opinions. And it might sound rude because i'm typing this, it would come across more friendly if it were face to face. I think we should all just chill and let everyone say what they need to say no matter how annoying it is to you... you might just be as annoying to them. Peace
  14. I think everyone is entitled to express their intentions relating flight sim... these are flight sim forums and they are flight sim news. Its called general flight sim discussion and thats what we are here for. No need to get annoyed by it.
  15. I agree! A hobby can be expensive and I've never had an issue on paying money for addons if i felt that it was going to make me happier. If i could afford it i bought it, if i couldnt i held out for a little then bought it later.
  16. Have you seen the most recent video? Personally the night time lighting I saw in the most recent video... no other sim comes even close.
  17. Thank you very much for your reply. I look forward to an update in the future. Great stuff! Ridvan Celik
  18. Hi guys, this is one of my all time favorite packages to add into the sim.. However I've always had this strange problem with lines going through the wakes but never bothered asking. Any ideas/solutions? P3D 4.5 And to help the lines are only visible from far.. mip mapping issue maybe ?
  19. I sort of agree with the OP, in my personal opinion, i think some companies have been in the works with the new sim for a while now. I could be very wrong also. I just get the hunch that some of these "Secret projects" companies have been hinting out at could be to do with this sim. We will find out in a year or so maybe earlier. Maybe not day one but very soon after.
  20. Yes i totally agree with this. Its looking like they've fixed this... i personally think its one of the most important things in a flight sim.
  21. It looks amazing! I just couldnt see any street lights in the videos ? probably because its the pre alpha they had access to.
  22. Looks like my wish of city lights illuminating the clouds has also been granted. WOOO!!
  23. Would love to have the clouds light up from dense city lights.. night approaches will never be the same.
  24. The city lights illuminating the low clouds will be a nice and realistic addition!
  25. Hi Umut, If i'm correct you speak Turkish so if you have anything you need to explain further just send me a msg and ill translate it the best i can into English for you. I have a Turkish background but born here in Sydney Australia so i might be able to help you out 😂 Regards
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