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Do you know anyone who never got married?

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I'm 44, married with two young daughters. My wife is my best friend but boy do we have "ups and downs" sometimes. As someone else said you get out what you put in and I have to admit there are times when my input is much less than it should be. I am, however, truly enhanced by being part of a family unit, I'm much too gregarious to go it alone.


To the original poster I spent a lot of my twenties fretting over failed and non existent relationships, I look back now and realize it was all a waste of good energy. I would also suggest hobbies that involve groups of people as opposed to singular pastimes. Flight simming, plane spotting etc is great fun if that's what your into but these are singular hobbies more suited to "downtime and relaxation" as opposed to a way of life. Of course this my opinion, I'm not dictating to anyone.


I wish you luck.

Anthony O'Brien




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Many thanks for the replies.


Pierre, I know you're pretty near me, so happy to meet up for a coffee or something and talk planes/whatever :smile:


Many thanks for the offer. It might be nice to meet a fellow flightsimmer in real life as I don't think I've ever met one. I think I might start hanging out under the threshold for 26L or 8R in the near future!


Many thanks,



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I may be a nerd, but I'm very handsome. Just ask my mom.




I was away a few days and just say this one now....Good one mate.




Don't worry and obsess about it, it will eventually consume your life if you do.


I thought I was going to be alone for a long while. Then the women started falling like ripe fruit from trees when I just acted like myself. Just be yourself and don't try so hard.


Very True

Matthew Kane


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.. However is there a trick to being an older guy living on his own and not losing your mind!


I'd go bananas if i WAS married..:)

I'm well over 50 yrs old and never did marry; came close a couple of times but regained my senses just in time and managed to talk my way out because I couldn't stand the thought of becoming a family man with wife and noisy kids.

I had ladyfriends now and again of course, but nothing ever deep or serious, and we soon split up.

Fact is, I ENJOY being on my own, I'm king of my apartment and can come and go as i please, eat, sleep and get up when I want with no distractions, and spend my money on whatever I want, you can't beat it..:)

If it's company you want, get a pet dog or cat, and if you live on a farm get a horse!

"I never knew a woman who was half as reliable as a horse"- John Wayne


And remember, women have a habit of changing after marriage and with time..;)






















Ah women, there's nothing they wouldn't do for you, or to you...;)


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No! Not Kate Upton she would look good forever....







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I got married for the first and only time at 39 (to a woman of the same age) and we had a child at 43. So, "over the hill" is a relative thing. Don't consider yourself "too old" at any point.


I'd have to say that the "security" of marriage isn't what it's cracked up to be. I would say that my "circle of friends" now is smaller than it used to be when I was single. Too many of my "friends" now are the husbands of my wife's friends. They are friends of convenience, not choice.


I've got a friend who's 58 and has been through 2 divorces. He claims to be happier now than he's ever been. From the time I spend with him, I couldn't dispute that.


The greatest happiness and the most satisfaction in my life, though, comes from raising our daughter and seeing her grow to be the fine young woman that she's become. Had I never married, that is the one thing I would never have known.

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Apart from the fact that I never married because I simply never wanted to be a family man, I was also chronically shy with women for many years, plus I was never a socialiser (hated pubs and bars etc) so I simply never met anybody anyway.Tried going with a hooker or two in my younger days but didn't like the lack of warmth so soon gave them up.

On top of all that, i was always ultra-fussy and if I didn't like the look of a dame (eg too much makeup, hideous short hair, terrible dress sense, no brains, a smoker etc),i'd avoid them like the plague!

I'm still forlornly looking though, somebody like Nurse Chappel would be fine, see how tender and caring she is towards the ailing Spock even though he don't want her, huh there's Vulcans for you..



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I got grabbed the old fashioned way...


Walking along minding my business... Then this woman with a rope jumps at me from a tree....


It was a wild time, but I am free again and keeping a wary eye on nearby trees that have been rustling suspiciously.

Just Flight Beta Tester
We are all connected..... To each other, biologically...... To the Earth, chemically...... To the rest of the Universe atomically.
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I'm still forlornly looking though, somebody like Nurse Chappel would be fine, see how tender and caring she is towards the ailing Spock even though he don't want her, huh there's Vulcans for you..


RIP, Majel Barrett. She also played Deanna Troi's mother on Next Generation, and was the wife of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.


As for Vulcans, they have something called the Pon farr, when they must mate or die. The rest of the time, they are very logical.

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Yes, me.


When I was younger, I was consumed with getting married, having kids, etc., etc. It had a major impact on my life and my career. At 54, the whole thing now seems rather silly to me. I really don't think I missed anything.


Of course, it does not help that I practiced law for 25 years and saw more crappy and unhappy relationships than I care to count. I came to the conclusion that people get married for silly reasons and divorced for equallly silly reaons. I have seen plenty of unhappy married people, and many unhappy divorced people; marriage is not a road which leads to happiness or a better life.


I have friends tell me, in moments of candor that having kids was the least rewarding thing they ever did. Many of them recount the problems their kids have caused them and seldom discuss any enjoyment they have received from their kids. It's only after the kids have left the nest that they will wax nostalgic about it.


At some point, usually in your mid-40s, you will get "the blessing": the passionate desire for having a relationship will end. If you don't have one, you will stop looking. If you do have one, you realize that it is just too much trouble to end it.

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You didn't mention your age. 30 would seem old to a 20 year old! I'm 76 and have just begun (in my mind). I was married for 9 years and 10 months, 2 kids, ended in divorce. That was 1970 and I swore to myself I'd never put myself into that position again. I had a great single life. Lots of friends and lady friends, but none I'd want to live with. Had a good job. Had many hobbies. Learned to fly and performed in a number of air shows (60's thru 70's). Built a Benson gyrocopter and had the time of my life. It was a great single life. As I was getting older, my daughter once asked me if I intended to live alone even after I retire. I don't remember how I answered her, but it put a seed into my head. I had been spending quite a bit of time in Asia and had many friends there. I happened to mention the thought to one of them and I was given a list of over 20 names, all young ladies I knew. It took a couple more years of thinking, but eventually picked one and tried again. It lasted only 5 months. It was a bad pick but even so, I enjoyed having the company. So as soon as I was free of that one, I returned and found another. This one has lasted 10 years and I couldn't be happier.


Moral of this story is to learn to enjoy your life as it is, but keep a door open for changes. You may or may not find something better on the other side. It's better to be able to say that you've loved and lost rather than to have never loved at all! No risk, no gain! Happy flying....

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..As for Vulcans, they have something called the Pon farr, when they must mate or die. The rest of the time, they are very logical.



Yeah, that Chappel/Spock screenshot is from the 'Amok Time' episode where Spock is feeling down because he hasn't got a girlfriend and has gone half-insane with loneliness (we guys know how he feels) and is obsessed with getting back to Vulcan to mate. In one scene (below) he's even considering knifing Kirk and taking over the Enterprise to fly to Vulcan, that's how far gone he is..



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My girlfriend never got married. Thats kind of common here though.

Although 13 years together with a 10 year old son feels the same.

I was married once for 13 years.



Dave Opper

HiFi Support Manager


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