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Prepar3d V2.0 entering beta

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Now, on to the big boy discussion... If you are not privy to NDA material or the V2 itself, then my question is simple really; how do you know enough  about this release to form an opinion? Why are you so distinctly negative about it and then, as a result, being so publicly a "debbie downer" in this forum? Are you telling us that your opinions are no more than conjecture? I am not pro or con with P3D V2; I know nothing about it, and have absolutely no basis from which to make judgements about it. So, what is it; do you have information on V2 to substantiate your concerns, or are you simply expressing an opinion that that has no basis in fact?


He wasn't being negative anywhere. All he did was advise other people to wait for reviews because nobody has any idea what Prepar3D 2.0 is going to be like. It might be a proper sequel to FSX, it might fall short of expectations. I agree with what he said, and I think it's silly to buy expensive hardware in preparation of something completely unknown. What if those people who bought GTX 780s and GTX Titans feel disappointed with what the product turns out to be?


Everyone, just wait for reviews. Then you'll see if it's worth buying $1k hardware to enjoy that product (and you might need much more than that to max it out).

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The more I read, the more I see a hidden agenda from a select few here at AVSIM. Since its not FS9 and/or FSX that's the competitor to P3D, the only option left (IMO) is X-Plane.


Since others have given advise on what to do when P3D 2.0 is released, I'll give mine.  Take what EVERYONE says (including myself) with a grain of salt.


I will say this, I HAVE BEEN USING P3D since day one. I am not speaking about a product I did not purchase nor use, I use P3D on a daily basis. L/M have made tremendous strides in getting their P3D software stable. It is better than FSX on my system, that's a fact. No-one told me how good/bad P3D is or isn't, I've seen the results for myself. You don't have to believe me, and personally (sorry guys and gals) I could care less if you do or don't. The bottom line is this, I'm seeing better performance and stability from P3D, with higher settings than FSX..... and for me, that's all that matters. Couple that with all the FSX addons that I have been able to carry over to P3D, saving me hundreds and hundreds of dollars makes the move to P3D an easy decision for me.


So....... Wait, don't wait. The choice is yours. Just keep one thing in mind, individuals here have a vested interest (myself included) in the simulator of their choice, as well as trying to bring as many end users and developers onto their simulator platform as they can.


As far as cranking up the sliders and getting 10fps as was stated here, What do you expect?. Try that with FSX and you'll see the same. The only difference with P3D 2.0, you will be able to take advantage of the hardware that is available to the general public to be used with P3D, You can't utilize todays state of the art hardware with FSX.


As for X-Plane, I tried X-Plane 10, 1. don't like it, 2. it does not recognize my expensive hardware. I plan on selling it A.S.A.P.

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Maybe this discussion about performance and the impact of the GPU may lead to a decision of LM:


Why not limiting the new features in a first release? If the full program is developed to (later) perform well on two Titan in SLI (or higher) then why not limiting the eye-candy features (like cloud shadows, etc) for 2.0? They can be released in two years in 2.1 or 2.2 when we all have upgraded our hardware and are happy users of (at least) one Titan. Maybe this is one reason for a beta test?


Having said this: We also have to bear in mind that P3D is (also/primarily) intended to be used by professional flight-simulation-providers. It is a smart decision of LM to give them the possibility to max out the settings by choosing one (or later: two) Titan GPU if money is not of that big relevance. In case you build up a professional fixed-base-simulator that costs you 50,000+ USD than the price of one (or two) Titan is not the big deal. And given the speed with which the prices drop in two years a GTX 780 will be standard anyway.


Beside this I would be disappointed if 2.0 could be handled at 30 fps at any airport in clouds at full settings by my 2600K @4.4 Ghz and the GTX460 (1GB) that I am running. But hopefully a 670/770 will help for the first time and can be accompanied by another one later once SLI is implemented.


Just my two cents!



Why would they do that? You can just turn the new features off in the options menu. 

He wasn't being negative anywhere. All he did was advise other people to wait for reviews because nobody has any idea what Prepar3D 2.0 is going to be like. It might be a proper sequel to FSX, it might fall short of expectations. 


You and alain, in all your "concern" realize they have a 30 day refund policy right?


People can buy it on day one and if they don't like it just return it. 

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Folks, I am locking this thread. There have been some things posted here that violate LM's NDA and it is not going to continue. I find it very unfortunate that some would either violate their NDA or encourage and quote from others that would. Just to remind everyone; here is our Terms of Service policy on the mater:



BETA Testers: If you agree to be a BETA Tester for a commercial entity, your status and use of AVSIM changes. You are not permitted to post images of the product you are BETA testing. You are not permitted to reveal or communicate details of the product you are testing. You are not permitted to be a "proxy" for the commercial vendor. Only after it has been publicly announced that BETA testing is over can you post images, discuss the product and answer questions from other users.


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