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Q_Flyer's P3D 2.0 settings - for ATI

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Howard (Rockcliffe) suggested that as I am getting great performance and results from P3D 2.0, I might share my settings in the hope that they may work for others.


I offer these as merely "one man's settings" ; I have never believed in "FS Bibles" or the guru's that they are attributed to :wink: so these settings may do nothing on your system, but hopefully someone may find them of some use.


In any event, these relate solely to ATI graphics cards  (I use a HD 7850 2 GB)




Prepar3D.cfg tweaks


Yes, I have some tweaks in the CFG.    Specifically, the Affinity Mask one prevents some CTDs that were occuring before it was added.     UPPER_FRAME_RATE_LIMIT=0 is of course not a tweak, but it is ultra important for P3D2, so I'm including it here! :smile:




The Affinity Mask setting here is for an 8 thread CPU, where the first thread is not used, and the other 7 are used, and HT is ON and being utilized by this value.    (typically this is good for an i7 2600k with HT on).


ATI Catalyst Control Centre


The CCC driver is not being used in my set up, because I am using RadeonPro (see below), so essentially the CCC should be set to 'default' in all areas, and should look something like this :-








The key settings in RadeonPro for me, are (i) that the AA and AF are 'overriding' the application (much better performance) and that the vsync is enabled at the fundamental driver level;  that means it's turned on in the 'Tweaks' page of RadeonPro, not in the 'Visuals' page. (See below).


VERY IMPORTANT:    Make sure you have enabled the "Dynamic Frame Control" in the Tweaks page, and I recommend setting it to 30 or 34 (see which works best for you).   EQUALLY IMPORTANT:   .....that the internal frame rate slider in P3D2 is set to 'Unlimited'















P3D Settings


Important factors here are;  Shadows are beautiful but at anything other than lower levels, do eat FPS.  Even set at 'low' the VC shadows are stunning!!! ....... Just enjoy what you have, and don't get stressed out trying to always reach higher levels...... and then starting to suffer poor performance, CTDs or OOMs.        MAKE SURE THE FRAME RATE SLIDER IS SET TO UNLIMITED !!!!!


These are 'average' settings for me.    If I am flying a 'light' addon like a steam-gauged Carenado, I will increase settings.  If I am flying a complex airliner, I will perhaps drop the odd setting, but not a lot.



















  • TrackIR running at HIGH PRIORITY
  • I use GAME BOOSTER to close unnecessary programs
  • I use CCleaner to clear temporary PC files and other 'crap'
  • I use Defraggler once per week, to keep my HD degragmented
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Good work :)


Although I've tried the obvious BUFFERPOOLS etc it was simply to satisfy my curiosity. I very quickly have gone back to a default config as I wanted to understand what each setting did. I'm their now and am so enjoying having a fast fluid sim compared to what I had been accustomed too.


My P3D settings are very similar to yours with just a few small differences. It's bloody great ain't it? :)


I've also tried using the FPS limiter in RadeonPro but abandoned it on my system. All good stuff though because not all systems are the same.

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Dave, great post.  You and I seem to think alike in terms of settings and use of Gamebooster, CCleaner, Defraggler etc.  I run the same .cfg settings, minus the affinitymask as I find it does nothing on my system in FSX or P3D.  I use RadeonPro for all the driver settings and fo its included frame limiter.  I've been getting fantastic performance even with my older 2GB 6970 (but then again, I've had great performance in P3D since v1.0...)  Going to upgrade to a R9 soon and am eagerly awaiting more P3Dv2 ready addons!




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Excellent, sounds like your experiance is very similar to mine.   Happy days!    Yes, I find Game Booster really makes a difference.

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Why not use a higher anisotropic filtering value? Anisotropic filtering is practically free on today's GPUs and makes distant textures look much better. Even low-end cards are fine with 8x, yours should handle 16x without a hitch.  :wink:

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Why not use a higher anisotropic filtering value? Anisotropic filtering is practically free on today's GPUs and makes distant textures look much better. Even low-end cards are fine with 8x, yours should handle 16x without a hitch.  :wink:


Good question.


But the answer on my system is because higher values make absolutely no visual difference in the sim.  Even at that lower AF value, the visual effect looks more like a higher value,   So it's a case of why set it to a higher value when a lower one seems to give the same result.  :smile:

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So you have basically disabled or minimized all the bells and whistles that LM offered us. If you are not pegging 60fps with those settings then we can all go back to FSX.


I am running an Nvidia card, but I will be giving the good ol' AF, TBM, and FFTF tweaks a shot. Thanks.

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I tried to use your settings for Prepar3d V2 - and radeon pro but I am having issues with ATI Cross fire 2X Asus 6850's? I am getting CTD's or Blue screen. Not crossfire supported maybe?

any help would be appreciated. BTW if I disable RPro Prepar3d V2 loads. 


Computer Specs:

Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit ASUS Crosshair V Formula AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Gaming Motherboard AMD 2xRadeon HD 6800 Series  (ATI Infinity) 1-1920x1080-36"1-1920x1080-Touch 1-1600x900 -20" Plan "g" Readout 16Gig DDR3 Ram Corsair H-80 Liquid cooling Mad Catz R.A.T 7 Mouse Logitech G-15 Keyboard Saitek Pro-Flight Yoke system Saitek Cyborg X Joystick Saitek Combat Rudders 
Saitek Multipanel Saitek Radio- Panel Saitek Switch-Panel Logitech G- 930 7.1 Wireless Headphones Logitech 5.1 surround sound Samsung 8.0 Tablet WD Caviar 1TB x3 Corsair TX850PSU.

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One more Question Q_Flyer did you uninstall CCC? or just set it to default? BTW I saw on the forum about Crossfire not being available until V 2.1 (I pulled the card) But just with 1 card Prepar3d v2 still doesn't want to load for some reason? I do have Radeon Pro set to 32/64 also. Prepar3d v2 still loads correctly if I exit out of RP.

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You should try putting Tesselation in Radeonpro on "Application Controls" instead of "AMD Optimized".

AMD optimized is rather a large amount slower than applic control actually.

And then in Prepar3D set Tesselation on 64 or lower, only NvidiaCards should be reasonably fast above 64.


(Certainly DONT set the Tesselation slider to cap at 2x-64x in radeonPro since that ruines the scenery, makes holes in the wireframe)


btw i found "Lens Flare" (Settings-Lighting) to have a rather extreme effect on FPS for something that hardly makes a significant visual difference , so i turned it off.


These two settings made me able to run the other sliders a bit higher again.

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Thanks for the Aniso suggestion btw.


Setting 8x in Radeonpro and Trilinear in Prepar3D gained me another 6 FPS with no noticeable difference in looks.

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Thanks for posting this , glad we have a guide to start with.

I'm saving penny's to build new system , but in the mean time. i'm using an old 5870 ati, now with all those settings you are using my system wont really handle it.

P3d looks great with your settings but will hang/freeze within 5-10mins. Is there anything specific in your settings that would do this or is it a combination of all of them.

Any help would be great 



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FYI, Riche:


Q_flyer has been banned. (All of his UIDs! :rolleyes:)


But I am quite sure he is still around here, somewhere, somehow. Just like AlainN1's Olga that turned up the other day and cleverly steered a good thread southwards to a lock.  :lol:  :lol:

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