Improved lightning effect P3D4

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Very nice indeed. Huge improvement.


The big question - is there a performance hit?

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Yup, that's a big improvement and far more realistic. Lightning at night, whenever I've watched it, is so bright on the terrain that you can actually see the green colour of grass a very long way off, even on a very dark night, which is certainly occurring with that modification.

That's the sort of improvement I think we've got every right to expect with new iterations of 64 bit sims. It never ceases to amaze me that flight simulator developers will bang on about something like putting a rain effect on windscreens or whatever, like they've just invented sliced bread or something. Rain and snow on the windshield you say? And dynamic lighting too you say? Oh, you mean like every PC-based train, truck, car, or boat simulator made in the past ten years has had from the moment it was released? :laugh:

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So this only works with dynamic lighting enabled?

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Great, thanks for posting.


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