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31 minutes ago, Zimmerbz said:

Can anyone tell me if these work well in 4.1?  Thanks. 

Can confirm the FT Tampa works in P3D v4 using the latest installer and the patch files from the link that AnkH posted.

Don't forget to delete the PAPI files as per instructions from FT.


Kind regards

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1 hour ago, Colin Ware said:

No need to be unkind.  

Careful AnkH, Colin the hall monitor is here.

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3 hours ago, Colin Ware said:

No need to be unkind.  

No, it would have been unkind without not delivering the answer nevertheless :-)

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I have KBUF and I really like it. It's not a massive airport so it's great on frames and the level of detail is spot on. The fountains at the entrance are a nice touch too.

I use it sometimes as a stopover/alternate instead of CYYZ when the weather is really bad and I'm flying the heavies at night... which can make my system struggle a little. Also much less of a queue at the active :smile: 

No problems with 4.1, no native installers as of yet, just follow what has already been mentioned.


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