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Bear with me - I'm still setting my new X plane installation up - but I thought I'd share some of the screenies I took on a recent flight around Dublin :)


The first three pics are "real world", that I took while the South African registered Aer Lingus came for a spin over my place back in Summer. I can't find out where she ended up, but only a couple of weeks after arriving in Ireland she appears to have made her way over to the continent. No idea when she'll be back in Irish skies...






But luckily enough I can at least take the virtual version for a spin :)


Dun Laoghaire harbour in the background and Coliemore harbour just below the nose




The Sugarloaf on the right, with Kilmacanoge just at the edge of the picture



Heading back north with Killiney Hill ahead



I live pretty much exactly at the position light of the left-hand wingtip



Dublin port with the iconic Poolbeg Stacks in the background





Arriving at EIDW Dublin, runway 34



And parked at the gate







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Waaaaaay too nice!  You put my pictures to shame!

Love the DC3 and the way it transformed aviation.  It saved the WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker's life.  If you ever want to read a good aviation story, read his autobiography, Rickenbacker.  I got my copy from my father, then handed it over to my brother.  Some did not like Eddie Rickenbacker because of his concern for the Germans.  He was very angry with the treaty of Versailles and felt it led to WWII, it humiliated the country and caused utter ruin in the country.  I feel that's why the U.S. expressed so much regret after WWII and rebuilt the country.  Now the country has strict anti-semitism laws, if you make a word not allowed gesture it is a huge offense.  I find the country and the people I have met there very appreciative of our efforts to rebuild the country and build up the partnership between them and France.  I feel Britain left the EU more for currency reasons than political ones, it is a multicultural, multi-faceted country.  I found their police incredibly caring during my visit there this May/June, all over Europe I felt the benevolence of the police presence there, even in light of the terror attacks.  They made security very unobtrusive, I found that out when I went to the Eiffel Tower.  If you had trouble with your belongings they'd just wait with the patience of a saint, even towards the Muslims I saw there.  We in the States could learn a thing or two about European security although I feel the TSA has it down pat and US customs, from my experiences with them.  I had to be treated at a mental facility for severe depression and I was still allowed in and out of the US.  I went into that state after my brothers, father and mother passed on.  I think that is what led to my diabetes.

And Mods, if I am hijacking this thread, please delete my post.  I just want to express my appreciation for those who survived the war that family on both sides fought in.


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Excellent pictures. You are making me homesick! I must pick up that DC 3. It looks great in the Aer Lingus livery.

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