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Graveyard Video

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Great video Robert.  I've seen a lot of them about aircraft graveyards but this one was a bit different.

Our airport here in Roswell New Mexico is also an airliner graveyard.  It had been for 20 years or more.  About a dozen years ago they asked permission from the FAA to close one of the three runways for more parking space.

Most of these aircraft have cycled out and will never fly again.  They are stripped of everything saleable and then left for scrap.

A number of years ago when I was with the Roswell Little Theater the theater president and I went to one of the salvagers looking for seats to refurbish the theater.   The owner took us out to a B747 that had been scrapped out and we entered the aircraft via a ladder in the nose wheel well.  One inside, with everything removed; no bulkheads, no wall trim, it was just an enormous empty cavern.  It looked a lot larger to me there than it did standing outside and looking at it.  And quite ugly as a matter of fact.

Our here in the west the Arapahoe Indians have a saying...only the rocks live forever.


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That was an interesting video. Also good was the next in queue on the history of Pan American Airlines.

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Lovely video. They did a nice job on the commentary and the music; I got a bit emotional.:blush:

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3 hours ago, odourboy said:

Dropped pin
Near Victorville, CA, USA

That one still gets me. I finished my last two years of high school in Victorville and at the time that was George AFB, home of the F-4 Wild Weasel squadron and also the base of my C.A.P. squadron. I spend a fair amount of time on that base, did some desert survival training there and got to fly the F-4 sim a few times.

I also did the majority of my flight training at Apple Valley airport but it didn’t have an ILS, so we got to practice ILS approaches at George AFB once in a while.

I still remeber when it was announced it was on the list of AFB closures and would become the SoCal Logistics airport/bone yard.

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Posted (edited)

I got to / had to drop an aircraft off at the graveyard in Arizona here. Quite an experience.

As I reflect on that day, I remember how sad it all was. Putting a trusty friend out to pasture was unpleasant.

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