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Prepar3D v5 Released

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I´m really impressed by V5. It is so smooth, even with Majestic Dash, ORBX, Big City (Paris) and Addon Airport I have minimum 40fps with sliders to the right on a 4k Monitor. Never had that with P3D V4. 😃

  • I7 8700k
  • Gigabyte RTX 2080TI 11gb
  • 16 GB of RAM

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1 hour ago, rlashier said:

Just installed v5 on my system that includes a 4790K cpu, Windows 10, and a GEFORCE GTX1070 video card. The install was successful, but upon starting the sim for the first time, and after the install of the scenery objects database, I received an error message the “the device Ge Force GTX1070 has stopped working.” The message then gave options of not rendering with this device, or, to continue. But the sim crashed to desktop a few seconds later. I then installed the newest display driver (445.87) but got the very same result. 

Anyone on the forum get this error or know a fix? This system runs v4.5 very well, and the GTX 1070 card is DX12 compatible. Appreciate any tips. 


I'd be interested in your performance once you sort out the issue you have because I have the same CPU as you.

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Still trying to sort it out, but once resolved, I will let you know!

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CW Burnett,

You were spot on that avoiding the scenario screen might allow the app to run. Problem is, when I reject the default scenario and attempt another scenario, the scenario screen tries to load and then crashes to desktop as before. 

At least, we have isolated the issue to the load scenario screen, but I’m still not sure how to get past this roadblock. 



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7 hours ago, roland_lfor said:

I've just copy the whole \SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\ folder to the the one in v5.

The only stuff not working I see is the dome light,I don't care this one :smile:

I was all excited, I just tried this, but upon loading the aircraft I CTD. 😞

5800X3D | Radeon RX 6900XT

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Haha wow. Using the built in flight planner to go to Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada (CYQY), and uh it tries to plot a route to Sydney, Australia. It shows the right airport when selecting the destination, but plotting goes to Australia. Only happens when setting it as a destination, doing it as the Departure airport works fine.



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I'm really amazed by the new features of V5. The graphics, especially the shaders were improved a lot. Everything which has to do with light and shadows looks better now. The performance has also improved - there are still some micro stutters, but the fps are a lot more stable now, and I can select higher settings without loosing fps or getting stutters or blurries. I have no VRam problems so far (8GB, WQHD, MSAA). Now I'm awaiting the releases of the major plane and airport addons to see how they perform.

best regards, Mathias

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Despite my droning on and on about never upgrading to V5, curiosity got the best of me and I shelled out $70 including the cost of upgrading to FSUIPC6. The first things that I did were to turn off TrueSky and make sure that:



Then I installed all my ORBX stuff, TrackIR, the RealAir TD and all my Flightbeam airports. Guess what? Everything works fine. No stutters and a solid 30 FPS @ 4K with the same settings that I use in P3d4. REX Skyforce even works for weather although I normally use ASP4. I can't say that the V5 performance is improved but that's only because with the NCP frame limiter I was able to get 30 FPS in V4 also. And no short frames at all in V5. The GPU (2080 super) and my not so great CPU (i7-6700) seemed nicely balanced across all CPU cores. And my VRAM usage was never above the low 4s. Switch to TrueSky and it jumps to 5.8 with same settings. This is all with 10% road traffic, 10% boats and default AI traffic set at 30%. AIG stuff does work in V5 but the developers say to hold off while they test. 

I'll continue to wait for HiFi, REX, A2A and RXP to come online with specific V5 installers. And hold out hope that VOXATC can be made to work in P3d5.

An unscientific assessment but not a disaster as some comments here have led me to believe.

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You can already take advantage of A2A aircraft if you wish.
Just think about disabling the Winshield.dll contained in the Gauges folder.

I have just made a flight with the Bonanza, I can make the same remarks as you concerning P3Dv5, a true happiness, I do not have any more pauses at the approach of an airport, the FPS are stable, we can see far. I'm waiting to see what will happen with FSL...

One question, as EZCA is not updated yet, I don't remember how to connect TrackIR with P3Dv5?:laugh: Please, can you help me.




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Richard Portier

MAXIMUS VI FORMULA|Intel® Core i7-4770K Oc@4.50GHz x8|NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti|M16GB DDR3|Windows10 Pro 64|P3Dv5|AFS2|TrackIr5|Saitek ProFlight Yoke + Quadrant + Rudder Pedal|Thrustmaster Warthog A10|

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Just install the two legacy SimConnect dlls that are in the P3d5 redist folder (RTM and SP2). One of those works. And make sure that if the TIR exec is run in admin mode that the P3d5 exe is also.

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21 hours ago, roland_lfor said:

About autogen popping it's like with v4 I think: if you exceed your rig capablities of course you'll see blurries and autgen popping because thye will be loading too late.

I agree on i), autogen in 5.0 is popping in the same way it did in 4.x.

I disagree on ii). According to my observations, autogen popping is not performance-related. If it were, I could shift some not autogen-related sliders to the left to get headroom for removing autogen popping, but this doesn't work. What I (and many others) observe instead is autogen popping always to set in if you shift the autogen distance slider above "Medium", independent on hardware, and this is certainly built in by purpose. Not even the autogen density sliders have any influence on popping, it's only the distance slider. I've done a lot of tests on this in 4.x including making video clips for the Prepar3d forum.  

I really was in hope LM would resolve this, but no, they didn't.

Blurries are another story and I agree most of them (albeit not all) are performance-related.

Kind regards, Michael 

MSFS, Beta tester of Simdocks, SPAD.neXt, and FS-FlightControl

Intel i7-13700K / AsRock Z790 / Crucial 32 GB DDR 5 / ASUS RTX 4080OC 16GB / BeQuiet ATX 1000W / WD m.2 NVMe 2TB (System) / WD m.2 NVMe 4 TB (MSFS) / WD HDD 10 TB / XTOP+Saitek hardware panel /  LG 34UM95 3440 x 1440  / HP Reverb 1 (2160x2160 per eye) / Win 11

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Good to hear about success with real air, those are the ones I was most worried about given they are dead products.  I’m thinking I’ll install those so I have something non-default to fly around in (given that there are no updated installers coming) and wait on A2A for the proper installers.


Current System (Running at 4k): ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-F, Ryzen 7800X3D, RTX 4080, 55" Samsung Q80T, 32GB DDR5 6000 RAM, EVGA CLC 280mm AIO Cooler, HP Reverb G2, Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS & Stick, Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant & Add-on, VirtualFly Ruddo+, TQ6+ and Yoko+, GoFlight MCP-PRO and EFIS, Skalarki FCU and MCDU

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Good news! The video card not working error message and subsequent CTD problem was in my case resolved by deleting the RTSS profile that I created in that program for v4.5. Deleted the RTSS profile, restarted Windows and v5, and all is good now. 

If you use RTSS, this could well be the source. 

Rich L

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