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PMDG 777 vs PMDG 747-8

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I have flown both, but not extensively enough to know if there are any major noticeable differences. They seem very similar to me in terms of operating and flying. I wanted to know from anyone here who has flown both and has extensive knowledge in both models to tell me if there's any major differences. I'm not talking about visual differences but more from a flying and operating perspective on how you would fly the plane and the computer systems, etc. Is one more difficult to learn and fly than the other or do you think they are almost the same?

Aaron Vinci


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IMHO the 747 is a lot more fun. Not as automated so there is a little more to do like managing fuel balance. Very good sound package and a world of options. I would recommend the Queen for sure but that's just preference. I'm sure some T7 fan will jump all over me.🙄 

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Vic green

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Tend to agree with you, Chris. I got to grips with the 747 in FS9 long before the 777 saw the light of the day, and have liked it ever since. Joy to hand-fly to 10k, and on approaches too..

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Rick Almeida

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777 is older, 747 has just been freshly updated - and is v5 compatible (works great, just flew YMML to YSCB).

Also “crossed the pond” with the 747 yesterday EGLL to KJFK, and it worked much better than my earlier attempt with an A321!


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For normal operations, both are fairly similar.  I don't think the level of automation on the 777 is much different than the 747...fuel feed is reconfigured once in the 747 during a long flight...not exactly a major workload.

The 747-8 adds some complexity with the EFB (if you use it), and benefits some from being a more recent product given that PMDG tends to incorporate improvements and lessons-learned forward in their product line.

Biggest drawback for the 747-8 is that it just doesn't fit on a lot of airports.  It's less of an issue for the cargo variants, but still an issue...I've spent a fair amount of time modding ADE files to accommodate parking the -8.


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747 vs 777? Hmmm, let's see...

Well, although neither of them are truly intended for aerial combat, I think I'll have to go with the 777, since it can probably out-turn the 747.

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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