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FSX planes in MSFS

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I am very much into vintage planes, but there are none in MSFS. And who knows, how long it will take to get some. So over the last couple of days I have tried to port some of my FSX planes to MSFS, with sometimes surprisingly decent results. For help how to do this, I used this YT video and downloaded the free plane-converter software, mentioned in the video:



Here are some of the planes I was able to port over, both free- and pay-ware. All of them are (with some reservations) fully flyable in MSFS. In most cases, don’t expect systems to work as in FSX. That is why I fly them by hand. I will not share them and once they have been upgraded by their original developers for use in MSFS, I will delete them and buy the real stuff again. As this might take quite some time, I do enjoy flying them now. Of course I know that they are, when it comes to eye-candy, no match with the default MSFS planes. I don’t mind, and to be honest, they aren’t that bad either. Because when sitting in the open cockpit of one of the three bi-planes I have now, I think they look better than they did in their original FSX environment.


This is the Dino Cattaneo freeware Aer Macchi 326 (for some reason, his F 14D doesn’t work as well)




This is one of my favourites: Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog (I hope, they will bring out a version for MSFS soon)




Aerosoft Catalina



If the panel doesn’t look familiar, I redid it a few years ago (none of the radios work in MSFS)



Iris Premium Series Kittyhawk




M. Jahn, J. Visser and team C 47




Flight Replica DC 4




Just Flight DH 106 Comet. I have to admit that I am particular happy to have a vintage jet airliner now in my fleet, because with all the other ones I have tried, I had no luck



Let’s take her out for a spin. We are here at Frankfurt airport






Actually, she flies quite well and although many instruments don’t work, at least I can read my speed and altitude



Although she has no instruments, I love flying my a2a Bf 109, originally developed for FS9 and then upgraded to FSX (please Scott, bring this out for MSFS in the quality of your P3D Spitfire)




Thanks for viewing

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Fantastic job, Bernd, I know FSX planes will be (probably) "misfits" there....but, in the interim, these should surely contribute to lots of additional simming pleasure...you've got a few good ones there......

And, as John said, they look  really nice...in their new house...🙂....!!

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Just find a way to bring in the Realair TDv2!  With twin RXP GTN 750's...

Ok. Just one GTN!

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Could this mean FSX AI traffic can be ported over. Next is to figure out how to add AI flight plans.

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1 hour ago, fppilot said:

Just find a way to bring in the Realair TDv2!  With twin RXP GTN 750's...

Ok. Just one GTN!

NO NO NO go the whole hog I want two too.  Sadly, I think Sean Maloney is MIA at the moment.  I really hope he is listening though.



Tony Chilcott.


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OS Win 10 Pro 64bit. Simulators ... FS2004/P3Dv4.5/Xplane.DCS/Aeroflyfs2...MSFS to come for sure.

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Just a thought, I have seen some developers state in their ReadMe's that their planes are not to be modified &/or reposted on other sites?

A case in point is ManfredJahn's DC-3 that was posted elsewhere without permission, & he asked the site to take down the modded plane, which they did.

So, respect for the original developers please!



"Onward & Upward" ...
To the Stars, & Beyond... 

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Thanks for the heads-up Bernd. I shall investigate - that Comet and PBY5 look rather fine here.

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