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  1. Elaine or anyone that could possibly know: About this: The optional status contains the same information than previous versions? Am i thinking correctly?
  2. No paypal?!?! What a stupid move! You're cornering yourself by that. "PayPal are not satisfying our requirements". One year from this decision and we're gonna see Orbx again using paypal due to the lack of sales. And a lot of us, use credit cards inside paypal as a security measure. Cheers
  3. Well well, i think my first approach to simming (if you can call it that way) was F-19 too. But 2 games i remember with a little nostalgia, before stepping into FS were: ATP Airline Transport Pilot (from 1990) and A320 from 1991/92, in my beloved monochromatic monitor of 14". Nice old memories!! Cheers
  4. Any information on how is traffic gonna be implemented?
  5. $64.95 each and crossfill will be available for an additional cost in the future (not implemented YET)?!? A little too much. I don't doubt that it's a great product but almost $130 is not very attractive.
  6. Hi Bob Was PF3 for any chance the demo you were trying? I was thinking on give it a try myself, that's why i ask you. Cheers and glad you could find and solve your problem! Ignacio (aka Tanocapo)
  7. Cropduster, Could you solve your problem?
  8. Hi guys!!! Some time ago i asked you on facebook if there is gonna be an update for this great aircraft? I thought that with the last update you will update the steam gauges version too. Is there gonna be an update for P3D?? Thanks!! Keep up the good work! Ignacio aka tanocapo
  9. Hmm!!! That's tough. I should say: 1) FSUIPC - Wide FS 2) ASN 3) AI Controller (excellent tool) 4) Ezca Cheers
  10. I have an issue when i start p3dv3: My default aircraft is Carenado C208B (no problem with EX) and if i start the flight without previously load the aircraft again, P3D ctd without any error message. Weird, right? Anyone else? Tanocapo
  11. Sad news to the Flightsim community!! My sincere condolences to his family!!
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