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  1. As Fred said in the other post I too have been running this with only 1 gig of memory for the last 1 to 2 years. I actually did not realise it but I went in to change it and it was already there. It must have been one of the tweaks I applied for XP a long time ago. It does work and I have had no issues with it. But as others have said it is like all other tweaks perform at your own risk.
  2. No I am on NVidia and I updated to the 91.47 WHQL drivers from the Nvidia web site. I updated from the extreme G 91.47 off tweaksRus.
  3. Yes I agree, I tried both of them for a few days and I have now removed them. There is definately a large improvement from the DX9 and driver upgrade though.
  4. "What most likely made the difference was updating your drivers."Actually I was already using the 91.47 Extreme G driver so it was a tweaked version of the same thing. The only reason I installed the the NVIDIA driver was that it said it was updated for FSX.As for the Fiber Thread I can confirm that it does not work. I did many test with and with out this added to the config and there was no difference. I even tried setting it to .0001 which should have given me very blurry textures.
  5. "Sorry guys but the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 is only for FS-X retail. Maybe it was one of the other tweaks that did it."Actually from what I remember it was also in the demo and Beta, they just removed it from the cfg file prior to RTM. I will play with it tonight and I will let you know if it works. I figure there is no harm in trying.
  6. Yes you are correct it is .33.Like I said it may have been just one of the other things that I had tried but doing these four things definately made my simm much smoother and after flying for around an hour in the F-14 I did not see any blurries using 100% autogen. I will play around with this fiber thread and see if I can see any differences between .001 and say .33. It should be easy to tell because if you are getting blurries at .001 and not at the higher settings then it should be working.
  7. Well I have been playing around with all the tweaks for FSX and I have noticed a trend of alot of the FS9 tweaks working in FSX so I figured I would try some of the FSX ones in FS9.I did three things last night that seamed to give me great performance in both FSX and FS9, try them out for yourself and let me know what you think.Downloaded and installed the latest NVidia driver from www.nvidia.com It is the 91.47 it was updated 10/17/06 and specifically mentions it was updated for FSX.Re-installed DX9.0c from Microsoft web page, it was also updated in October.I installed these lines in the FS9.cfg:Installed in the SectionFIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=33This reduces the blurries.Installed at the end of the cfg filePoolSize=5000000This reduces the stutters.I seemmed to have alot smoother flight with no blurring. Please let me know what you think.Note: Anywhere "<" is substitute it with brackets.
  8. There is an aircraft carrier parked at the pier at the Norfolk Naval station. Take off from KNGU and fly west you will see it just off the end of the runway. It has F-18's and SH-60's sitting on the deck.
  9. Check out www.vatsim.net we fly in MP sessions all the time. FSInn has just released a version of the pilot client that allows you to use FSX on VATSIM. You can get that for free at www.mcdu.com
  10. From what I have seen so far VC gives almost double the FPS than I am getting in the 2D. This is with payware that I have imported over to FSX from FS9. Granted these are not LDS or PMDG but the detailed VC of some of the other payware seem to be giving great speeds. I really believe that the big boys will be able to make their new models to be great looking and performing in FSX.
  11. So far I have not had any problems in the Retail version with adding FS9 aircraft. All of my VC's have worked with no problem, in fact for alot of them I am getting better FPS with the VC than the 2D. All buttons and gauges apear correctly as long as you move the gauges over. VC's work great in FSX and I am starting to really love to fy in them.Note: One thing that took me a little while to figure out was how to swap between the VC and 2D panels. I finnally read a little and realized that you have to push the "A" key to swap between them instead of the "S" key as in previouse versions.
  12. "Married Math"Luckily this time my Math was the other way around. It just so happened that on 10/3 my wife went to the clinique counter at Dillards and dropped $95 on lip stick and what ever else. When she called and said honey I have something to tell you... I told her about my purchase and laughed that I didn't even get a free gift with it LOL. Not another word was said about either :)
  13. A post on another board said that the Walmarts in Tennesee had them out so you might give them a look today.
  14. I got mine at the greenbrier store in Chesapeake. You might give them a call. I got it Tuesday night.
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