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  1. I think that FSR had an update that fixed this, currently on the latest release I do not have this issue.
  2. I also notice the same thing with the PMDG 737. It seems like at a point on short final(seems to be around 500' - 1000' AGL), even though I am Vref+5 or whatever the wind component is and -700fpm on a stable approach, the plane tends to fight my control inputs and wants to increase or decrease my VS. This results in me either trimming or adjusting power and a few seconds later I am now at -900 or -1000 and trying to correct again, but now I am below the GS and fighting to re-capture it. I know this is probably the winds changing but it seems to happen on every approach, it has gotten to a point now where I am second guessing my last few seconds and end up either floating or landing hard almost every time. It feels like there is a transition between winds aloft and winds at ground level and it just pops from one to the other, I have noticed a tail wind at 1000' then a sudden shift to a nose or cross wind (What is shown on the METAR) below that level.
  3. I know these are all on the large to medium but I am a big Delta guy and all of these need to be done ASAP since they are really missed... KDTW (I know there is a free one but...) KSLC (Haven't seen anything from PACSIM in a long time about theirs) KSEA (The Default one needs to be done correctly or at least updated) Thank you for asking the community!
  4. Edit: You beet me to it https://pmdg.com/pmdg-737-800-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ They are playing with the Store as we speak It is now on SALE for: Was: $9,999,999.99 Now: $4,999,999.99
  5. DX11 and TAA I really want to use DX12 but I am getting the artifacts with it because of VRAM even with my 10GB RTX3080. I can see that they are moving in the right direction with DX12 but at least on my hardware and my settings, it is not good enough for me to switch. I know that it looks like people are reducing from Ultra Settings to High Settings with good results, but I do not want to sacrifice visuals at this point. As for DLSS I did not see enough improvement because I am not GPU limited and the only thing I fly is tube liners and the ghosting and blurry textures on the screens again are not worth it for me.
  6. Install MSFS on a drive that is not your C Drive. When updating MSFS it is recommended to empty your community folder (Where all of your addon reside) Use Addon Linker and use it from Day 1. https://flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker Addon Linker will help you keep your community folder in order. As you get more and more downloads it becomes harder to keep things in check. It also allows you to empty your community folder and then use pre-sets to load it once again. Get to know Flightsim.to it is where almost all of your freeware is located. You will need either, FSUIPC, AxisAndOhs (AAO), or Spad.next to map your hardware for complex addons, I prefer AAO but many prefer the other two. I also have FSUIPC7 but it is very hard to use for the hardware.
  7. Actually if you look at what was changed in WU2 maps, depending on which states you pick, it may be close to 6 States updated, almost nothing in the Northern Half of the country as far as updated imagery and almost nothing west of the Mississippi for elevation (It appears that the majority of the elevation fixes were related to low lying flat areas not mountainous regions). https://www.flightsimulator.com/release-notes-1-11-5-0/
  8. Hard landings or if your brakes overheat it can also blow the tires.
  9. Below is the scripts that I use for Landing Lights on and off, it also does a few other things like turn the ignition switches to continuous. You can find the K events Here https://aviation.allanville.com/misc/fsx-pmdg-737-ngx they are the same as FSX. Simply go to Script editor and create a new script and place the below scripts into it (Not the name "LAND ON" but the portion below it) save as new. Then assign it to a button/switch. LAND ON 2 (>K:#69751) (SLEEP:400) 2 (>K:#69753) (SLEEP:250) 2 (>K:#69736) (SLEEP:250) 1 (>K:#69742) 2 (>K:#69743) 2 (>K:#69744) 2 (>K:#69745) 2 (>K:#69746) (SLEEP:400) 1 (>K:#69747) (SLEEP:400) 1 (>K:#69748) LAND OFF 0 (>K:#69743) 0 (>K:#69744) 0 (>K:#69745) 0 (>K:#69746) (SLEEP:400) 0 (>K:#69747) (SLEEP:400) 0 (>K:#69748) (SLEEP:250) 1 (>K:#69751) (SLEEP:400) 1 (>K:#69753)
  10. Perfect, I will plug it in tonight, Thank you,
  11. I just picked up the Logitech Radio Panel and added it to my setup. I followed the directions in the manual for setting it up and everything works great with one exception. The QNH is displayed properly but every time I try to change the pressure it goes back to whatever the current pressure in the 737 is, it does not change the pressure in the sim. I can update it with the mouse on the panel or I can hit the "B" button but I can't use the rotary knob on the Logitech panel to change it. I have not tried any other aircraft so I am not sure if this is a PMDG issue or a me issue, this is obviously not a show stopper, just an issue that I have noted, I am using 29_b28 version, should I send you the email and use the 30_bXX version for this? Thanks, Jeremy
  12. Make sure that you are shifting IAS to MACH at around 0.74 as was stated earlier, then bump it up to around 0.77 as you get higher, then when you reach cruise set throttles to maintain around 0.80. You will continue to see your IAS depreciate but your ground speed will remain. As you climb the difference in air pressure gives you a lower IAS, that is why MACH is used. If you leave it at 290 IAS then the plane will continue to give you less VS to try to keep your speed up and you will eventually get to a point that it will no longer climb. At FL360, 290 IAS may be an overspeed, I can't remember but it will be close. I love the CRJ, I fly it almost every night, yes it sometimes has issues but it never stops me from wanting to hop back in it.
  13. As Fred said in the other post I too have been running this with only 1 gig of memory for the last 1 to 2 years. I actually did not realise it but I went in to change it and it was already there. It must have been one of the tweaks I applied for XP a long time ago. It does work and I have had no issues with it. But as others have said it is like all other tweaks perform at your own risk.
  14. No I am on NVidia and I updated to the 91.47 WHQL drivers from the Nvidia web site. I updated from the extreme G 91.47 off tweaksRus.
  15. Yes I agree, I tried both of them for a few days and I have now removed them. There is definately a large improvement from the DX9 and driver upgrade though.
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