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  1. trimwheel

    Dash 8 pro released!

    Same here Craig...upgrade price minus JF points equaled $18 ....somebody call the cops i just stole a dash-8 !!!
  2. just getting back into flying the tubes after a long hiatis... Using Version 2.140621 ( upgraded version for p3d ) of the Milviz 732 installed in P3D V2.5 Issue #1...The Milviz P3D menu manager won't plug any entries into the sim aircraft...i.e. fuel and payload entries made within the menu. Issue # 2 Always Full Tanks ...Using the Fuel and Payload drop down menu in P3D has no effect and all three tanks in the aircraft always reset to FULL. I've tried re installing...using different variants...loading fuel during different phases of start up ...etc... I did a web search and found nothing....isolated issue ?? Any help appreciated thanks Greg
  3. trimwheel

    Flight1 KingAir B200 released for P3D

    Hoping to get some feedback from anyone using this addon with a medium-lower end system ( 2600k @ 4.0...GTX580 ) I can run the Turbine Duke , and all the A2A planes quiet smoothly....but I do recall the B200 being a hog in FSX Hoping the optimization for P3D has made it less hungry cheers Greg
  4. trimwheel

    Hello P3d. Nice to meet you finally!

    nice to see you on board Mike !!
  5. trimwheel

    Rex4 Service Pack 4 released

    just installed the update successfully using the REX4 interface...
  6. trimwheel

    F1 King Air 200 in P3D

    YES !!!! Since I abandoned FSX that is the one plane I regret most not having in p3d ( sorry PMDG ) cheers
  7. trimwheel

    A2A Cessna 182 released!

    A2A 182 plus GTN750 equals absolute VC bliss !!! The total immersion I get with A2A products is amazing...attention to detail at the highest level. Well done boys !! Greg
  8. trimwheel

    realair beech duke v2 and p3dv2

    thanks !!!!
  9. fly around Vancouver Island , Canada at 6500 AGL in the A2A Cherokee and the views of the entire island are breathtaking !!
  10. trimwheel

    Voice recognition problem

    My first run through I had some minor recognition issues ( "ON = NINE" ) for example, but after another round of the Microsoft Speech Recognition Training i've had almost no issues...maybe worth a try
  11. trimwheel

    Comments after first flight

    keep that up !! I was just pondering how this version somehow feels more personal, more genuine for lack of a better term, than other Fs2Crew releases. cheers
  12. trimwheel

    Condensed flows and checks

    very helpful , thanks !!
  13. trimwheel


    looks , sounds and feels awesome !! CONGRATS !! ...any ETA on Brendan's tutorial ? cheers
  14. trimwheel

    Q-400 news?

    WoW Bryan !! thanks man B)
  15. trimwheel

    REX4 Direct Announced

    I think it's a decent strategy to break out the main components and offer them seperatley. I have my own weather engine preferences, but consider the REX textures a must. Buying another FULL REX offering with wx engine would likely disuade me. cheers