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  1. Same here Craig...upgrade price minus JF points equaled $18 ....somebody call the cops i just stole a dash-8 !!!
  2. just getting back into flying the tubes after a long hiatis... Using Version 2.140621 ( upgraded version for p3d ) of the Milviz 732 installed in P3D V2.5 Issue #1...The Milviz P3D menu manager won't plug any entries into the sim aircraft...i.e. fuel and payload entries made within the menu. Issue # 2 Always Full Tanks ...Using the Fuel and Payload drop down menu in P3D has no effect and all three tanks in the aircraft always reset to FULL. I've tried re installing...using different variants...loading fuel during different phases of start up ...etc... I did a web search and found nothing....isolated issue ?? Any help appreciated thanks Greg
  3. Hoping to get some feedback from anyone using this addon with a medium-lower end system ( 2600k @ 4.0...GTX580 ) I can run the Turbine Duke , and all the A2A planes quiet smoothly....but I do recall the B200 being a hog in FSX Hoping the optimization for P3D has made it less hungry cheers Greg
  4. looks , sounds and feels awesome !! CONGRATS !! ...any ETA on Brendan's tutorial ? cheers
  5. I'm running single core w/ XP and SP2 has breathed some life into my old rig. I don't know why nor do I care why but texture loading is improved which makes the whole experience a plus for me.cheersGregAthlon 64 3500ASUS A8NATI 9800 2562 g/ramhttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  6. >Hi all,>I have Nodd32 on my PC, and just as you said, you really can>run FSX without turning it off, all addons work as they should>and FSX runs perfect.>Thank you all very much.>RexNot in my case. Had to remove NOD32 because it made TrackIr 4 unusable on my system.Tried everything else but in the end it was NOD32.cheersGregASUS A8NAthlon 64 3500WIN XPhttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  7. OK...if you EVER have a problem simply post on Avsim because as SOON as you do you will go and figure it out YOURSELF !!! :-)Figured out how to move the Fuel Selector switch for the correct tanks so all is well now.cheersgreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  8. Just got it, looks awesome !!!BUT I can't start the bloody engines !!!I'm not new to this but I honestly can't figure this out and I know it's something simple.Followed the checklist....Battery ON Fuel Pumps ON Props FULL FORWARD Throttle OPEN Engage Starter and Fuel Lever ON.....but she just winds up and never turns over.What the heck am I missing here ???cheersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  9. D.Similar rig and settings and addons in use here. I concur that SP2 has somehow breathed new life into my old rig. Texture loading is faster for sure.New hardware is on the way soon though... :-)cheersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  10. At least now it's official.There is an alternative ( read, not replacement )....I've been using " Super Flight Planner " in FSX for months as a moving map/flight planner.It runs outside FSX. Not an issue IMO if you have a multi-monitor set up. It' s still in Beta and the developer is activeley adding new features. It requires FSUPIC to link the moving map, which is easily enabled from the menu.Freeware, for now.http://www.cpinf.com/downloads/super-flight-planner.htmlcheersGreghttp://www.cpinf.com/downloads/super-flight-planner.htmlhttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  11. You must install FSCopilot FIRST, then install FSInn...any chance you did it the other way ?cheersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  12. I live on Vancouver Island and will be ALL OVER this one !!!What a package !!!What a dedicated and talented team !!!Thanks guyscheersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  13. No offence intended.... But when someone headlines **** BEST EVER TIP !!!!!!!!!!!! **** and claims tripling framerates he's kinda setting himself up, no ?I tried it to no effect here, but thanks anyway :-)cheeersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  14. I do not have the Liberty XL2, but the Commanche runs smoothly on my aging rig.Very much to my pleasant surprise :-)Asus A8VAMD 35009800 Pro 2562 gigs DDRcheersGreghttp://www.fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
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