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  1. Les, I had the same issue in 4.1 with long flights. Would get a KERNELBASE.DLL crash at around 9 hours. I seem to have put a stop to it now, but it required a clean re install of Windows 10 and then P3D. I am flying v4.2 now and it seems to be OK. Scott
  2. I have been using the TFDI program for a while now and I like it. What do ya bet I'll like the PMDG one too? Like saying PMDG shouldn't develop a 767 because there is already one on the market........... Scott
  3. Actually, It looks like they are advertising FAOR for V4. And I'm an old guy who didn't have a problem with what Timm said. Scott
  4. Thanks again Kyle! I have a lot to learn about this one. Scott
  5. That was it. As soon as I killed the HDR lighting, the cloud textures went right back to normal. Shame, I really liked that too. Thanks Everyone! I'm still getting my head around P3D after years on FSX and FS9. Scott
  6. Here are a couple of screen shots. (3).png?dl=0 (2).png?dl=0 Scott
  7. OK, before I begin, I don't actually see this as a PMDG issue, but there are a LOT of really smart people on this forum and someone may be able to help with this. I'm also posting this on the HiFi forum as it could be an issue with them as well. While flying the 744 (yesterday from EGLL to KJFK and today from EDDF to KMIA) I've noticed that the clouds out the front window completely bleach out and go completely white with almost no texture. If I change the view to outside or just look out the cockpit to the right or left, the clouds look like they should. When I come back inside, the clouds begin to wash out and loose definition, but only looking forward out of the cockpit. I have had this happen on the PMDG 737, the BB A333 but not the TFDI 717. I have searched high and low for an answer, but can't seem to find one. Anyone here? Bueller? Scott
  8. Hi Marc, I seem to remember a lot of that as well. I suppose I will need to do some more research. Or just give up and buy the P3DV4 777 and 744 :-) It was a very long time since I did a clean FSX set up. Man, do I love P3D. I didn't tweet anything. Scott
  9. Hello Forum Land, I have a question and an issue and can't seem to find an answer, so I will throw it out to this august body ;-) I did a complete HD wipe, installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro, FSX and P3DV4. I kept FSX so I could use the Aerosoft Bus and I'm a tad too cheap to pay for the 777 and 744 upgrade to P3DV4. On my old installation, I had DX10 running nicely on FSX. For some reason, this kept me out of VAS hell and I could fly the 777 or the 744 into KLAX, VHHH or EDDF (All very high end add ons) with no concern for the dreaded VAS crash. Now, when I have DX10 on in FSX, any time I change views in ANY PMDG (Or Aerosoft Bus) aircraft, I get this strange scenery flash before it settles down on the new window. I have traced this to DX10 and it only seems to be an issue with PMDG and the AS Bus. TFDI has no issue or any other add on. I know PMDG does NOT support DX10, but there are a lot of very smart people here who might have something to add. RSR, I promise I will move the 777 and 744 to P3DV4, but I need a bit of time, then I will be done with FSX, but not until I can afford to move my PMDG birds. AS will have the bus ready for P3DV4 ASAP ( I know, I'm on the beta team :-) Scott
  10. The jpgs showing the settings on page one are missing. Any way to get those back? I had to set this thing up from scratch again.... Scott
  11. FREEZE

    I got it all squared away. She works fine now!! Scott
  12. Bubin was a very stable fix in UAE airspace for years. However, in December we did a massive airspace restructure and a LOT of the old fixes went away. Desde and Bubin were just two well known examples. This stuff happens. I was in Denver when DIA opened and we did a massive airspace restructure then as well. Scott
  13. Thanks again Chris, Sorry to keep you so busy this close to New Years! Scott
  14. Hi Chris, I'm having the same issue on a new install of P3DV4 and the 738. I get the lower panel thing an hour or two into a flight. No add ons except ASP and some scenery, but not much. Scott
  15. Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening), I finally upgraded to P3DV4 and bought the 738. So far, so good, but a small issue has come up. I am at FlyTampa EHAM and the jetways sit really high on door 1L. I understand there could be a corrected door config out there that corrects this. Would anyone know what that is? Scott