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  1. Hi Kevin, That is why I, and I imagine many others are confused. When RSR says an update is coming out, it has never been more than 24 hours before I get it. I forget when the initial update thread came out, but it is Monday Morning here in Dubai and no 777 update. It isn't critical, but it is a bit confusing. Scott
  2. Would love to be able to use SOP2 with Button Control. Just sayin ;-) Scott
  3. Good Morning, It is now Sunday in Dubai and still no 777 update. Just thought y'all would like to know. Scott
  4. I'm in Dubai and it still hasn't gotten here yet. Much longer than usual. Scott
  5. Hi James, I don't know, but I will certainly check. For now, stopping at 75% has fixed the issue. Scott
  6. I have had this issue as well using the Saitek throttle. It won't happen if I select TOGA and do NOT push the throttle beyond 75%. If I go Full Throttle, I get the red and a bunch of spikes. I just have no idea how to correct this. And it just started happening somewhat recently. Scott
  7. Hi Asad, I'm not Bryan, but I can help with this. YES! I think I did voice recognition training 5 or 6 times. It really does help. At first, FS2Crew wouldn't recognize the word FLAPS. I have no issue with anything now. Scott
  8. Hi Vic, I don't remember the proper name, but I believe this is Ultimate Ground Crew. Like GSX, but WAY better. Scott
  9. KATL to KLAX with Delta. That bird goes on to YSSY Scott
  10. If you were in the UAE, that would be haze, but it would be even worse in the summer. Just saying :-) Scott
  11. Cool
  12. Hi Kyle, I Ops Center says I have the latest version. Scott
  13. Oh Wow, She would look GREAT in the old globe livery. Just saying :-) Scott
  14. I am having the exact same issue in FSX. I can not load a saved flight with the 744 any more. All I get is a dead cockpit and gear up at the gate. Scott