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  1. Jack, Take another look at the AS Busses. We have really put some time in on getting them right. Scott
  2. I don't gamble much, but I'll bet RSR will post for the world to see. Scott
  3. 0730 here in Dubai. I have coffee and am properly rested. You may release the Dash 8 now 😉 Scott
  4. skyymann


    The real airplane costs over $100,000.00 or more. All apples and oranges I suppose. Scott
  5. skyymann


    That GPS is way to expensive to use in just one airplane. Scott
  6. And just to pile on, LAX NEVER lands jets on 25R, alway 25L or 24R. Occasionally the inboards will be used to offload little guys (Think EMB-120) but otherwise belong to the tower for departures only. As far as the vector after SMO, the Final controller will keep you on that heading until you reach the pre determined gap in the final. Also, coming in over SMO you will just about ALWAYS get 24R as they don't like to cross the finals. And no one cares where you park 🙂 Scott
  7. I actually split time between the AS Bus and PMDG. Honestly I've spend WAY more time on the bus recently (On the AS Beta Team) but now that we are between busses (320 and 321 are about to hit beta) I've been catching up with my PMDG birdies. B739 today. It has been a while. Sure glad for FS2Crew or I might have forgotten the flow 😉 Scott
  8. I could be wrong, and I often am, but isn't the base model BBJ a -600 body on a -700 wing with fuel tanks in the forward and aft belly (Former Baggage Compartments)? Scott
  9. She is beautiful!! I'm gonna have to get DVA to add NWA Historical Freight flights! Scott
  10. Did I mention I would love to see LM update the airports? Especially China? Just sayin 😉 Scott
  11. I would be thrilled if they would just update all of those old FSX airports. Half of the airports in China are new. And FAJS hasn't been FAJS for years. Scott
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