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  1. Hi Dave, you could say I am with the company Sure, get with us this way then if you would like one of us to call you we will indeed. Thanks for considering us. We do good work and we support it. And always have. Best Regards
  2. Our ticket system is for both. Inquiries and support. If you leave a ticket, someone will be with you in good time. Nothing is secret, this is how we handle communication initially. Actually, this is the more direct way: http://www.flight1tech.com/WhyFlight1Tech/ContactUs.aspx Best Regards
  3. Dave, You can submit a ticket at: http://tickets.flight1tech.com/ and someone will get back to you. BTW, the price is $1150.00 not 1500.00 Regards
  4. Manny. Please give us the courtesy to define what and what we will do. Please don't assume. You can always ask. Would you like to help test this? Best Regards
  5. Well I must say you seem to be a bit over zealous with your tar and feathers before we even made a statement. You assumed. Basic hardware support will be applied as an update very soon. We needed to get the product out and we figured it would be a nice touch as a free update but if you have your mind made up before allowing us to do what we always do --- support our products properly and throw in a few things along the way. I find it a bit offensive actually. We have some of the best support available in this genre and assuming we are the worst before knowing the facts is one of the reasons you don't see me much in entertainment these days. So if your choice is to go with a vendor that abandoned ship years ago with no support or communication of any kind to his customers. Have at it.
  6. You are right Bert. F1 has been more than timely with the many and numerous changes that have came along between versions where as the aforementioned dev has left people hanging for years with no support or communication. Caveat Emptor
  7. I am going to make one more response here and it is directly related to louisdecoolste. There is a reason you rarely see me post and | or engage here at Avsim and it is because of "some" prevailing attitudes such as the above post. Our products are worth it, and no one has a gun to anyone's head. Lockheed Martin never gave you a discount because you were an FSX user or a P3D 1.0 user. If you feel you disagree with us and the fact that we have to pay for redevelopment and ongoing support. Then vote with your wallet. This is exactly one reason why I even hesitated to bring this over to P3D. That is all from me. Regards,
  8. in the immortal words of Jim Rhoads, "Buy it and we shall see!"
  9. Our philosophy is the same as it has always been, if you are not using what is the most current version whether it be FSX or P3D then you need to be. P3D has had so many versions out that it is not manageable to support them all.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I asked Jeff to reword the page and I suspect he will when he gets going (west coast time) The sales page "should" say: Note: P3D and FSX versions are separate products | purchases Flight Simulator X King Air Version 1.3 - Via direct download (362 MB) FSX Version - Download Today! Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D King Air Version 1.3 - Via direct download (362 MB) P3D Version - Download Today! Its "possible" Lets see how this goes...
  11. I might also add that NOD32 has a very small memory footprint.As Steve said, Flight1 endorse's and all of us use NOD32.
  12. >Geofa, Lou,>>I'm sure you guys mean well, but the repeated cost comparisons>to real-world flying (and aircraft ownership) in response to>FSX frustration posts are getting tired. For users that just>want to get their software working and enjoy their hobby>again, these comparisons are neither helpful or relevant. >They also have an elistist slant to them that is sure to>patronize users that are already frustrated. >>FSX has left a lot of people in a state of frustration as they>try to get things back to a normal and enjoyable state for>themselves. Knowing how much you guys spend on your airplanes>doesn't bring any relief to people in that situation. Whether>they have spent $50 or $5000.>>Jordan MooreJordan has a point gentleman... And a very good one.I am sole owner of my own aircraft. I have been for over 10 years now.I never talk about how much it costs nor do I billboard my ratings. If it is that big of a problem, then there are other outlets for spending cash or spending my time. But it does no good nor is it relevant to what FS9 - FSX hobbyist are going through.I spend way more money on my airplane and related items than what would normally make sense to a non owner. It doesn
  13. >Seems kinda obvious to me.>Those that like fsx will use it.>Those that like both fsx and fs9 for different reasons will>use both.>Those that don't like fsx will not use it.>Those that like fs9 will use it.>Those that like xplane will use it.>>Developers that see a market for fs9 will continue to develop>for it>Developers that see a market for fsx will develop for it>Developers that see a market for both fsx and fs9 will develop>for both>Some developers will stop developing >New developers will come along>>All camps will take a look at fs11 and make the same kind of>decisions when it comes out.>>>>>http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/1b5baf...b9f427f694g.jpg>Hi Geoffrey,I had to think long and hard about what you have presented here. I also had to bite my tongue (not normal for me :>) What you presented is true, but it also is a bit narrow. (No disrespect intended because I respect you) There is so much more to the equation than this and as a developer, a fellow commercial pilot and an enthusiast I see it a little different. It
  14. >>You have to be a member of AOPA....>>With respect Jim, if your work is only going to be known to>'AOPA' members your not going to do much business.Ok, How's this? We will sell it to you when we repackage it for FSX.Our arrangment with AOPA is an agreed one, and it doesn't matter whether the aircraft is current or not, I don't break our arrangments.Entry price is being an AOPA member. Those are the rules my friend.Besides, the Six is last years model, it is now unsupported and what Geofa is showing you is how he custom fit it into FSX. It doesnt install into FSX by default.Jim
  15. You have to be a member of AOPA....
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