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  1. Hey I have the flight deck solution mk2 pro 737 fmc, not cheap but works great with ngxu in p3dv5
  2. not entirely sure I run a 32 inch 4K monitor
  3. Best to backup your drive first incase there are major issues,i have seen no issues so far on 2 notebooks and 1 ging pc but was expecting some, used media creation tool then upgrade, graphics card memory available in p3d v5 went from 9.2 gig to 10.2 gig according to p3d v5
  4. I downloaded windows media tool
  5. I have a 1080ti with the latest nvidia drivers, no bsod or issues with 2004 yet
  6. I had issues initially hence me taking the long approach
  7. I just threw v4 back on reinstalled utlive and moved the documents p3dv4 addon utlive folder to documents p3dv5 addon folder ran the sim and it found utlive, working perfectly,if you already have utlive installed just try moving that folder
  8. Ut live working fine in p3d v5 for me
  9. Mine works fine just google ngxu in p3d v5,there are a couple or registry hacks to make and its not recommended or supported by pmdg, works for me and once it was installed i removed the registry changes so there are no issues when i remove and add v5 ngxu in once its ready, i think there is a CTD when you expand some displays but i have not had any crashes that i can relate back to ngxu, plenty for p3dv5 in general lol
  10. Following this, its a big immersion killer same issue with V5, ill be interested how you can do this also. Maybe with flyinside app, thinks its already out for 4.5 and will be coming for 5 also,vr is the bomb so realistic its made me come out of an 11 year hiatus, flight booked this weekend to get back in the saddle in a bug smasher lol
  11. Fsuipc is great for the handle switches but problematic for the lower switches, if you dont use an inbuilt honeycomb profile you'll need linda or you will need to know the lvar for the aircraft to set them up properly, linda be easier
  12. Did you install asp3d connect onto the sim pc,firewalls and av off to see if it works
  13. Hi all Sent this link by support incase anybody looking for honeycomb yoke p3d v5 drivers https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/yokes/2567/honeycomb-alpha-flight-controls Under description,more Cheers Wayne
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