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  1. Hi All How functional is the FMS and avionics package on the Carenado CJ2, not much information on the purchase page Regards Wayne
  2. suchw

    F1 GTN750 Performance Tip

    Yes that worked for me, i was having freezing and bad performance
  3. suchw

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Dual Throttle

    Yes absolutely they are great
  4. Hi rob Is the 2080 rtx ti much quicker than the 1080 gtx ti in games and p3d Wayne
  5. Nice work this does indeed work
  6. suchw

    Win10 Intel(R) Management Engine

    Tough one in cases like that i take an image then drop a fresh copy of windows on and try to replicate, if it happens on a vanilla operating system it is probably hardware issue then the hunts on the find the hardware issue via diagnostics programs
  7. Your right there should have been some atmospheric upset for sure
  8. Looks real very dangerous if it is
  9. suchw

    I solved my FSX stuttering issue.

    thanks very much bowingIC, also when you run the GTNF1update tool, does it list P3D 4.3 in the list of supported sims, mine stops at which I find odd even though I am running the latest version and the download button is greyed out, I am running the latest GTNConfig version also Thanks Wayne
  10. suchw

    I solved my FSX stuttering issue.

    Hello Bowingic Where in the gtn settings can i change the cpu usage, thanks
  11. Its simple, the more you upgrade something the more people buy the new version and you make more money, example phones, thats progress i guess otherwise not much would change
  12. Agreed be patient and wait for further official information