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  1. XLS_DRiver

    GNS 530 crashes during recent flights

    After searching elsewhere for an answer to this issue, I found what I thought might work for me on another RXP related forum. It suggested deleting the GNSW_530.mem file, located in the Documents section. Rather than delete it, I just moved it and the unit has been working flawlessly ever since. :smile:
  2. XLS_DRiver

    GNS 530 crashes during recent flights

    I haven't changed anything, although its been quite a while since I last flew in the sim. The thing is, after a sim freeze, if I reboot the sim, the GNS shows a see-through face (the frame is there but you can se through the display). If I reboot the computer, it comes back and works normally until the next sim freeze.
  3. So I've had Reality XP's GPS for years now, and its always served me well. For some reason, it seems to be crashing my sim now, about ten to twenty minutes into any given flight. I'm fairly sure that the GNS 530 is the culprit, since I can do the exact same flight without turning it on, and there are no issues. Specifically, what happens is that the screen freezes and nothing works (can't change views, can't escape without CTRL + ALT + Delete). If memory serves there is something that fixes this, like a registry that needs to be deleting or something like that but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I've been flying Carenado's C206 a lot lately, and it requires a ton of right rudder to keep it straight in level flight. With the autopilot on, if nothing is done to correct it, the ball is completely offset on the turn and slip indicator. If sufficient rudder trim is put in to center the ball, the rudder itself is displaced by about 15-20 degrees. I tried zeroing out both; P_factor_on_yaw Torque_on_roll but neither one had any discernible effect. Anyone else know what I can try?
  5. Can anyone explain the presence of the two red crosses on the sides of the ERJ135 and 145? They don't show up on the texture sheets so they can't be removed by painting. You can see it forward and aft of the wing;
  6. XLS_DRiver

    Direct to?

    I am referring to DTO to a waypoint already on my flightplan. Highlighting the waypoint and clicking DTO does not change the flightplan, but instead brings up a submenu theoretically allowing me to choose a random waypoint. The problem with this is that is seems to skip every other letter in the alphabet. In other words, it goes from B to D to F...
  7. XLS_DRiver

    Direct to?

    Is there a way to use the Direct to function with this plane? I've tried everything and clicking the Direct to button only brings up a sub menu that can't be used in any practical sense.
  8. I saw this on Avsim the other day and it looks intriguing; http://www.ifms-fs.com/index.html Just wondering if anyone has tried it and can provide some feedback.
  9. XLS_DRiver

    Rudder issue with C185

    I have had this plane for some time now but recently had to re-install it on one of my computers that crashed. After installing some liveries from the sim on my other pc, I found that the rudder on one side was missing the paint for each of the planes. So I went to the Carendo website and ran both the patches which were supposed to fix the issue, one for each version of the plane. However, I'm still having the problem on this computer. Could it be that I need to run one of the optional patches? And if so, is the order important? I know there is probably a simple way around this because it works fine on my laptop.
  10. XLS_DRiver

    Nav Lights

    For anyone who is interested, here are my changes to add the Shockwave strobes; light.4 = 2, -0.50, -26.71, 1.14, fx_shockwave_strobe light.5 = 2, -0.51, 26.68, 1.14, fx_shockwave_strobe light.6 = 2, -25.30, 0.0, 2.4, fx_shockwave_strobe
  11. Can you specify the correct wav file to modify?
  12. XLS_DRiver

    VC, Landing and Nav lights

    Outstanding, Bill! Many thanks for your work with this.
  13. XLS_DRiver

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Hee hee! :( Paint me stoked!!!
  14. XLS_DRiver

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    I'd like to throw in my vote for a Cessna 185 Skywagon, preferably on floats. It's such a classic bush plane.