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  1. Hello, A few more questions, if I may: 1. Why does the speed value on the MCP window go blank after takeoff? And how does one alter the value when that happens? 2. Related to #1, what are the purposes of the buttons labeled C/O and SPD INTV? 3. It seems that occasionally, the HDG button cannot be illuminated after pressing it. Also, there are times when I press it, and I get an illuminated indication on the PFD but the button remains extinguished. 4. Is there a way to backlight the buttons on the FMC during night conditions? (A universal FMS has a dimmer/brighter option) Thanks in advance for your help! Brian Nuss
  2. XLS_DRiver

    Salmon-thirty-salmon livery?

    Awesome!! Thank you!
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows of an Alaska Airlines Salmon-thirty-salmon repaint that was created for the PMDG 737? It's quite a striking look for the plane.
  4. Hello, After going through the tutorial #1 several times, I've found a few things I'm having difficulty finding: 1. Where is the C/R (cancel/recall) MFD button located? 2. Where is the TRC button located? 3. Where is the bank limiter selector located? 4. Where is the brake pressure gauge located? 5. How does one determine OAT in the air? 6. How does one shorten the distance for the 'Total Distance' on the Pushback page? Thanks in advance, Brian
  5. Thanks, Robert. PMDG got back to me directly and gave me a quick and easy fix--just uninstall and then re-install Steam. I didn't lose any of my add-ons and after doing that--Bing! The installation was able to proceed. 🐵
  6. I ran a registry fix tool previously, so as far as I know, the routing is correct. I did however, submit a ticket to PMDG.
  7. I am trying to install the 737NG and when I get past the screen asking which version I want (FSX & FSX Steam) I get the following error message; An outdated version of FSX-SE has been detected. Before you can install this PMDG product you will need to update FSX-SE. However, I have the most recent version of FSX-SE on my PC and there are no updates available. Thanks in advance, Brian Nuss
  8. XLS_DRiver

    Best 737 payware?

    I'm looking to get a payware 737 for FSX Steam, and wondering which one seems to be the best, in terms of realistic behaviour, detail, and functionality. My use is for training purposes. Thanks in advance.
  9. XLS_DRiver

    Throttles won't move

    Just made a new installation of FSX Steam version and for some reason, the throttles can't be taken out of idle. More accurately, they can be moved, but they snap right back into the idle position. At first, I thought it was an issue with my throttle quadrant but after disconnecting all my hardware, the problem still exists (including the default aircraft). So for instance, I can push the throttles forward with the mouse, but they just move right back to idle again. Strangely, the problem went away yesterday but it's back again today. Could this be an issue with Windows 10?
  10. Hi, I'm installing a Steam compatible add on from Carenado, but I'm not sure which is the correct path for the installation. Can anyone point it out to me, please?
  11. XLS_DRiver

    GNS 530 crashes during recent flights

    After searching elsewhere for an answer to this issue, I found what I thought might work for me on another RXP related forum. It suggested deleting the GNSW_530.mem file, located in the Documents section. Rather than delete it, I just moved it and the unit has been working flawlessly ever since. :smile:
  12. XLS_DRiver

    GNS 530 crashes during recent flights

    I haven't changed anything, although its been quite a while since I last flew in the sim. The thing is, after a sim freeze, if I reboot the sim, the GNS shows a see-through face (the frame is there but you can se through the display). If I reboot the computer, it comes back and works normally until the next sim freeze.
  13. So I've had Reality XP's GPS for years now, and its always served me well. For some reason, it seems to be crashing my sim now, about ten to twenty minutes into any given flight. I'm fairly sure that the GNS 530 is the culprit, since I can do the exact same flight without turning it on, and there are no issues. Specifically, what happens is that the screen freezes and nothing works (can't change views, can't escape without CTRL + ALT + Delete). If memory serves there is something that fixes this, like a registry that needs to be deleting or something like that but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. I've been flying Carenado's C206 a lot lately, and it requires a ton of right rudder to keep it straight in level flight. With the autopilot on, if nothing is done to correct it, the ball is completely offset on the turn and slip indicator. If sufficient rudder trim is put in to center the ball, the rudder itself is displaced by about 15-20 degrees. I tried zeroing out both; P_factor_on_yaw Torque_on_roll but neither one had any discernible effect. Anyone else know what I can try?
  15. Can anyone explain the presence of the two red crosses on the sides of the ERJ135 and 145? They don't show up on the texture sheets so they can't be removed by painting. You can see it forward and aft of the wing;