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  1. Oh my. I am so sorry to learn of this. His FS Panels were revolutionary and helped spur the designs of today. He had followed his dads footsteps in flying for AA and that was his stated lifelong dream. So young to go with plenty of great things ahead. I think he would have had the relative seniority to 777 CA at some point in the future. RIP Capt Ernst. Your work meant so much to many of us. —Ryan Kelly
  2. I've had some recent experience with cancer as it brought down my dad this year. Just like Tom, we thought he had a few more months for a proper departure tour. It was not to be. Just as well that it came quickly as the suffering was short lived. Thoughts and prayers to his inner-circle of friends and family as they deal with the loss. For those within this hobby his legacy will live on here at Avsim.
  3. This project looks very nice and is one that I have been eyeballing for purchase. I use FSGenesis and the current elevation anomaly is a definite deal breaker for now. As soon as confirmation arrives that it is resolved I will head over to Simmarket.
  4. Yes and that setting change seems to be working well in 8xSQ. I set external frames to 24, but I see that you have a bit more under the hood in respects to your CPU. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Hi Dario,My system exhibits similar performance characteristics under 8xSQ / 16x AF. For now I have dropped back to 8xS and the simulation is much smoother. Running 266.58s.
  6. Have any of you tried Pete's FSUIPC 4.217 with "wind smoothing" enabled within FSX SP2? He has done a marvelous job in this build & wind behavior is finally shaping up quite nicely. Of interest however, is the lateral behavior of the 744X AFCS . Please reference this post in Pete's forum http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...=423361#p423361Please feel free to contribute so we can finally overcome the winds aloft issue in FSX.
  7. Ive tried them. They dont solve the 'DX10 Preview' flashing runway textures. They dont perform as well as the 169.25's. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will eventually address FSX.
  8. >SP2 for Acceleration is the same SP2 that is going to be>released seperately. There are no further patches, fixes,>ammedums or enhancements forthcoming as per Phil Taylor. Aces>has begun to shift gears to FS11, also per Phil Taylor.>>The only difference between the seperate SP2 and the one>included in Acceleration is that it is seperate and free.>>Like it or lump it, FSX is now the product that it will be>until FS11. >>SP2 does not provide a magic FPS bullet my any means and the>hope of a DX10 holy grail will not exist in FSX. As such, the>only upgrade path for all of us remains in the hardware>department. That is to say, keep upgrading your hardware>until you can put all sliders right. >>Regards,>>Mike T.>I do find the DX10 Preview in SP2 Acceleration to improve some 20% upon the FPS that I register in DX9. I am a bloom user, so I presume this to play a large part in the increase. DX10 is also much smoother on my system versus DX9.There obviously is a down side to DX10 Preview. Even with the latest NVidia 169.21s, I am still plagued with flashing runway/taxiway textures and/or markings. The Maddog 2006 aircraft livery fails to display properly. Regardless of scenery slider position I have missing airport terminals at some locations. Aircraft external lighting issues to boot. Question for anyone knowledgeable on the subject of flashing textures:Is this a driver or FSX issue? I have read where each is blamed. I really would like an accurate answer on this one.
  9. >Hi Ryan,>>No, you are not alone. I see it too, and I have noticed the>same thing *at night* at many other locations. Including my>"own" airport EKCH (both towers) and good old KSEA (the water>tower NE of the airport tower). >>In most cases (and in RJAA too) the textures will be slightly>transparent at dusk and dawn. And completely transparent>(invisible) at night. In Acceleration with DX10 preview.>>I mentioned the problem some weeks back in the "positve>thread" started by David Roch, but got no positive response on>that one.>>Actually I feared that my graphics card was to blame. Now I>hope for better drivers (I have tried them all - and found>them very stable on my rig, but no good for FSX). At the>moment we can only keep our fingers crossed or revert to DX9.>>Peter>> >Gigabyte GA-P35T-DQ6 | Q6700@2.67GHz (no oc for now)|>2Gb Corsair 133C9DHX DDR3 | Asus EN8800Ultra 768Mb | Vista>Home Premiun 32Peter, If this truly is an Accelleration bug rather than a DX10 bug then we stand a greater than zero chance of seeing this addressed. ACES have stated that there will be no more SPs (other than SP2) for FSX, but have not issued the same statement on Accelleration. On the other hand, if it IS an Accelleration issue, then I will be patiently awaiting SP2 release. I can live without the Accelleration "goodies", but not DX10 Preview as I find that a gem.
  10. >I am not sure what you mean by the dreaded missing Terminal>issue that has been documented.>>I can assure you that all the Terminal buildings for RJAA>Narita are in place and display properly including all>attached animated Jetways.>>Hello Jim,To clarify a bit better, the "missing terminal" issue is somehow related to the Acceleration Expansion from MS. In my case, the jetways and various other airport structures are visible, just not the terminals.There are several threads here in the FSX forum where other users are experiencing the problem. Here is one:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchI don
  11. Seasons Greetings,I just performed a flight into Tokyo Narita and have the dreaded missing terminal issue that has been previously documented in various FSX hotspots. I tried the following to no avail:1) Reload the sim2) Delete all non standard scenery within the sim (I only had two-Blueprint KIAD & FS Acceleration)3) Adjusting various scenery slidersAfter a thorough search, I have yet to find a solution. Can anyone help a brother out?
  12. Having completed my first long haul with SP2 I have a much different take on the effectiveness of wind smoothing. As others have noted, the severe shear still occur with the latest build. I noted several instances in cruise with a flight plan imported that catastrophic shear were experienced. The flight was completed only as a result of flying at much lower altitudes where the instability of "coffin corner" was absent and THRUST LIMIT set to MAX CON in the FMS. In other words, unattended flight is not recommended. Its a feature that I feel is greatly enhanced over the prior builds, yet needs further attention and refinement.
  13. Regarding the wind shifts if I may,I performed a quick test flight from KEWR - KPIT where the jetstream has been very active of late. I did import the flightplan into ASX.The winds aloft are greatly enhanced in SP2. I did not experience shear in the order of pre SP2 at any time during the flight. I did note a couple of moments where instantaneous changes of direction and velocity occurred but none greater than 15 degrees or 12 KTS. Although not perfect it is a feature that I can now select with a reasonable amount of confidence. Later tonight I will conduct a long haul flight from KDTW - RJAA and measure the results. Guarded optimism here.
  14. >Just to set some expectations and to answer a common question>we are getting: SP2 does not completely eliminate wind shifts,>but aims to reduce them significantly. In testing, we haven't>sorted the actual data yet but I would estimate a realized 80%>reduction in frequency and intensity of shifts.>Thanks Damian for recalibrating expectations on wind smoothing. Its a difficult pill to swallow as a great deal of realism for many of us involves proper winds aloft implementation. IMHO, you guys shouldn
  15. Alright, I tried it out and report that the DX10 performance finally outpaces DX9, consistently in the order of 10%. What
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