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  1. blueridgeflyer

    767 PIC Creator Eric Ernst Dies

    Oh my. I am so sorry to learn of this. His FS Panels were revolutionary and helped spur the designs of today. He had followed his dads footsteps in flying for AA and that was his stated lifelong dream. So young to go with plenty of great things ahead. I think he would have had the relative seniority to 777 CA at some point in the future. RIP Capt Ernst. Your work meant so much to many of us. —Ryan Kelly
  2. blueridgeflyer

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    I've had some recent experience with cancer as it brought down my dad this year. Just like Tom, we thought he had a few more months for a proper departure tour. It was not to be. Just as well that it came quickly as the suffering was short lived. Thoughts and prayers to his inner-circle of friends and family as they deal with the loss. For those within this hobby his legacy will live on here at Avsim.
  3. blueridgeflyer

    The "other" Dallas airline...

    Steve we absolutely love Mckinney. We have two young ones in the household and the schools are / were a big selling point for us. Lots of green space and places to ride, jog and enjoy being outdoors. CNN money ranked it as the best place to live in America. I'm not sure what their study was based on, but we think it certainly has some merit. The health care industry is sprouting plenty of developments all throughout the area. In fact a new one was recently built here in our neighborhood. It seems to be a good time to be in the profession, but obviously there are many changes to the way healthcare is being administered with the Afordable Care Act. I hope things are well for you. AA is doing some robust hiring and obviously I'd prefer to be DFW based, but I would be remiss not to welcome just about any base and equipment combinations. There will be plenty of movement within the seniority in the future to accomodate the geographical wishes of my family. If I end up remaining with Netjets that would be fine too as its a pretty good company which is owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. We are going through contentious contract negotiations and morale has been higher. Our pilot group and its responsibilities are unique to the profession and we want to be fairly compensated for our trade. It's simply a matter of business and it's important that it not become a distraction. Mike, that's less than a year before you depart the pattern towards retirement. I hope the combined carrier gives you plenty more options for exciting travel into the future. You certainly have earned it. Tail winds sir.
  4. blueridgeflyer

    The "other" Dallas airline...

    Greetings Steve! I'm actually attached to the Dallas suburban network as I reside up in McKinney but I felt compelled to give a shout out to the 817 area code seeing as though AA is actually based on land annexed by the good people of Ft Worth. Yes I am soliciting AA employees in good standing to help craft a compelling argument to bring me in for a proper interview. As of now a have a handful of pilots but I welcome others (especially fellow simmers) as well. While at ACA (United Express) I was hired onto the Jetstream 3200 where I upgraded to CA and then transitioned as a CA to the CRJ Classic AKA the -200. Road that puppy until they padlocked the doors back in 06 when the branded carrier Independence exhaled its last breath. Netjets scooped up a bunch of us ACA types and that's where I've been ever since. Typed on the Hawker 800XP and now currently flying the Citation X. Sure flying at .92 Mach is a novelty but I'm an airline guy at heart and miss it immensely. Im 42 now so if I'm to make the jump, it's now or never to meet retirement goals and such. AA has been a career ambition since I was a boy. She is the most desirable girl in class and I have feelings for her although I doubt she knows that I exist☺ Dorky analogy but accurate nonetheless. AA had not been hiring for about 13 years so here we go again.
  5. blueridgeflyer

    The "other" Dallas airline...

    I know it chaps the Ft Worthians that AA is often mentioned in context with Dallas. But we all pull for the same Metro team at least on a macro sense. Nice pictures you have there. I base out of DFW but fly for my career path lead my out of the part 121 world when Independance Air/ACA shuttered. So I fly the rich and famous for a fractional outfit. But to be honest, I miss the airline lifestyle and have applied to AA. Fingers crossed but at least they are hiring pilots again
  6. blueridgeflyer

    Words I need to share with our Community

    I'm so saddened to learn of your failing health Tom. You and this website have meant so much to me throughout my life, although we've never met. I used to fly the JS3200 into CHO for ACA and always thought I might run into you. The only advice that I can offer is to keep battling this while I and others continue to keep you in our prayers.
  7. blueridgeflyer

    FSXSE terrain/g3d.dll related crashes

    Agreed. P3D has been a real pleasure and my goto desktop sim platform. I still occasionally sim on a notebook however so FSX-SE has some value to me (notebook sports an old desktop class I7 960 and 480M). I will be keeping and eye to Dovetail for stability enhancements and perhaps some augmentation of features down the road.
  8. blueridgeflyer

    Huge VAS leaking with PMDG 777

    Just completed my first long haul with the PMDG 773 and 3rd party origination and destination airports VHHH KDFW. The flight ran about 14hrs with the strong tailwinds today. VAS consumption was reasonable. On my previous OOM I had texture size set to 1024 but Addon Manager may have reset it to 4096 while I installed some FSDT sceneries. So be aware of this if you use this excellent product line. Scenery Complexity and Autogen (Veg and Buildings) were set to normal. No other addons other than EZDOK and AS2012. Ill try again in a few hours to see if I can pull a double.
  9. blueridgeflyer

    2.5 is Out

    VAS issues aplenty in V 2.5. My 777ER had an OOM event about 10 hrs into a 17 hr flight in testing. My setup is Vanila p3D with all settings at default (Although I did set airport buildings to Dense). I installed FSDT for the origin airport and a T2Gate airport for the destination. No AI or 3rd party textures of any kind. I was using AS2012 for weather. Generally I was pleased with p3D 2.5, but the long haul remains ellusive. I suppose I will need to wait for the 64bit version and obviously keep an eye on Dovetail with the FSX franchise.
  10. blueridgeflyer

    How to plan for a polar air route with PFPX and PMDG777

    Regarding the auto-route feature, it would be a nice enhancement if it generated a route based on the shortest air miles flown factoring in the winds aloft. As I understand, it merely looks for a route that closely resembles the great circle.
  11. blueridgeflyer

    PMDG 777 is out for P3D!

    Congrats! I want to read reports of folks that do 14:00+ into large O&D 3rd party developer airports. Preferably with ASN, Orbx Vector and FTX Global installed.
  12. blueridgeflyer

    PMDG 777 is out for P3D!

    ^ || This is a bummer. I might hold off until P3D 2.5 is released. Admittedly I'm not optimistic that it will help though If Dovetail would fix the DLL errors plaguing FSX SE then I might be apt to remain on that platform for the VAS footprint alone.
  13. blueridgeflyer

    An impressive FSX-SE report

    This is encouraging news. Thank you
  14. blueridgeflyer

    FSXSE terrain/g3d.dll related crashes

    I'm a long time FSX user and something is fundamentally flawed that is causing these terrain.dll errors for long haulers. FWIW my settings (autogen, complexity and mesh) are reasonable. I made the switch to FSX-SE to avoid the OOM errors. To that end it has been a success. But I don't recall witnessing many terrain.dll errors in FSX acceleration. In FSX-SE they are consistently reproduced at about 4 hrs of flight time. I'm looking for suggestions to keep the ball rolling on this "entertainment" platform. But from all accounts I will be making the leap over to P3D 2.5 in the future. I only hope that it is stable with the PMDG product line and leading scenery enhancements. Ill keep checking these forums on a daily basis for a solution to the SE terrain.dll problem. Good luck to all.