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  1. Thx for your response JimI like the GA stuff, and I'll keep an eye out for new releases for FSX/SP2 etcLongers
  2. Hi all, just reporting that with Acceleration installed the "Flying Club X" addon planes (C152, Piper Tomahawk, Warrior and Seneca) develop very blocky-looking rotating propellers, and the tooltips text in the 3D cockpits also becomes blocky and illegible. Yes using the FSX version of the installation.Uninstalling Acceleration cures these problems. Has anyone noticed this with this or other JustFlight addons ?Dell P4 3GHz HT, 1 GB RAM, NVidia 7800GS, Forceware driver 91.47
  3. Hi Marius, is your num-lock key lit ? I had some problems linking numpad key presses to joystick buttons and the solution was to uncheck the num-lock key.Sorry if this is old infogood luckLongers
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