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  1. It's always been Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 ๐Ÿ˜Ž At least for me it has. Literally. Been using it since I started simming some 20 years ago.
  2. At least for now I find myself not being bothered by the stutters in FS2020. I see them if I want to but I dont notice them when I fly because I'm so immersed. It was a big issue for me in previous sims but now for some reason I just feel like it flows. Maybe I'm still star-struck by the scenery and the stutters will come back to take over my head and my hobby. And I'll be back in the eternal struggle for smoothness that has no end. But for now I'm good ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. Interesting, I landed in Rio Grande SAWE just minutes ago, and the weather was low clouds and rain. Also cool to see others flying in Argentina, one of my favourite countries to fly in. Fascinating geography there. Maybe I should switch on multiplayer after all.
  4. I'm blown away by where MS FS2020 is now ๐Ÿ˜Ž The best thing to ever happen to flight-simming, and it will only get better from here. If the competitors rise to the challenge all the better, but the future looks bright for desk-pilots.
  5. It is an impressive looking platform to build the future of flight sim on. It starts now and will develop from here. As a bit of a geography nerd I'm enjoying the unprecedented views and exploration opportunities this sim offers already.
  6. Ouch Well I didn't expect it until tomorrow anyway, just got the sim-flu here for a second
  7. But why, it's August 18th all over Europe by now...
  8. Bought it but no nothing on my steam account I guess it's time to call it for today CET and wake up to flight sim heaven tomorrow
  9. My plan initially with FS20 is to cross Siberia with a small GA in VFR conditions (waiting for the weather when necessary). Reading this thread makes me think thatโ€™s a smart plan regarding performance.
  10. First class immersion there, Sesquashtoo! You pushed me over the edge on SFD Global now. Just did some flying in South America with HD Mesh 4 & SFD and it really looks alot more credible. So while we wait for MS2020 XP11 is looking amazing already. The future will be bright with both of them.
  11. Low and slow with lots of character. BN-2 Islander and Antonov AN-2 for me. Watching the beutiful scenery and monitoring the steam gauges ๐Ÿ˜Ž Can't wait.
  12. I am also most excited about regions that have not been done in great detail before. I'm dreaming about crossing siberia in an AN-2 in MS2020, if the scenery is as good as I hope. And then to explore Asia, the Middle east, Africa and South America in appropriate aircraft. All of this if the scenery is good enough to provide proper immersion. In that case it'll take many years before I park my aircraft at Heathrow or Friday Harbour ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Well someone is going to buy it and post videos and pictures of it, preferrably paired up with the likes of HD/UHD mesh and xEurope v2 etc. I do look forward to reviews of it, the potential for texture replacement in X-plane to be a game changer is there.
  14. This is my experience so far too. And it's probably the single most important issue I have with P3D. I think FSW has great potential.
  15. I'm not sure what has caused it to change, but for me the default value is 0.0 in b3. It was 1.5 in b2 and I had to change it manually back then.
  16. The dataref fog value has been changed to 0 by default in b3. I don't have to do that manually anymore.
  17. Great shots, did you make that photoscenery yourself? I need something like that for California.
  18. I do not see this issue in videos from XP 11, so I'm wondering if anyone else in here has got this problem. Whenever my aircraft is on the ground I can see through the ground surface, both in internal and external view.
  19. So it seems indeed from reading that post. I liked the option of having a general setting but I'll give this new approach a chance if they think it's better. I did not find an X-Pref file in that folder but I found the renopt_sloped_runways lines in my settings.txt. Changed them all to 0 but no luck yet.
  20. I have not found the option to make the runways not follow the terrain? They follow the terrain, and with the UHD mesh I'm using that's a bit too much terrain.
  21. May I suggest the airports made by "tdg" at the .org site. He's made a very large number of airports in Norway and elsewhere and the quality is usually very good IMO. I don't know how to hyperlink from my smartphone, just search for his username in the download section over there.
  22. I can't test it myself yet but looking at first impressions gives me hope. I really like the ability to choose ramps and parking from an airport map. A simple but significant improvement. Also the UI in general looks alot better and more intuitive.
  23. It looks great, I just hope the performance impact is not equally great. Anyway german europe is more plausible than american europe.
  24. You're creating a masterpeace here. This might be the most credible scenery I've ever seen in a flight sim.
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