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  1. Same here, the flight begins well and deteriorates to a final sim stall approximately 10 to 20 miles out from arrival airport. Screen goes black and I am forced to close the program down with Task Manager.
  2. Lest we should forget the sim is only a week old; there will be lots of development going forward, this a marathon not a sprint and we know how much after work went into all the other sim platforms to make them truly incredible.
  3. Good and objective analysis I think and thanks for sharing, this provides genuine feedback for further development and improvement by MS & Asobo. I like the way you finished the review saying you were looking forward to release on the 18th .
  4. Great summary of what’s to come from a pilots perspective 👍
  5. Yes I think Tooting is correct, FSC 10 states for FSX only.
  6. Thanks Bert I will give this a try and come back
  7. same here, really long time loading from start also and this is a new phenomenon. Just as a side note my sound is fading in and out as well, mmmmm. Not sure whats changed other than I installed GSX2 yesterday.
  8. Me too; only change is GSX 2; I am on Windows 7
  9. Ditto Dave. Then ran vector and update for library. Scenery looks spectacular! can't wait to fly out of the valley.
  10. Quality Wings have released their final update on their 787 *Q1 2017); the link provides long awaited news on progress and development with a supporting video showing start-up, systems and take-off. Beta Testing ongoing although no release date provided at this time. https://www.facebook.com/QualityWings/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf
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