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  1. ccb777

    Duxfod Scenery

    I would say fine, but not perfect. John did request freeware and this is the best freeware version that I have come across. Regards, Chris.
  2. ccb777

    Duxfod Scenery

    I use this one... Chris.
  3. ccb777

    Trigger soundfile on touchdown

    I think I have pretty much done what you require using a .lua script. Maybe a little simple, but it appears to work OK for me. (Not too much testing done.) How do you feel about using .lua scripts in FSUIPC?
  4. ccb777

    Trigger soundfile on touchdown

    Do you have a registered version FSUIPC?
  5. ccb777

    Console Window

    Thanks Andrew for your prompt reply. As long as I know it's not something I overlooked. Chris.
  6. ccb777

    Console Window

    I have noticed that every time I reload LINDA, the console window pauses and I have to select 'Resume' to see any fresh information. Is there a way to not have it pause on a reload? Regards, Chris.
  7. Then how about the LVars... SelectedCom2 SelectedNav2 0 Not selected 1 Selected Chris
  8. I do not have the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang, but I tried this on the default FSX Cessna 172SP Skyhawk G1000. Here it was the standard Com / Nav offsets to do this. ie: COM_RADIO_SWAP 66372 COM2_RADIO_SWAP 66444 NAV1_RADIO_SWAP 66448 NAV2_RADIO_SWAP 66452 Hope this helps. Chris.
  9. ccb777

    PMDG 737 Comm Encoder

    AZWildek4t I take it you are just wanting to dail-in Com1 radio? If so, you will find what you are looking for under 'Set FSX Control'... COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC COM_RADIO_WHOLE INC etc. Chris
  10. ccb777

    Lvar 'ngx_SPDwindow'

    Got it... The answer was in understanding offset 0x6540 better. I now have the T7 displaying correctly both knot speed and mach spreed in my MCP and both dial correctly. Chris.
  11. ccb777

    Lvar 'ngx_SPDwindow'

    I am reading the contents of Lvar 'ngx_SPDwindow' so I can display the aircraft's speed on an LED display in my control panel. This works fine for the 737, for both knots and mach speeds. However, for the 777, knots speed is fine, but the mach speed always returns me a value of '1', instead of say '.834'. I have also tried reading offset 0x6540, but I am unable to make sense of the values there. Any ideas? Chris.
  12. ccb777

    Scenery for Le Touquet LFAT?

    Just found this one... Don't know what it looks like though Chris.
  13. ccb777

    ADF and Nav keys

    Ctrl-Shift-A - select ADF Repeat Ctrl-Shift-A - select digit + (Plus) or - (Minus) - change N - to select Nav1 Repeat N - select Integers or Decimals (After selecting option to change press '2' for Nav2) + (Plus) or - (Minus) to change Hope this helps, Chris.
  14. ccb777

    Button Assignments

    Glad to be of service. As I said in the beginning, I use LINDA to do these things. It's just so much easier and there are heaps more functions available for you to use. This should be your next step. Chris..
  15. ccb777

    Button Assignments

    Ah yes, I see what's happening. My mistake, it appears that setting these local variables is only triggering the animation. Not to worry though, we can use a mouse macro instead. Have you ever recorded one of these in FSUIPC? /* If you are not familiar with FSUIPC mouse macros then please read the Macro Controls / Mouse Macros section in the AdvancedUsers.PDF for FSUIPC. It explains it better than I ever could. */ I brought up the appropriate NGX 2D panel using the [shift]7 key and recorded the following mouse macro by... Right Clicking IRSL Left Clicking IRSL Right Clicking IRSR Left Clicking IRSR Each action requires a name to identify it. I used: File Name: PMDG_IRS Right Clicking IRSL Name: irsl_cw Left Clicking IRSL Name: irsl_acw Right Clicking IRSR Name: irsr_cw Left Clicking IRSR Name: irsr_acw This was the contents of result file. "PMDG_IRS.MCRO" [Macros] Module="PMDG_737NGX.DLL" 1=irsl_cw=RX273e0*X8bcc,31 2=irsl_acw=RX273e0*X8bcc 3=irsr_cw=RX27400*X8bcc,31 4=irsr_acw=RX27400*X8bcc As before, these entries will then be available to select in FSUIPC - Buttons+Switches Tab. (No parameters will be required.) eg: PMDG IRSL: IRSL CW etc. If you are using a momentary switch (push button) this will work fine, To go from Off to NAV, just press the button twice. However, if you use toggle switches as I do, ( that is: the switch is either On or Off,) then you can edit the macro file as so... [Macros] Module="PMDG_737NGX.DLL" 1=irsl_cw 1.1=RX273e0*X8bcc,31 1.2=RX273e0*X8bcc,31 2=irsl_acw 2.1=RX273e0*X8bcc 2.2=RX273e0*X8bcc 3=irsr_cw 3.1=RX27400*X8bcc,31 3.2=RX27400*X8bcc,31 4=irsr_acw 4.1=RX27400*X8bcc 4.2=RX27400*X8bcc This allows you to have more that one function to to a Macro action. In this case it just repeats the click action to simulate clicking twice. Note: I have not tried recording a Mouse Macro on one machine and copying it to another. If it works, it works, fine. If not, you'll have to record you're own macro on you're computer and make any necessary edits. I'm sure you be ok with this. Chris.