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  1. Bill, Just found this thread as i am thinking of reinstalling the Lancair. GTN integration first thing that came to mind. Hopefully you are still checking this! Incoming PM. With many thanks.
  2. Thanks for sharing the .cfg file. First impressions are pretty solid on this one. Hope it will last!
  3. Downloading... installing... and flying within the next 15 minutes. Many thanks for this work.
  4. Great work! And perfect timing (at least for me)... I am just about to set up an Air Hauler 2 company in Alaska, with the Commander! Looking forward to flying those colours.
  5. Indeed Rod. I guess that's the way to go until someone looks into this for real. Too bad for me, since my limited (and so cherished) flight sim time is up for a few weeks... Oh well, I do hope things will be sorted out by then.
  6. Same here. I just loaded C2 and was asked to update, but then it reverted back to previous version. That's on top of several issues with textures since the new 'system' was implemented. All of that on top of ORBX migrating servers (no harm with that) and limited access to forum...
  7. First off, forgive for I have sined. I had swore for numerous reasons to never support Alabeo/Carenado no more. But the Titan was just too tempting, and essentially the perfect plane for my fligt simming habits. Ans so far, I am enjoying it and could be a very solid product once the fews bugs are fixed. Currently flying a Cape air route between Massena and Albany, and cruising at 10 000 with a nice 190 knots GS. With the ap now on, i have a few spare moments, so I wonder if this would be the appropriate spot to start asking our many talented painters for some requests? I think a lot of Titan pilots would enjoy a Cape Air repaint. Understanding they fly 402s, but the 404 is close enough! Here's hoping that the 404 gets the inspiration of painters going!
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