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  1. Before I say anything else, I'd like to state that I purchased the NGX.This statement is one that I dislike, mainly because it's the same methodology that the record companies use when prosecuting people that have downloaded cd's illegally.Firstly, what's to say that somebody who pirated a product (be it PMDG or otherwise) would have actually bought it instead, thus causing the said profit loss?Secondly, have you thought about the amount of people that would sooner pirate the product to test it first before dropping their money on it? (Being that PMDG has to my knowledge never offered a demo, understandably so due to the complexities of doing so)Thirdly, some countries, including Sweden where I live, now have laws giving the purchaser of online goods the right to return them for a full refund within 14 days due mainly to people buying something without first being able to try it and then only being disappointed, finding out it doesn't work, wrong size etc etc etc. How many times have you bought a CD for instance based on that one good track you heard on the radio only to find out the rest of the CD was crap. Did you get a refund from the CD store? Had you then thought you'd wasted your money? Likewise how many people face the problem of seeing the great aircraft that the NGX is on the masses of Youtube videos only to buy it and find it runs like crap on their system, feel they've wasted their money, have no recourse to a refund and never fly the bird again?Summing up my thoughts, Piracy does not equal Profit Loss. If anything Piracy equals lost opportunity for companies to provide solutions that their potential customers are more comfortable with.(And with regard to the PMDG NGX, I'm sure that's why there's people posting they want to buy the Aerosoft Box instead of downloading from PMDG, because of the refund option.)
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