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  1. I've just installed it and it knew I was using three monitors and that's how it displayed! I was impressed.
  2. There seems to be a problem with the latest windows 10 update and P3D which may be the problem. There's a bit on the LM forums about it.
  3. Applying two stages of flap in RW makes it want to balloon up and you have to push forward quite hard to keep it level, and then trim. Applying the flaps also makes the nose drop, so you do get a better forward view. In the sim that can give the impression of pitching down if you see what I mean. I haven't bought this one yet, but had quite a lot of fun with old JF version. Peter
  4. Thanks for the Stuka. It is appreciated.
  5. She understands that it's cheaper than real world flying. It's the looks I get when I head out the door with the headset and charts.....
  6. I too found the revs/speed relationship in the JF version to be slightly off compared to the ones I've flown RW, but generally close enough for me. Hopefully someone will do a better updated version soon. In the meantime I've defected to the A2A C172. I'm waiting for a new PA28. Peter
  7. You can remove the passengers by changing the load. Those people are ugly. Peter
  8. I haven't even used the button version yet.The voice version is everything I expected it to be.Many thanks. It's a great addition to the NGX.Peter
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