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  1. There seems to be a problem with the latest windows 10 update and P3D which may be the problem. There's a bit on the LM forums about it.
  2. Applying two stages of flap in RW makes it want to balloon up and you have to push forward quite hard to keep it level, and then trim. Applying the flaps also makes the nose drop, so you do get a better forward view. In the sim that can give the impression of pitching down if you see what I mean. I haven't bought this one yet, but had quite a lot of fun with old JF version. Peter
  3. Thanks for the Stuka. It is appreciated.
  4. She understands that it's cheaper than real world flying. It's the looks I get when I head out the door with the headset and charts.....
  5. Bryan Great to hear about NGX Reboot. It's good to see the product being developed further. The current version has seen plenty of use by me. Looking forward to it. Thanks Peter
  6. I've used the Matrox TripleHead2Go for some years and it works well. It needs three monitors the same, and works within a window best. The screen frames are generally no big issue with the bezel correction. I use the second output from the videocard for a fourth monitor for GPS etc. There must be a better way of doing it these days though with the better cards now available. Cheers Peter
  7. I thought the FS2Crew added a lot to the AXE experience, but then I like talking to my computer, and I like it when it answers me back.
  8. It was a suprising choice to me, but as their stuff is so good I'm looking forward to it. So far they've managed to capture the feel of the planes they model so they are all very different. Credit card ready.
  9. A good detailed review of a great FSX plane and it really is like the real thing.
  10. Just to add my thanks for version 2. It's good to see it getting even better Thanks Lucevan
  11. fsx-ms

    I too found the revs/speed relationship in the JF version to be slightly off compared to the ones I've flown RW, but generally close enough for me. Hopefully someone will do a better updated version soon. In the meantime I've defected to the A2A C172. I'm waiting for a new PA28. Peter
  12. First I really like DX10 fixer. The smoke and water spray no longer flashes in time with the aircraft lights. Yipee. Now the stupid bit. The way scenery items 'pop up' really annoys me. Is there some way they can be made to 'fade' in if you know what I mean? Is it a result of the way things are 'drawn' in FSX, or is it far more complicated than that. Sorry Peter
  13. Many years ago when I started trying out DX10 I wished that someone would fix it. I said at the time I would be happy to pay for a fix. In fact Steve fixed one issue that I specifically requested about car headlights. So yes I will be happy to pay. But then I'm a DX10 addict......
  14. I really like this C172, but it does seem to me it need a lot of revs to get it to start moving on the ground. Once it's going it's alright. Anyway I'm enjoying it.
  15. Traffic 360 update is available. I'm just trying out. Peter