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  1. Hi everyone, I am very glad to see a thread opened regarding this aircraft I am obeying since the first day it was released! Thanks for all of your infos and observations so far! I am also very interested in the RXP integration, besides that I can see a "XP" allready labled on every gauge frame of the garmin 530 on its right upper side ... ?! Cheers! Andreas
  2. Hi Raul, I am sorry for the late reply ... I am quite big busy atm so I lost the connection to this forum ... but I saw your great own VC light creations and they do look VERY good! Cheers!
  3. As I think these are the paints of the poster himself I would try to give him a PM ....
  4. As far as I know this is a known FSX bug, that cannot be fixed. Maybe something to do with bringing up tooltips or mouseclick infos?! If you hide the menu in flight it will disappear when mouse fades away or try to keep the menu on the screen and move the mouse "out of the way" to the top of the screen.
  5. I fly her with topo=off , traffic=off, decl = -1 and north up .... still anything less than satisfying but "better" than before.
  6. there is a Lancair Legacy soundset from ArezOne at simmarket, teach me wrong but this Sr22 GTSx Turbo should have the same type of engines like the Lancair Legacy :blink: or if you own the original RealAir Lancair Legacy one could try out to alias the sounds from her? I personally also have the Cirrus and I really like that little beast. First I wanted to skip her this time, but I am happy I was too curious on her and do not regret the purchase. I normally now tend to keep the original Carenado sounds, with the "newer" releases as they most of time turn out to be quite good indeed after all (for my taste) , maybe we need to wait for the next two "obligatory" SPs from Carenado to have that fixed <_< ... but again nice little aircraft we have here, a good release (for my first impressions) for my needs and for the purpose I wanna use this plane! Cheers!
  7. For my taste it looks quite close :lol:
  8. Hello everybody, I am very sorry guys, I was quite a bit away from my pc and simulator the last week due to some family works I was on for my kids for Xmas so please excuse the late reply. I also wanted to talk to Carenado before sharing this modified texture file, just wanted to be 100% conform to their copyrights. So this is a modified, pretty much dimmed down texture file which then applies to Carenado´s copyright rules! It replaces only the front panel texture. Credits go to Carenado and are explicit in the zip file as a txt-file. You can get the modified texture here: LINK The modified texture will look like this: Place the file into the B200/texture.common folder and please be sure to backup the original file! Then open the aircraft.cfg, search for the [LIGHTS] section and replace these lines (do a copy of the original aircraft.cfg !!!) , this will also disable the VC-cockpit-dome light: [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing //light.0 = 4, 4.00, 0.00, 1.00, fx_vclightcarcnB light.0 = 10, 4.40, 0.00, 2.90, fx_vclightcarcnbB light.1 = 10, -1.80, 0.00, 4.00, fx_vclightcarcn2B light.2 = 10, -5.50, 0.00, 3.85, fx_vclightcarcn2B If you allready added my "nav-lights / Ldg-lights" - tweak you surely have to add them to these lines with following numbers for the lights! There is no dislike to the original textures, it was just the idea of adapting and modifying to personal needs! ^_^ Cheers and thanks Carenado for giving so much joy with this beauty!
  9. Wow wow wow!!! :Party: Looking wonderfull jankees! Hmmm ... I missed that one on sim-outhouse! Looking great so no need to waste the time on this special one ... but I thank you very very much for thinking on it Jankees!
  10. Hi Izo, I made a new dimmer texture, will post soon!
  11. Jankees, that is very kind of you! Thanks a lot! Cheers!
  12. Yankee thanks for your contribution with these great liveries! As I follow every of your post to not miss a release of yours I know you are filled up with requests, but as I am a patient boy I will nevertheless ask you if you might think of putting this wonderfull livery on your list :blush: ?!? I allready made a post in this forum. http://forum.avsim.n...t-request-b200/ Keep up your work and I am eagerly awaiting the F-GICA ! Cheers!
  13. That is just great! Wonderfull repaint!
  14. Thanks Pierre! will put in again! Sorry for my missleading info! :blush:
  15. Hi all, these fixes are allready incorporated into the B200 SP1! No need to put in anymore! Whereas the C90B still needs them!
  16. Bob, I did also delete both Ignition_L sections and pasted the "new" ones but will prove to be right in a few hours as I couldn´t test earlier.
  17. So do we need a updated script or does this work without any stutterings or anything? I did not find the time to test until this weekend saturday afternoon, so that´s why I am asking :blink: . But it is sooo nice somebody patched these two things!
  18. Roland, simply extract the cab file, do the changes, rename the original cab.file in the FSX/gauges folder to e.g. .org and put the extracted folder containing the changed files back into the FSX/gauges folder. FSX will use this folder instead of the cab file, no need to repack and NO performance loss having no cab file structure anymore ... no problem! Hope that helps!
  19. Hi Azteca, please try to disconnect the hotas , fly by keyboard or anything else you have and try it again by pressing "G" at about 180kts IAS .... I guess it must have something to do with the HOTAS ... it must! :blink: That is weired! :wacko:
  20. Thank you so much Pierre will try as soon as I can !!!
  21. Hi Azteca, I did a flight from EGLC to EGNS (London City to Isle of Man) just 1 hr ago with the Carenado B200 and (because of your first post I tried) I was able to lower my gear at about 180kts IAS as described in the limits (this can also be done in the Carenado C90B btw.) ?!? It did fully drop and lock without any warning or failure! I am using a Goflight LTG unit, but I guess pressing the default key "G" will do the same. Can anybody confirm? According to my information of Bernt Stolle (the B200 FDE-creator) the Carenado B200 which has been modeled of is equiped with a PT6A-41 engine NOT a -42 which seems to be the more common engine ... maybe there could be the difference with your values?
  22. Hi Pierre Pierre that is awesome! Can you please paste the proper code here because it is quite difficult to paste the lines as they are pictures not letters! Thanks so much , waiting for this for months!
  23. Hello azteca, good to see some input of real world B200 pilot here! "RPM... I just coudnt reach 1900 for climbing.. Prop full forward.. max i could get was 1850 this is plain wrong" I have a Goflight Throttle quadrant, after takeoff, gears up, flaps up I go for RPM 1900 easily , propsync on .... easily all the way to lets say FL 260 without RPM droping down a bit, TRQ is falling down as I climb ... on top I drop the RPM to 1700 per the lever and stays there till approach / final. Could it be that there is a kind of calibration failure in your yoke / throttle setup or do you use the mouse only to set RPM in VC? Maybe there is a difference? I just can say I never ever had this problem in the B200 nor the C90B. But many thanks again for your input here and maybe Carenado is reading carefully!
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