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  1. After flying on Delta Airbus 220 between New York and Boston I have urge to fly it in P3D. So YES it would be welcomed addition.
  2. klimchuk


    X-Plane and FSX are different sims, P3D aren't THAT different. That's why PMDG pretty much stopped experimenting with X-Plane because they could get +150% profit for a little work for P3D.
  3. klimchuk


    Because don't want to pay twice for the same product (777)
  4. klimchuk


    I'm waiting for PMDG 787 to switch from FSX to P3D. Waiting forever...
  5. Here is answer I got today from developer: "We certainly apologize for the inconvenience. This is definitely something we are currently addressing with our developers. The issue is directly related to the GPU performance since we've previously had several issues caused by powerful GPUs. I just want you to know that we totally understand the importance regarding the use of GPU acceleration. Which is why our developers are working around the clock in order to make Duet compatible hardware acceleration of many sorts. This task is quite strenuous, but our team is doing everything to make this work. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA for the implementation of a proper solution for this matter. For the time being, I'm afraid all we can do is ask for your patience on this matter until it is resolved. We truly apologize."
  6. Bought Duet Display app today and have the same problem. Is there a way to disable stupid check in FSX that doesn't make sense in 2018? Something in fsx.cfg? Thanks
  7. Thank you, that was helpful. I did not realize it's possible to Undock, move to window another monitor and then go to full screen mode. And that doesn't change layout of windows on multiple monitors.
  8. Is there a way to move those screens to another monitor (monitors)? I don't find clarity of text very good in virtual cockpit. It's rather small and I would like to use dedicated monitors for PFD/PND and EFIS/Checklists
  9. United Airlines N58031 did first flight few days ago Official livery would be nice... Same for Swiss...
  10. Same problem happened to me 420 miles before KLAX KORD PEKUE PIPPN ROTTN J192 PWE J64 HEC RIIVR2 Simulator was completely frozen!
  11. Same problem exists with 1501 (navigraph) I'm blaming FSDT for not updating KORD
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