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  1. Do what I did - buy the Flight1 GNS for P3D (the complete version does 530/430 and FSX as well) and run the Carenado RXP exe as you would for FSX. The GNS config picks this up and will convert to their version of the 530/430. The Flight1 doesn't quite have the functionality of the RXP (no flight plan loaded to P3D/FSX or dimming of the display) but its no deal-killer. You can also put 2 versions of the same fit in each model (ie, 2x 530). Nick
  2. The cowl flaps and heater pull knobs should be incrementally adjustable. Has anyone else noticed the oil temp getting above 31 degrees? Have been flying in UK at 15 and Caribean at 32 and its always the same value, stuck at 31 after engine starts.
  3. I am pretty happy with my annunciator mods, if anyone is interested. Generator lights now come on when not active (ie, failed or off - a common problem on many addons). Inverter light comes on when not on. Inertial seperator lights come on for L or R engines (instead of both when L put on). Aux pump lights up when in ON position, not normal also. Hyd caption lights up when gear or flaps are moving (this will also require a mod to the cfg file as Carenado didnt give this one a hydraulic system and these are set to electric!). Windshield heat light comes on when selected. Seatbelt and no smoking (Oxy) light up when selected May be some others, but my memory is shot atm... If interested in beta testing it, PM me... (I am unavailable for most of next week, Tues to Fri). Nick
  4. Thanks for the tips onebob, squadros and Jim. I am using the RXP integration which works great once the LinkGPS option has been set. Shame Carenado cannot remember to include a manual for the EF1000 as they did for the G500 and 600 stuff in other addons. Now I'm only peeved at the usual glaring problems with the annunciators. I have corrected most of these on the 404, just flogging through the same ones on this offering (generator lights that only respond to a switch position, low hyd warnings that dont, AC warnings that dont, etc...). If I feel brave, I may offer them here when done. Cheers, Nick
  5. Having been teased into buying this very pretty addon by all the positive forum comments, I am hitting the frustration barrier pretty quickly! Never bought the A36, so I am struggling with the Aspen handling. How do you get the heading and course bugs set? managed it once with both but have been unable to locate the clickspots again. Carenado have taken their minimal documentation approach to new heights here - leaving a rather vital piece out altogether. Also at a loss as to how to get the autopilot to follow, well, anything - it just seems to go off and do its own thing! This is making an instrument departure very exciting... But it is very pretty and doesnt seem to overtax my poor little i5 760, so its not all bad..
  6. Ive been staring at cockpit videos on youtube trying to see what engine gauges read for the same reason. I have noticed the engines seem to run cool in the sim, but I have been flying it in the UK with ASN and the clear videos are from the Caribbean!
  7. Win 7, yes? After clicking the OK button, click inside the pane with the 'scenery' and 'texture' folders in, anywhere in the white area. Good old Microsoft bug... Ooops, too late!
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