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  1. If you had read through the github posting you will see that they thank Sebastian from ASOBO for his help.
  2. I've been flying this more than the stock 172 and enjoy the faster performance. One thing I miss from A2A planes is the ability to "plug in" my headset and reduce the engine sounds. I also don't ever hear the "500" feet callout when getting near the ground. I tried looking for some options in the PFD and MFD but didn't seem to find anything to turn that on. The Asobo 172 has it working.
  3. if you are using a honey comb yoke and the mag switch on the right is somehow left in the "start" position, it will drain the battery and the screens will go blank. I and others have had this happen.
  4. I read that information and that one should shut down the sim, shut down steam and restart it. I did one better and restarted my system after I did a quick fly around to find my house... restarted steam and the sim. It checked for updates and is at this time is downloading and installing the new premium content I bought. Give it a try.
  5. I would like to offer an additional thumbs up about the suction pad mounting. My desk was too thick to use the G clamps that came with my yoke so I used the suction pad and find it works just fine. It locks in just fine after tightening the rear adjusters. A very nice piece of equipment for the money.
  6. I tried to purchase it but all I get are errors trying to pay for it. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. The form that pops up to enter credit card info doesn't show all the information so I haven't a clue as to what went wrong.
  7. That did the trick, thanks so much. I thought it would be a separate switch and not actually on the GPS.
  8. I cannot figure out how to get the autopilot to follow the gps flight plan. I am used to flying A2A's 172/182 airplanes and there is a switch to allow autopilot to follow nav or gps. I cannot find a similar choice here. I can get the plane to follow the heading bug but that's it. What am I missing here? I am at my winter escape place and have a low spec machine so can't use the GTN750 that I use at home so I'm just using the stock unit that comes with the Seminole. Thanks. "
  9. Does UT2 Live inject business jet and general aviation flights or is it just scheduled airline type traffic? thank you.
  10. I would not do that with your system. I had a system with 3 ghz core duo and it was unusable. There are a lot of things going on in the GTN750.
  11. I struggled with this also. I forget where I found it but the solution is as follows: Left click your mouse anywhere within the NavLog window . Then press CTL P and it should print. Hope this works for you. Jeff
  12. After posting this I thought about just deleting all of my steam apps as well as steam and starting from scratch. Though a pain to reload everything, it worked. The new DLC shows up. Case closed
  13. I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to find some way to get support on steam to no avail so I thought I would ask here. I do some travel and like to have FSX steam edition on both my main home machine and a laptop for casual flying. I recently purchased several add ons through steam on my laptop and they don't show up as even available there yet everything is listed on the desktop machine! I'm stumped. I'm not logged in to both machines at the same time so that can't be the problem. I tried deleting the laptop content thinking it would refresh everything but the available download content only lists something I bought last January. Has anyone ever run into this? Thanks.
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