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  1. I've been flying with the Robert Young Bonanza and the G1000nxi glass. The traffic generated doesn't show up on the nxi when I have it turned on in the MFD. Is anyone else seeing this?
  2. Thanks for posting. That was quite a nifty feature to have the charts and gps approach up at the same time with the airplane on the chart plate. The intelligence of the lean/rich mixture software was also much more than I've ever seen in before. I hope that Working Title will get us to that level of features with their continued improvements to the NXi.
  3. Ok I have spent a bunch of time testing things. I have only used the default asobo/honeycomb key bindings for the autopilot portion of the Bravo. It turns out that there is a bug with a double binding for the VS button that was causing my problems. I had to delete the "set autopilot vs hold" key binding and now everything works fine. I really don't understand why this caused a problem with the new updated Nxi and not the original nor the old G1000. Clearly things weren't working correct before but I only used minimal functions and I had no problem setting a VS. Out of this I have learned how to use and set the IAS mode so that is progress! I hope the default bindings for the VS mode button on the Bravo get updated so new users of that hardware don't end up scratching their heads. Thanks for all who responded.
  4. I was under the impression that the hotfix was made to allow the hardware addon units to function correctly since the latest NXi update. My Honeycomb Bravo autopilot functionality is inoperable even with this hotfix after the latest release. I confirmed that my hardware in working ok by deleting the NXi mod and then using the old G1000 panels. My Bravo autopilot works fine with the G1000. Does that mean that I need to wait to able to use the NXi until the big update if I want my hardware to drive the autopilot? At first I thought it was an issue with the Turbo Bonanza mod but I tried the 172 glass plane and got the same results. Just trying to confirm here that the fix only works with the logitech panel. Thank you.
  5. Ah! Thanks for that. I was blindly looking for an app with logitech in the name. Had forgotten that the name was what you mentioned. Appreciate it! Jeff
  6. Hello. I am trying to use spadnext to control a touch panel. I also have a logitech autopilot panel which I enabled with the logitech msfs2020 device plugin. Spadnext says I need to unload the plugin so there isn't a conflict. How do I do that? With p3d there was a menu item to deal with plugins but I can't find anything like that with MSFS. I tried rerunning the plugin installer thinking there might be a uninstall option but no luck. Is there some deeper hidden menu for fs2020 that allows disabling plugins? Thanks, Jeff
  7. I remember Continental's slogan of "We really move our tails for you" during the 70's.
  8. NEVER MIND. I plugged it into a different USB port and it is working fine. Sorry to waste people's time. I just got logitech flight multipanel. i downloaded and ran the latest plug in but there never were any drivers installed that I noticed. I looked for some drivers on the logitech website but they only had old 32 bit. When I plug in the panel, nothing happens; no recognition of a new usb device or anything. Running FS 2020 does not show the device at all. What did I miss here? It appears the orange backlight of the display is on but that's it. I did reboot the machine after running the plug in installer. Thanks, Jeff
  9. If you had read through the github posting you will see that they thank Sebastian from ASOBO for his help.
  10. I've been flying this more than the stock 172 and enjoy the faster performance. One thing I miss from A2A planes is the ability to "plug in" my headset and reduce the engine sounds. I also don't ever hear the "500" feet callout when getting near the ground. I tried looking for some options in the PFD and MFD but didn't seem to find anything to turn that on. The Asobo 172 has it working.
  11. if you are using a honey comb yoke and the mag switch on the right is somehow left in the "start" position, it will drain the battery and the screens will go blank. I and others have had this happen.
  12. I read that information and that one should shut down the sim, shut down steam and restart it. I did one better and restarted my system after I did a quick fly around to find my house... restarted steam and the sim. It checked for updates and is at this time is downloading and installing the new premium content I bought. Give it a try.
  13. I would like to offer an additional thumbs up about the suction pad mounting. My desk was too thick to use the G clamps that came with my yoke so I used the suction pad and find it works just fine. It locks in just fine after tightening the rear adjusters. A very nice piece of equipment for the money.
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