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  1. I found SweetFX is not compatible with DX10 preview, even with Steve's Fixer, so either switch back to DX9 or uninstall SweetFX. I found that using ORBx scneries and as2016 sky colours plus Steven Hingley's Shade, brightened things up a good deal, but loss of SweetFX is a shame, I like it, but I would not lose DX10 preview with Steve's Fixer. Best wishes, hope you might find a resolution. Phil
  2. Having the same thoughts as the 'OP', but haven't a clue about modern graphics card technologies. If I went shopping for a 1050 ti, what sort would be good, or even best? When I look on eBay (UK) I see some with one fan, some with 2, and of course the usual range of manufacturers. Is there a recommended or preferred 1050 ti and why do some have 2 fans and others not? Also, my existing Radeon 7850 shows tearing when I pan around, because I have never got Vsync to work even having all the right fsx.cfg entries and tried the tricks using enhanced drivers etc. Does the 1050 ti suffer from 'tearing'? Thank you,.
  3. Great explanation electricman, as I was thinking of moving to a NVidia GPU from a 7850, and I am glad of your help. Good post damlays, many thanks.
  4. Yes Pete, that was it.Thank you very much for coming in and reminding me about that little check box. Phil.
  5. Thank you both, and a happy 4th of July to you too, N99WB. I wonder if this issue is to do with the 'saved flight' files being saved in FSX, and when loaded in FSX-SE, something, somewhere goes terribly wrong. Except to say, other of our club members with FSX-SE do not report this issue, it seems exclusive for my enjoyment! Phil
  6. Folks When I load a saved flight, FSX always loads it with my system time, not the time of day saved in the saved flight files. I have 'use system time for free flight' unchecked, and that setting is reflected with in my fsx.cfg I belong to a virtual multiplayer flying club and we provide a saved flight for download every week. Other members have no trouble with their downloaded saved flights which always load at the correct TOD. Could anyone please shed any light on why my FSX-SE, faultless in all other respects, can't load a saved flight at the correct TOD? Many thanks, Phil
  7. I run SweetFX with DX10+Steve's Fixer and FSX-SE and love it, but it (SweetFX) doesn't like any form of overlay, and will crash FSX if you run, for example, a frame rate counter on top of the 3D. With SweetFX you have control over a number of graphic variables, such as 'saturation' and bloom, and the colour enhancement is delightful. Phil
  8. Rest in peace Tom, life's work well done and many thanks for AVSIM. Phil
  9. Now 60 I have another 5 years to go, Tom, and without wishing my life away, am already looking forward to it. Have a ball in retirement and many thanks for Avsim! Phil Cornwall, UK.
  10. Does FS Water Configurator work with Shader 3 mod now (?), it didn't the last time I looked, and that was some time ago I must admit.Answered my question by reference to the FSWC forum:Q: Does it work with Shader 3? A: No. Its a lot of work to make FSWC work with the shader 3 hack for not much visual or performance advantage.I asked a question in this forum recently... 'can I have Shader mod 3 without affecting the water at all, and not one reply forthcoming, (with the exception of a kind PM from a member with some valuable help on adjusting waterconstants.xml and textures, thanks bob).Phil
  11. You could try alternative drivers with more functionality: See my Sig for link to SPAD.
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