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  1. Love AirHauler! Looking forward to AH2 so I can finally get rid of FSPax. Do you plan on any sort of in-flight breakdowns or emergencies? Loved that part of FSPax and its one of the only reasons I keep it today. Nothing like your landing gear failing to lower on your way to approach to wake you up!
  2. Yes, I as well have never used the airhauler.net site. Pretty sure all it did was give a little information and had forums there, but then they switched over to working with JustFlight and put the forums there. The client hasn't been updated for a while, but it really doesn't need to be. It's a fun, clean package that I haven't spotted any bugs in through out my 50+ total flights using it over the past year or so. I say get it, try it, and I'm pretty sure if you think it sucks (well if you think that, you're nuts. It's a great program that adds a nice sense of achievement to the sim - something FSX/9 doesn't really give you outside of missions), I'm sure they'd be willling to work with you for a refund.
  3. What site is offline? The stats portal is online and the support forums are in the just flight forums. Drop a message there and ask them about the demo.
  4. It can give you plenty of short hop flights depending on the size of your aircraft, area you choose your base in, etc. Some days I fly 5 flights, somedays 1, samedays 0. Sometimes I don't play for a week. Reputation only goes down by .5% every time and only when you don't deliver something on time (or your AI crew). Just don't go accepting things you know you can't complete and you'll be fine. You can start in easy mode if you just want to fly decent sized regional turbo props and jets. At 60% reputation you can take out loans, hire AI crew, lease planes, and schedule your AI crew to fly and make money for you while you sleep! So really, you don't even have to play AirHauler to make money with in. Infact, you've got a stock market, too, so if you dump your money into that, you're bound to make some money so long you aren't investing in stocks like Microsoft (Yeah, I just went there lol). I'm playing in career mode and I really enjoy it. It gives you pilot ratings based on how many flights you've completed, which gives me some great pacing as I'm a relatively new and inexperienced pilots. It starts me out in small single prop planes with 40% reputation. As I gain reputation at 55% you can hire AI to fly for you (they'll get you money but not reputation) and at 60% you can take out a loan. Every flight gets you .5% reputation, so 40 successful flights and you'll be there. You can take multiple cargo hauls at once for increased gains, split hauls up if they are too big for the plane you are flying and fly them out in chunks, and it gives you goals to work for which I think is the idea of this. If you want something more relaxed try FSPassengers - it won't give you directions to fly in, but it can rank you and you can fly when and where you want without limitations (so long as you make enough money to pay for the gas) or FSEconomy. I'm also using FSAirlines which is similar to economy, but more planes, less functionality I think though as in Economy you can own airports, select where flights go, and create a nice monopoly around short hop flights if you are a smart player. Any who I would love to see more players in AirHauler for some more love from the developer. It's already awesome, but I'd love to see more awesomeness from it... or an AirHauler 2!
  5. Everytime I reinstall FSX, I have to look for this file. I vote this thread be pinned.
  6. Great! Appreciate it mate. Two birds with one stone!
  7. I'm in need of a couple simple things.Something that lets me easily get to taxi speed and stay there. Autopilot is an option there, but I'd rather click a button and be done with it.Also, my keyboard lacks the ability to properly pushback and turn. I can pushback, but thanks to Logitech, they don't provide a num lock button and instead give me a calculator button for the little LCD. I know I've seen this around somewhere that allows you to properly set a pushback and turn, but can't remember from where.Thanks!
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