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  1. Thanks John! I really appreciate it. Michael
  2. John, My thanks also, I've been waiting for this one. I'll be flying her into Port Morseby tomorrow, If I get a good screen shot I'll post it. Also wondering if anyone has done the MIAT Mongolian Airlines 737-800 (EI-CSG or EI-CXV)? Michael
  3. Hi all, First, thanks for all the repaits everyone has done, I've downloaded many of them and I really appreciate all the hard work you all do. I know both of these have been requested before but I could not find them in the library so it seems they have yet to be done. Would someone be willing to paint any or all of these: MIAT Mongolian Airlines - 737-800 EI-CXV Air Nugini - 737-700 P2-PXD or 737-800 P2-PXC(former EC-ISE) Thanks, Michael
  4. Thanks for the update Ryan, and please thank Pete for the Alaska Lei, Starliner 75 and Spirit of Seattle liveries!
  5. My request would be for the Alaska Airlines Starliner 75 livery. http://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/fleet/738-starliner.aspx
  6. Well, I started flying (as a passenger) when I was 2 and I turn 40 this year so I'm certain I've forgot some things but here it goesB707B727-100/200/200ADVB737-200/300/400/500/700/800/900B747-100/200/SP/300/400B757-200B767-200/300ERB777-200A300A310A318A319A320A321A340DC-8DC-9DC-10MD-80/81/82/83/87/88MD-11L1011BAC-1-11BAe-146JS41EMB120CRJ200/700Fokker 100Now for entertainment value here are the airlines (at least the ones I can remember):US/North American: Pan American, Brannif, Piedmont, Presidential, Trans World Airways(TWA), Eastern, Northworst... oops Northwest, Trump Shuttle, American, Delta, Southwest, USAir, United, Alaska, Aloha, Hawaiian.Asian: Cathay Pacific, Signapore Airline, Thai, Philipine AirlinesEuropean: Dan Air, British Airways, Britannia, Air France, SAS, Alitalia, Swissair, Austrian, TAPAfrican: Kenyan AirwaysThe one regret: never getting on the ConcordeGreat Topic Ryan!!Michael
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